Filthy mom and daughter

This story might offend or disgust readers.

Ruhi, a divorced prostitute wanted to train her daughter. So when shanaya turned 6 she kissed her and slowly removed her clothes. Ruhi licked her whole body and slowly molested her. Shanaya had no idea was going on but she enjoyed it a lot. Ruhi started licking her pussy. She teased it with her tongue. Within a minute Shanaya squirted all over Ruhi’s face. Shanaya wanted to feel it again so she locked her legs around Ruhi’s head. Ruhi kept on sucking and tore her t shirt and removed her pants. She lifted Shanaya and turned her upside down. She kept licking Shanaya’s pussy and put her nipple in Shanaya’s mouth. Shanaya drank her milk and squirted again. Ruhi loved how salty it tasted and drank it all.


She took Shanaya in the washroom and made her kneel next to the toilet. Ruhi told her to open her mouth and pissed into Shanaya’s mouth. She ordered Shanaya to drink it. Shanaya was disgusted but watching her mother’s naked body and shaved pussy made her stay there. Ruhi asked her to piss in her mouth too. She loved it and played with it before drinking it. The lust and new feeling made Ruhi squirt like a tanker. Shanaya licked it clean from the floor.

The next day Ruhi fired the maid and took a few days off from fucking men. Ruhi and Shanaya roamed naked in the house. Ruhi ordered Shanaya to do all the housework. Shanaya was tired and was sweating a lot. Ruhi came from the back and thrust a dildo in Shanaya’s ass and another in Shanaya’s young pussy. Shanaya cried out and started sobbing. Ruhi licked the sweat from her body and drank it all. Ruhi kept moving the dildos in and out. Shanaya could feel them inside of her. They scraped her from within and Shanaya’s nipples hardened like rocks. Each penetration made Shanaya squeal like a bitch. Ruhi enjoyed the way her daughter moaned and cried. She kept moving the dildos and started spanking Shanaya. Shanaya was not at all used to this so she squirted throughout with hardly any breaks.

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Ruhi pulled the dildos out. The one from Shanaya’s ass was completely brown because of her poop. Ruhi’s eyes widened and she licked every piece of it off the dildo. Shanaya turned around to look at her mom. Ruhi pulled her close and spit kissed all the poop. Shanaya tried pulling away but Ruhi then hugged her and forced it in her mouth. Shanaya hated the smell and the taste. After a while she got used to it and indulged in kissing her mom and swallowed the poop. Ruhi felt proud of her daughter. She turned Shanaya around and started to fist her tiny ass. Ruhi scavenged for poop and Shanaya was enjoying the new feeling of fingers moving inside her ass. Ruhi brought out a handful of poop. Both of them licked it and slowly ate a bit of it. Ruhi rubbed the rest on her body and Shanaya licked it off Ruhi’s shivering body.

Shanaya moved from bottom to top. When she came to Ruhi’s face she felt weird and stopped.Suddenly Shanaya puked over Ruhi’s face. It was all brown and smelly. Shanaya was in disbelief and Ruhi could feel her hands go into her pussy. She fingered herself and Shanaya. Shanaya was shocked Ruhi didnt mind this. Ruhi licked the puke on her lips and drank it. Shanaya licked it and spat it in Ruhi’s mouth.

Ruhi knew fucking her own daughter is all she wanted. They both wore clothes and packed their essentials. The next day they both left the city and moved to an almost empty village.

Part 2 coming soon

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