Fucked sister in foreign

My sister was moaning with a pleasure.Her 34 sized boobs was bouncing which encouraged me to fuck her hard.

Hello guys today I am going to tell you the story about how my I fucked my sister and cousin sister in foreign.

Me and my sister are fucking from long time ago.We started fucking each other when I was 15 and she was 18.

At that time we used to sleep in same bed so she was the first to ask to fuck her.She taught me fucking perfectly.After my ten I went to hostel and I was very desparate for fucking.I used to masturbatethinking her in my hostel.

I got very less chance to fuck her during my hostel life.After my graduation I went to foreign for my further studies.We used to sex chat through internet only.I was missing her pussy very much,So I told

my parents to send her to me so that it will to easier for me to live in new places.

My parents denied for that but I convinenced that I was feeling homesick and bla bla………..They agreed to send her to me.

December 19-I was passionately waiting for her flight.Here at 8 pm,her flight reached and after 20 min I saw her.I welcomed her with a warm hug and smooch in her boobs.

We went to a flat. I wrote Welcome with the packets of condoms which I bought to fuck her after she reaches…She looked me with a naughty smile and kissed me.Oh god I was missing this kiss so much.Ipushed the door and caried to bedroom and threw her in the bed.I was feeling so hungry for sex.

I opened her tops and bra.Her white and smooth boobs,I squeezed it lightly..I took it in my mouth and sucked it for few minutes.She was creating a light moan.Now I opened her pant and her panty.

She was clean shaved,I licked her pussy and inserted my tongue inside her pussy.Her moan was increasing.She was feeling extreme pleasure.She cummed in my mouth.I Licked it cleanly.Now it was my turn to take pleasure.I opened my pant and let my 7.5 inch harddick free.She smiled and said it is looking much bigger than before. And took in her mouth.

She started to give me a blowjob.She wasnot taking my full dick in her mouth.I pulled her head and my dick could fell her throat also.She was doing it more faster and I cummed in her face.Seeing my cum in her face made my dick more hard.

I put a condom in my dick.She was already lying in bed and making space in her pussy for my dick.The excitement to fuck her is growing more now.I pushed my whole dick inside her,She screamed so loudly.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,I started my job.She was moaning in pleasure.I was increasing my speed and seeing her boobs bouncing made me more horny.I was increasing more speed.She too was also feeling pleasure and moaning.Yesssssss go deeper yesssss……..tear my pussy today.Yesssssssss go faster………….faster.She told me she was about to cum so I increased more speed and she cummed.Her cum made my dick more easier to go in her pussy.After some time I was about to cum so I took my dick outside her pussy and cummed all over her body.I slept beside her and relaxed.

We both were hungry so we went freshen up first and bathed together.After bathing we felt fresh.And we went to kitchen to make food.

Our days were going well fucking whenever we were free .We can fuck anytime and anywhere we wanted because there were no one in our flat.

But suddenly one day my dad called and told me that my cousin sister was coming to live with us and complete her study.We both didn’t wanted her to be with us.

Anyhow we made her fuck with us which I will tell you in another part.Thank you guys,wait for next part.

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