Fucked neighbour aunty and her daughter by blackmailing

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IAM Rahul from hyderabad.in this story I will tell how I fucked my aunty.Her name is suma age 39.

Her home is infront to my home.so I frequently went to her home.one day Iam thinking about idea to fuck aunty.one idea struck my mind that Aunty bathroom has hole .so I used that opportunity and while she was bathroom I take the videos and photos.

One day I went to her gave the nude photos and videos suddenly she was shocked.she begged me not to post on internet.I said what I get if I do this.she said whatever I will tell she does.I want your body for one night.she was shocked to hear this.she said that it was wrong and if my family know about it I will get out from house.

I said don’t worry aunty will be secret.But she listens to me.So I forced her to the bed. I started my play first I unhooked her blouse there is no Bray inside I pressed her boobs and sucking her boobs like a mad dog.She was begging to me not to do this to me.But I don’t listen to her words.Then I took of my shirt and pants and drawer.Iwas also took of her pant.i put my dick into her pussy first it went to half but later it went completely she was crying with hell. I stroked for about 5 minutes and cummed inside her pussy and relaxed.then started my second session I tried in a doggy style and this went for 15 minutes.

Next day I went to her home but she was not there in the home.But her daughter was bathing so I don’t waste this opportunity and went to bathroom hole.what I saw was unbelievable thing she was fingering her pussy.I thought to record that video but I forgotten to take.I saw for 15 minutes and thought to fuck this bitch.So I thought to take aunty help because her videos and photos are there.one day night I gave aunty sleeping pills. She put the sleeping pills on milk and give to her daughter.Then she went to sleep.

About 12am in the night I went to the room.Some how I have a donut really she was sleeping .I kick her face to get up but she remain silent.Now I was clarified about she was asleep.First I took of my clothes and jumped on bed.First took of her clothes I pressed her boobs and played with nipples she has hard nipples she cleanly shaved her pussy Her pussy was in pink colour.I liked the cleans pussy.I sucked her pussy for about 30 minutes.Then put my dick into her pussy and stroked for about 10 minutes and cummed into her pussy.then tried various positions and suddenly I went to sleep .

Next day I was awake I was shocked to see her she was covered blanket on her body and she was crying .she asked me how you came to my room. I said your mom helped me .she was shocked by listening my words.she asked why she helped me . I told that I blackmailed your mom because I had nude photos and videos of her.And also sex with your mom.I said that I also took nude photos of you. Whenever I had desire you should full fill.Otherwise I will post videos on internet.This is the story of how I fucked my aunty and her daughter by blackmailing.In the next part I will about the sexual encounter with my teacher by blackmailing.So if you like the story comment on it

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