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I shouldn’t even talk about this but here we go. I was dating a woman who was an awesome cock sucker and loved to fuck, not make love “FUCK”. You would never know it by the executive job that she had.

We rented a cottage in Lake Champlain for a week. With her being a single mom, her son Jason 15 wanted to come, and her daughter Emily 14 too. I was fine with it. Jason was a bit of a mommas boy and Emily dressed and acted very mature but did like to tease with her sexy body. That week she went braless. And her boobs were more than a handful. I got to admit that I thought about my dick inside her cunt a few times.

Late one night at the cottage Christine aka Chris was straddling my cock, 39 years old and boy could she still fuck like a teen. And her tits were still nice and firm. But the Jack Daniel’s was catching up to me and I dozed off with my cock being pleasured by Chris’ cunt.

The next morning when sun was breaking out I had to piss. I noticed that Chris was not laying next to me, but I got up to go to the bathroom. I glanced out into the living room to see Chris sitting forward on the couch and Jason standing in front of her with his huge cock in her mouth. At first I was pissed but I found it arousing too. So I just snuck into the kitchen to piss out the door. I didn’t want to have to flush the toilet and disturb Chris and her son.

I stood in the shadows stroking my cock as I watched Chris suck her sons cock. Little did I know that I was being watched by Emily until she stepped towards me and took hold of my cock. I was trapped in her grip. Then she got on her knees and began sucking my cock. She was almost as good as her mother. But she got up and took my hand to escort me into her room, she removed her tank top and shorts then got on all fours on the carpet. I got behind her and slid the head of my cock into her young shaved cunt. Her cunt was tight on my thick cock. We both struggled to stay quiet as possible. I could feel Emily cumming as her cunt tightened up, milking my cock.

We got up and checked on Chris and Jason. Jason was knelt down in front of Chris, licking her cunt. Chris had both her hands over her mouth to muffle her orgasm.

Emily and I snuck back to our beds. I pretended to wake up when Chris crawled in beside me. Almost immediately she went down on me. I got hard quickly thinking about her sucking her daughters cunt juices. She probably figured that it was her own. She did get me to cum after riding my cock a bit, but it took time. I blamed it on the whiskey. That morning Jason came in the bedroom naked. That kid was hung. Normally I would find it weird but Chris didn’t cover up either. We all had some conversation then Emily came in naked too. I looked away but Chris told me that I can look. I made sure that I got an eye full. Then the kids left the room.

Minutes later Emily was moaning. I looked at Chris and she smiled at me and said, they fuck sometimes. I was lost for words but I managed to get out. I want to fuck Emily. Chris chuckled and asked, Again? I couldn’t believe that she knew. She said that it was her plan for me to fuck her daughter so I wouldn’t be upset about her sucking her son’s cock.

Chris gave me a viagra at breakfast. I fucked Emily and Chris all morning and Chris sucked Jason’s cock again.

Almost a year later Chris moved onto bigger and better cocks, Jason got a girlfriend in her 30s and im still fucking Emily about three times a week. But I do spoil her with gifts and such.

However every now and then I do get to still fuck Chris and I got to fuck Jason’s girlfriend Jennifer a couple times too.

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