Discovering the massage skills of my mature maid

Hey guys! Discovering the massage skills of my mature maid, this is Devang from Delhi. I am aged 26 and have been staying with my 2 friends in a 3BHK from the last 3 years. Though sex stories are a great way to fantasize, I dont really like fantasy stories as I lose the sense that such a thing can also happen to me.

The incident that I am going to narrate actually happened with me recently. Our regular maid was going on a month long break and in the meantime she had fixed another maid for us. Usually my friend deals with such matters so I was unaware of the change.One day I was still sleeping when the maid came in to clean my room. She was just cleaning my bedside when I woke up due to her movement. I observed her a little with partially opened eyes. She had decent assets. She was not very good looking but she had a fine dressing sense. She was wearing a relatively fancy saree with her blouse having ample cuts both in front and the back. She had tied the pallu in her waist and I was able to see a good amount of her cleavage. This instantly turned me on. I sent a silent thankyou to my friend! By the time she came back to clean the room again(this time with water), I was up and actually waiting for her.


When she came in, I greeted her and asked if she would be working here from now on. She responded while continuing her work. All the while, I was just eyeing her cleavage. Slowly I used to wait for the time she came in to work. I started talking to her little by little everyday. One day, I was asking her, where else does she work and she told me she also works in the house next to us and during our conversations over the next few days I came to know that she also massages the aunty who stays there everyday. I suddenly had a sparkle in my eyes. I thought to myself that someday I will also ask her for the massage.

After a few days, she was cleaning my room and I was still lying on bed. I told her that since last 2 days my back had been aching and if she could just massage me there for a while. She thought for a second and then agreed. She said she would finish her work and come back after that. I was also a little conscious as I did not want my friends to find out about this as it just looks bad. She came back after a while, I opened my T shirt and laid back on my stomach. She did not close the door but partially shut it so that nothing is visible in the first instance. She brought a little oil from the bathroom and started her massage. She had a little rough hands from doing all the work but definitely her massage was good though not in a very sensual way. She would also press my ass cheeks in each iteration of pressing the back from top to my legs and this turned me on slightly.

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Though that day, I did not have the guts to proceed any further. She finished her massage in 10-15 minutes after which I gave her 200 Rs which she was declining initially. But I paid her anyways in the hope she might like to do it again. The next day, I again told her that her massage was really good and it did help me but the pain has not fully healed. I asked her if she could massage me today as well. This time I put down a mattress in the space between my bed and the wall and laid down there. Since it was not very wide space, we were a little cramped for space when she started massaging, so her thighs were easily resting over my legs and again the best part would be when she was pressing my ass cheeks. I was wearing half pant today and she casually lifted my pant to a little below my ass when she was massaging my thighs. I was giving slight body movements to convey that I was liking her massage.

But that day too we did not go any further. I again gave her the 200 Rs which she readily accepted. But after that day we had started talking very freely. I also didn’t mind being just in the boxers and vests when she came in and I knew my roommates were sleeping. A couple weeks passed and I had been thinking of asking her for a massage again, but was feeling a little nervous if she will know I was doing it on purpose. One day when I woke up, I saw that one of my roommates was leaving early for work. The other roommate usually sleeps late in the morning. I decided that I will again ask her for a massage today. I was waiting anxiously for her from then on in my room. After sometime I heard the door unlock. She went into the kitchen and started washing the utensils. I dropped my vest and got out of the room as if I had just woken up and went in the kitchen to get a glass of water.

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The RO is just above the sink, so I went there and stood very close to her while filling my glass. I could feel she too was a little tensed. Standing there I told her that yesterday I could not sleep well again due to a backache and would be very thankful if she could again massage me today as well. She readily agreed and said she would come after finishing the utensils. I asked her to come now only, as then I could go in for the bath and leave early for office. She wiped her hands and followed me into the bedroom. I lied down on the bed while she went to fetch oil from the bathroom. I was feeling a little anxious already because today I wanted to go a little further and I didn’t know how she would react. She came back and started rubbing my back and I started normal chit chat with her which we had gotten used to over the last week. Casually I mentioned that my roommate had left early and she also knew that the other roommate must be sleeping now. Gradually she came upto my ass cheeks and started pressing them as she usually did. I asked her if she was still giving the neighbour aunty a massage. She said yes and started telling me a couple of things about her and her family. I asked her if she massaged someone else too. She said not anymore, but had given massages to some other customers also. Hearing that I had a feeling she would be okay with my advances. I told her that I really liked her massages and would like to get it done more frequently. She said she knew a male malishwala.

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That was a real turn off, but I said I would prefer her if that was possible. She looked a little hesitant. I told her that I anyways go the massage parlours but they are costly and if she would do it, I would regularly give her the 200. Hearing that she wanted to say yes but still showed some feeble protest saying that it would be trouble if someone found out. I assured her that I would ask her only when there would be no one in the house. All this while I was still on my back and was talking facing away from her. I turned back to look at her and she said okay with a slight smile on her face. I grew bolder with that one smile. She continued massaging my back. I told her do you know what all things they offer in the massage parlours, and she said in a rather curious tone ‘App wo sab bhi karwate hain?’ I said sometimes, not very often. I again turned to look back at her and said ‘Aapko mana karna hai to kar dena but agar dikkat na ho to aap bhi karoge kya?’ She looked away from me. I said I will give her 500 instead of the usual 200. Without looking at me still, she said ‘agar kisi ko pata chal gaya to?’ I knew that was a yes. I assured her that no one needed to know. I turned back and went towards her.

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