Ghazal’s dream

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Ghazal was sleeping in her bedroom with her husband. her menstrual days were drawing near. Ghazal was dreaming in her sleep. she was in a very big and decorated room in the dream. There was a large Victorian-style bed. It had a pink velvet sheet on it. Ghazal was lying on this velvet bed wearing a red bra and underwear. And along with this, she wore red colored scokting on his thick and lush legs.

Ghazal’s big and plump boobs could not be controlled by her bra. It looked like her boobs would tear this red colored bra. Ghazal was sleeping even in dreams. The face of the sleeping Ghazal looked even more innocent. The mole on Ghazal’s lips was making her more sensual today. she looked no less than a queen. Suddenly a big door with two halves opens in this room. A large shadow enters the room. He was a very muscular man. There were no clothes on his body.

A large, thick piece of flesh hanging between the legs of a muscular man. It was his cock reaching his knees. his cock was one foot long and four inches thick. His cock was also very muscular. He went closer to the bed where Ghazal was sleeping.

He came and stood on the bed of Ghazal. Now he was looking at her beautiful body. In this red lingeries, Ghazal looked like a maiden from heaven. A her big boobs and a her body curves can excite anyone’s penis. The boy’s cock was erect. stood full length. Ghazal raised both his hands and was shocked. she seemed to be awake And opened his eyes like a lake.

In front of Ghazal’s eyes was a one foot long and four inches thick cock. which was very tight. On which there were thick and very hard muscules on it. Ghazal got scared seeing such a cruel and powerful cock. A scream came out of her mouth. she had never seen any cock other than the small penis of the moon. So Ghazal had to fear this cock. she quickly got up and sat down.

Ghazal put her hand over her mouth and looked at this horrible and powerful cock in amazement. In front of the her, there was a cock that could tear the ghazal’s small pusst badly. her eyes were fixed on this cock. The young man was standing quietly near her bed. Ghazal restored her senses. And she looked up and saw the young man. she felt another shock. That man was none other than Ghazal’s cousin dawood.

Ghazal was shocked to see dawood. Began to take care of herself. she placed her hands on her boobs. Ghazal was trying to cover her boobs with her hands. But her very big boobs, were about to be hidden with these hands. Ghazal folded her thick white milky thighs. she looked at dawood and spoke angrily.
dawood, you have done me a disservice. You will be shameless.

Ghazal turned his face away. she realized that he was not in his room. It was a beautiful room. This room looked like an old porn movie set. dawood stepped forward and placed his hand on Ghazal’s thick thighs. she sighed in embarrassment and tried to remove dawood’s hand from her thighs but dawood did not remove her hand. He spoke in a clear and sweet tone. Ghazal Baji Don’t worry, it’s not a reality, it’s just a dream. No one will see us here.

Ghazal said to dawood with hatred. Leave me alone, get out of here. But dawood gripped the ghazal’s thighs tightly. And he stretched her legs and straightened it. And he climbed on her with his heavy and abundant body. Ghazal’s body was helpless under dawood’s body. dawood started kissing the ghazal with love. she was trying to avoid his kisses by turning away her face.

dawood was kissing the ghazal like crazy. she was trying to save herself but it was not possible. With one hand, dawood freed the gazzal’s big boobs from the shackles of the bra. he prssed her boobs very hard. she was feeling sexual heat inside her. But she did not want to be unfaithful to her husband even in a dream. dawood came down and started sucking the big nipples of the ghazal.

Ghazal’s boobs were actually empty of milk. But now in this dream milk was coming from the breasts. Ghazal herself was surprised that her milk had dried up after the birth of her daughter. But now her breasts were full of milk. dawood was happily sucking milk from one her boob and squeezing the other boobs vigorously. The milk from the other breast of the ghazal came out like a fountain and fell on the bed.

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