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I The events fixing to be shared are all true the names have been changed to protect the guilty. So to describe the lady’s first Autn(wife) she is about 5”9 brown headed 42DDs a true definition of a milf, Heath(sisterinlaw) she is about the same height but blonde headed 40DDs(fake) but who really cares, Shon(friend) she is about 5”5 light brown not sure of size of tits but perfect size. So Aut says she needs and drink and some adult time so she calls Shon to go with us. We show up at the bar order a couple of buckets and just hang out drinking and talking along with people watching. So Aut calls her sister to come hangout since she is newly single and drink. After a few more beers every body is getting buzzed and the topic of sex comes up and who has bigger boobs or the best looking ones. So being the only guy I quickly volunteered for that job, the all pull their tops down all perfect sets of tits and quickly choose my wife knowing I would get laid by her that night and not to piss her off. So they keep talking about sex, boobs, vaginas and what guys really like. My opinion it’s all great and they laugh. So her sister says her pussy is ugly and I jokingly say prove it. She says ok and gets up asking all the girls to go to the bathroom and let her show them(not what I had in mind but whatever) . So after about 10 mins they all come back and I ask what took so long(she was wearing a dress) they all compared pussys(sucks for me). So her sister says she has the next round and goes to the bar I’m sitting their next to my wife who is next to her friend. She whispers in my ear what I thought of her and shon has made out in the bathroom and also kissed her sister. Told her don’t joke like that then she turns to shon and starts kissing her then her sister shows back up and asks where her kiss was so she joins the wife and shon. So thinking to myself this has taken a good turn of knowing might get a threesome trying not to screw this up. Decide it might be time to go before they change their mind. Tell her I’m going to pay the tab and I’ll be right back. Her sister is standing at the bar we start talking about life making small talk. My wife comes up saying everybody is coming to the house since we have more beer at home. Her sister following in her car and her friend following in her car. As we drive home my wife asks if I ever had sisters before told her no but every guys dream. She said looks like your dream come true and her friend too. After the longest drive home we are standing in the kitchen and everybody takes a shot. As we all four stand there awkward knowing what’s about to happen. Aut grabs shon and starts making out with each other. After a couple of minutes of watching Het pulls down shons top of her dress and starts sucking on her nipples. Aut takes one boob while her sister takes the other one. They see me standing there just watching and decide to head towards the bedroom, Heath pulls the strips down of her dress and it falls to the living room floor as they walk with Shon doing the same thing. They stop and call my wife’s name she turns around seeing both of them naked directs them to the bedroom and to get on the bed with there legs hanging off. They all walk in and as I walk in she tells me to give them a minute and shuts the door. I stand by the door for a few minutes hearing the moans of pleasure. I get brave and crack the door to see my wife on her back having her sister licking out her sweet pussy and her friend on top of her letting my wife lick her pussy while both girls are enjoying hers. The door must have moved cause both her sister and friend stopped playing and Het looked at me said my pussy isn’t being licked get on your knees and start licking. After a few minutes I remember at the bar she mentioned it had been almost a year since she had a dick inside her. I grab my dick and lifted her ass up and slowly slid it into her soaking wet pussy she let out a moan as I felt her pussy squeeze my dick. Started slowly not wanting to blow my load to quick since she felt so good. I stopped for a second just to calm down, my wife is staring at me tells me to cum inside her sister so she can lick it out of her. So I pick up the pace, Het is still licking out shon starts screaming and I cum inside her as I do she turns her head and looks at me then says Aut was right your dick is magical. After I pull out of her dripping with both of our juices Aut grabs Het puts her in the bed and starts licking her pussy tasting both of us. I step back and let Aut and Shon clean up Het and slowly play with their pussies at the same time. After some time Het says she is tired and needs to head home since she has to work in the morning. Aut tells me to walk her out making sure she is ok, while her and shon continue to kiss and play with each other. I open the car door being the gentleman to let her in, she grabs me and slowly kisses me and grabs my dick rubbing asking for another quickie. I sit down on the drivers side and she lifts her dress and starts riding me until I explode inside her again she kisses me again and says that will get her until next time. I looked at her and said next time? She just says yea, my sister and I share things including guys. Part 2 coming soon……

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