He finds a younger woman

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Jake Peterson hung up the phone with a grin on his face. Laura Higgins! He never thought things would have gotten this far. Now he had a date with her this Saturday, just two days away!

He went to the refrigerator to grab a “celebratory” beer and flicked on the television.


“Laura Higgens,” he thought to himself. True she wasn’t what he always thought to be “his type,” but he had to admit, he could bend his rules just this once! She was about 5’8,” dark piercing eyes, jet black straight hair and couldn’t weigh more that 110 pounds, with a good share of that in her chest. Her thin frame always visible through the tight clothes she wore each time he saw her.

It was last year when Jake decided he couldn’t last one more day working his actuary job and decided to go back to school for an architectural degree. All through High School he excelled at his science classes, but what came most easily to him was math. So when it was time to meet with his guidance councilor to choose his college, it was agreed that a math degree would be best. Never one to look to complicate his life, Jake cruised through the easiest path, graduating from Lafayette college in Pennsylvania with a 3.4 GPA and a BS in Mathematics. He wouldn’t say he exactly enjoyed his major, but as it came so easily to him, he figured it was meant to do.

Upon graduation, he continued upon the path of least resistance, getting a good paying job at a large insurance company as an actuary. Unfortunately, when he actually started working, he quickly realized just how boring his job could be. So used to taking the easy route, he longed for some more creativity and challenge in his life.

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So now at 27 years old, he found himself back in school, pursuing his first love, born in high school art class: Architecture.

Back at Lafayette full time, taking classes both at night and during the day, he finally felt his life was going in the right direction. He had a nice apartment, his student loans paid off, with a good nest egg in bank from his six years in the work force, and his future ahead of him.

It was in a drafting class that Jake first met Laura. All eyes followed her as she entered the classroom, exuding sexuality. Jake also admired her, joining the rest of the guys in the room looking at her prominently displayed cleavage almost bursting over her tight white low cut shirt. Her tight fitting jeans also showing off her very fit body.

He wasn’t a big fan of such obvious sexuality (and much more partial to smaller breasts), but had to admit, she was quite pleasing to the eye, and a bit of a rarity in his male dominant classes.

So he was that much more surprised when weeks later after pairing up with her, he found he actually liked her. She was smart, funny, and although a bit of a flirt (in the way she acted and dressed), seemed to be a really nice person. Months later after all the signs (touching his arm when she talked to him, always asking about his personal life) Jake decided to ask her out.

At 5’9,” Jake generally preferred shorter girls, and his previous girlfriends, although attractive, were never ones interested in drawing attention to themselves. Although he never had trouble with the opposite sex, he considered himself pretty average with his brown hair slightly larger than average nose. But his girlfriends all told him how adorable he was, and with his athletic build and blue eyes assured him he was quite the catch.

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