Gokuldham Society : Ch 11

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Sundar was in Kolkata for some business purposes keeping his three months pregnant mother-wife to his elder sister. Daya kept her mother’s incestuous marriage as well as her pregnancy secret to all her family members except her nearest friend Madhabi Bhidhe. Gokuldham Society : Ch 10

“So have you any knowledge about Sonu’s sex-life?” the conservative looking mother Dayaben Gada asked her Samdhin Madhabi with just a hint of a grin. Madhabi and Daya were good friends for a long time and their friendship converted into a closed intimacy after the formation of the “Holy Housewives Club”.

The members of this great club normally indulged into wife-swappig whenever they have the opportunity. The two housewives Daya & Madhabi are now just like two sisters after the fixation of their child’s marriage and the two had struck up a pleasant conversation whenever they had a chance.

Daya’s son Tappu and Madhabi’s daughter Sonu were good friends since their childhood and noticing their intimacy, their parents decided to finalize their romance. So without any objection from any side, their marriage was announced with a small ceremony in presence of all the members of Gokuldham Society where Tappu put on a beautiful golden-chain ( Mangalsutra ) around Sonu’s neck.

Although Tappu and Sonu’s marriage wasn’t declared officially as they are both adolescent and read in school, Sonu stayed most of her times in her father-in-law’s house that is in Gada Family’s wing. On other occasions Tappu also spent his off-times freely in Bhidhe’s wing. Actually the Bhidhe family and the Gada family are now a single big family.

Daya and Madhabi seemed very nice to each other and they often get together for a cup of coffee. As their coffee time went on, Madhabi sensed one day that Daya’s questions were more than just idle banter. Madhabi’s life of prolific sexual experiences had given her a sixth sense when someone was sexually interested and she decided to see just how interested Daya was. She leaned over the small table in the coffee shop giving Daya a nice peek at her generous cleavage as she arched an eyebrow and whispered.

“Let me confide in you. You are aware that I LOVE sex specially group sex!” Daya blushed, but Madhabi knew that her comment hit its intended target.

“I thought so.” The prim looking mother Daya said. “I could sense it about you.”
“You too?” Madhabi asked.
“Well,” Daya confessed, “You know that although I lead a very conservative and religious life with my husband and son, I like husband-swappig with you and others but I have these… well…shall we say NASTY fantasies.”

Madhabi grinned warmly as she felt a stirring in between her legs. “Oh Dayabhabi, I mean Samdhinji, please, tell me!” Madhabi encouraged softly.
“Well… recently I do a lot of surfing on the net. I love erotic nude pictures of our famous hindi film-actresses and corresponding with people who have similar interests,” Daya answered.

Madhabi could tell what her Samdhin was hedging. “What specifically turns you on? And don’t worry. When it comes to sex, I’ve experienced anything and everything you could possibly imagine. There’s nothing you can say that would surprise me.”

Madhabi waited for effect and added. “In fact, there’s nothing you can say that probably wouldn’t turn me on in one way or another.”
“You’ve experienced EVERYTHING?” Daya surprised.
“EVERYTHING!” Madhabi confirmed. There was a long pause.
“I really enjoy your daughter, Samdhinji. Sonu and Tappu both seem very mature.” Daya said in which Madhabi just smiled. She liked where this was going.
“They’re sexy too.” Madhabi said and Daya blushed once again, but didn’t bat an eye.
“Yes. They are. Very sexy.” Daya said with a grin, knowing that Madhabi was catching on.
“You know, Dayabhabi, ohhhh sorry Samdhinji.” Madhabi grinned. ” Not your son only, your father-in-law is also very sexy and hung.”
“I think so too!” Daya whispered.
“Do you fantasize about them?” Madhabi asked gently and Daya nodded. “You fantasize about having sex with them?” Daya nodded again.

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