Erica and Curious boys

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Erica’s mom had managed a small contract after a struggling search. She was to start the contract work very soon. Her mom left in the morning leaving a list of instructions for Erica about her stay for the next two weeks. Jessica McDonalds was the closest neighbor in the house about half a mile away on the front road towards the open field. The two families have exchanged telephone numbers just in case.

In the absence of her mom, Erica was to be always in contact with them until the arrival of her mom. She was feeling so strange in this town with the new people around.Though she became quite popular in the neighborhood due to her pleasing personality and cute smiling appearance. Particularly she was very much liked by the group of boys because of her free nature and the dresses she liked to wear.

Now that it was almost certain that Erica would be on her own for another two weeks Erica’s mind was working on some plans to explore new ways of trying extreme exhibitionism in this new place. She was working on doing some modification and hemming work on her sheer cotton romper and the white sundress which she had acquired secretly before coming here. Erica intended to finish her work on her romper today so she can try that within a day or so.

In the late afternoon, Erica received the call from Jessica telling her that she had to go out for some important function and if she was available to do babysitting for her children. She was offered ten dollars an hour which was a very tempting offer and more so she knew Jeff and Steve; though both were very naughty. Jessica told her that she preferred Erica because both families have been together on the number of certain occasions in the last three weeks and more trust in each other. Erica didn’t get any real-time to think and before she could answer it was almost assumed that Erica accepted the offer. Erica didn’t have the heart to say No after that. She was to be there by 7:00 PM. That offered sufficient time for Erica to complete her work on her romper. Erica continued her work to remove the shoulder straps and detaching the inner thick lining. After that, she had to just make a slit opening on the left side and make some simple arrangements to fit the dress nicely on her petit body.

Throughout the afternoon Erica was completely engrossed in her work on the romper and finally, it was ready for trial. She had put a large mirror on the floor along the wall and stood in front of it wearing the modified romper. It looked good nicely fitting on her breasts; the upper line was adjusted so perfectly that it just ran above her nipples exposing completely half of her upper breasts. Erica raised both hands above to see the effect. The line slid down from her underarms erotically towards her back exposing completely the swelling of her breasts on sides and just covering the nipples. The arrangement of invisible hooks and thread loops was perfectly hiding and was invisible. She seemed completely satisfied. The romper was little oversize in length so it came much below her waist; though it was barely coming over her upper thighs; it looked very good. Wearing that she moved from room to room and watched herself in every mirror. She was convinced that it was looking perfect on her little naked body. It looked like a loose frilled sundress.

When the call came Erica was working on her second dress and she had completely forgotten about her appointment for babysitting at Jessica McDonald. She said she was terribly sorry for being forgetful and requested Jessica to leave her home and that she will be there in a few minutes. Satisfied with Erica’s response Jessica left instructions for Jess and Steve and left the home.

Erica was well mannered decent girl Jessica considered. It was important to have good neighbors and have good relations with them. Jessica considered that there may be more occasions to seek Erica’s help.

“Erica! They like buttered bread and cheese “ Jessica had called her just before leaving. “And they have homework to do. Make them complete that first. They can play after” Erica heard Jessica.

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