Delicious Sister-in-Law, We waited a long time (True story)

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Delicious Sister-in-Law, We waited a long time (True story), At sixty-three, I was much more active than many of my friends, who were younger than myself. My wife was still in good health, also, and our sex life was okay. (although not great, like it used to be)

Because of her medications, she had no real desire to fuck, anymore, but throughout our forty years of marriage, she never denied my sexual needs or desires.

After retirement, we decided to buy a small ranch in northern Louisiana. I had no plans to farm, so our pastures were leased to a couple of local horse breeders. It didn’t take long to become attached to the beautiful animals, and we spent many hours watching their antics..and their breeding.

Every time old Pepper would start nipping at a mare’s neck, and his massive cock started hanging, my own began getting hard. Several times, I was able to get Carla to give me a blow job, while Pepper serviced his girls. Once, I talked her into watching them from the bed of the pickup, where she bent over the back of the cab, while I fucked her, ‘stallion style’.

“Not bad, for old folks,” I told her, as the last drops of my cum dripped onto the steel floor, “Isn’t it nice to be able to do this shit out here in the open, without any neighbors for a mile or more?”

“Yes, it’s nice,” she sighed, “I just wish I could enjoy it as much as I used to. But I’m happy you can still get so much enjoyment.”

Needless to say, every time she made a comment like that, it made me feel like a user. But I didn’t feel bad enough to give up fucking her, whenever I could get it up. I had always heard that ‘if you didn’t use it, you’d lose it’.

I was fifty-three when we bought the ranch. That was ten years ago. Over the last few years, Carla has been concerned about being closer to town, doctors, hospitals, etc. So we decided to sell out, and move to a smaller, quiet place on a private lake. At least fishing still gives her a thrill…

We didn’t realize how much junk we had accumulated, during our years at the ranch. House, barn, shop, tool shed, cellar, well house..all were full.
As we packed, hauled, stored, and unpacked, we held yard sales and gave away loads of things to Goodwill.

Carla’s brother, Jack, (I always said his middle name ‘ass’, because of the way he treated his family) and his wife, (would you believe her name is Jill?) came to live in the same parrish. I figured it was because he wanted some close relatives to mooch off of.

Jill had worked as many as three jobs at a time, in order to support Jack and her three kids. The oldest boy, beyond a doubt, was Jacks’. One look at the resemblance removed any question.

Jill and I had always flirted a little, but other than a quick kiss, with a little tongue, we had never taken it further. When she was pregnant with her daughter, she confided to me that Jack had made her fuck a cousin of his, to pay his drug bill. Sure enough, the little girl was blonde, small, and had many facial features of the cousin.

Her third child, another boy, was a big son-of-a-bitch, much bigger than her, or anyone on Jack’s side of the family. Jill never admitted he could be someone else’s kid, but she didn’t deny the possibility, either.

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