Delicious Sister-in-Law, We waited a long time (True story)

Delicious Sister-in-Law, We waited a long time (True story), At sixty-three, I was much more active than many of my friends, who were younger than myself. My wife was still in good health, also, and our sex life was okay. (although not great, like it used to be)

Because of her medications, she had no real desire to fuck, anymore, but throughout our forty years of marriage, she never denied my sexual needs or desires.

After retirement, we decided to buy a small ranch in northern Louisiana. I had no plans to farm, so our pastures were leased to a couple of local horse breeders. It didn’t take long to become attached to the beautiful animals, and we spent many hours watching their antics..and their breeding.

Every time old Pepper would start nipping at a mare’s neck, and his massive cock started hanging, my own began getting hard. Several times, I was able to get Carla to give me a blow job, while Pepper serviced his girls. Once, I talked her into watching them from the bed of the pickup, where she bent over the back of the cab, while I fucked her, ‘stallion style’.

“Not bad, for old folks,” I told her, as the last drops of my cum dripped onto the steel floor, “Isn’t it nice to be able to do this shit out here in the open, without any neighbors for a mile or more?”

“Yes, it’s nice,” she sighed, “I just wish I could enjoy it as much as I used to. But I’m happy you can still get so much enjoyment.”

Needless to say, every time she made a comment like that, it made me feel like a user. But I didn’t feel bad enough to give up fucking her, whenever I could get it up. I had always heard that ‘if you didn’t use it, you’d lose it’.

I was fifty-three when we bought the ranch. That was ten years ago. Over the last few years, Carla has been concerned about being closer to town, doctors, hospitals, etc. So we decided to sell out, and move to a smaller, quiet place on a private lake. At least fishing still gives her a thrill…

We didn’t realize how much junk we had accumulated, during our years at the ranch. House, barn, shop, tool shed, cellar, well house..all were full.
As we packed, hauled, stored, and unpacked, we held yard sales and gave away loads of things to Goodwill.

Carla’s brother, Jack, (I always said his middle name ‘ass’, because of the way he treated his family) and his wife, (would you believe her name is Jill?) came to live in the same parrish. I figured it was because he wanted some close relatives to mooch off of.

Jill had worked as many as three jobs at a time, in order to support Jack and her three kids. The oldest boy, beyond a doubt, was Jacks’. One look at the resemblance removed any question.

Jill and I had always flirted a little, but other than a quick kiss, with a little tongue, we had never taken it further. When she was pregnant with her daughter, she confided to me that Jack had made her fuck a cousin of his, to pay his drug bill. Sure enough, the little girl was blonde, small, and had many facial features of the cousin.

Her third child, another boy, was a big son-of-a-bitch, much bigger than her, or anyone on Jack’s side of the family. Jill never admitted he could be someone else’s kid, but she didn’t deny the possibility, either.

Carla and I agreed to split some of the moving responsibilities, I would finish cleaning out the ranch house, and other buildings, she would stay at the lake house and unpack, putting things where she wanted them.

I told Jack and Jill that I would pay them to help with the move. Carla didn’t want anyone underfoot, so Jill would help me pack, Jack would haul things to storage, or to the lake house.

A couple of times, during the first day of packing, I spotted Jill on her hands and knees, with her fine ass stretching her jeans.

“You better be careful, girl,” I told her rubbing my dick through my own jeans, “since I’ve been on this horse ranch, that’s exactly the position that gets me wantin’ to breed.”

She chuckled, told me that she needed to take a cigarette break, poured both of us a glass of tea, then went to sit on the porch. I kept trying to bring up the subject of sex, but she kept changing the subject. Jack drove back in, joined us for a few minutes, then they went home.

By the next morning, I had my plan set in my head. Jill and I loaded the pickup with a big load for Carla, and I told Jack to get back as soon as he could. When he returned, we loaded again. This time, it was a big load going to my daughter’s house, almost two hours away. I told Jack I’d take Jill home, when we had finished packing for the day.

A few minutes after he pulled out, Jill needed to go to the bathroom..just what I wanted. I had removed the toilet tissue, and all the bathroom towels and washcloths.

“Don,” came the call I wanted to hear, “would you bring me some toilet paper?” I waited for her to call a second time, before I answered, “Sure, but it’ll cost you.” I opened the bathroom door, walked to her, and slowly unwrapped the roll. As she sat and watched, she said, “I suppose we’re gonna fuck, now?”

“That’s what I’ve been wanting for twenty five years,” I said, “I kinda thought you might just have been wanting the same from me.”

“Well,” she smiled, “I’ve always had a crush on you.” When she reached for the tissue, I lifted it out of her reach. I unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out, and told her, “I’ve always wanted to put this in your pretty little mouth. You give me a blow job, and I’ll wipe your ass.”

“It’s not my ass that needs wiped,” she said, “all I did was pee. Lets get in the bed, and I’ll trade you tongue jobs.” I told her she had a good idea, and I didn’t want her to wipe, I’d do it for her.

By the time we hit the bedroom door, we were both naked. (I was thankful we’d bought new furniture for the lake house, so we still had a bed there)
I kissed my way from her lips to her pussy, which had the fullest bush I, personally, had ever seen.

We hit a ’sixty-nine’, with Jill on top. My cock throbbed at the feel of her mouth sliding up and down its’ length. My chin pressed into her clit, while my tongue dipped through her tight cunt lips. In a matter of seconds, her juices began to seep out, into my mouth. After just two or three minutes, I could hear her gurgling her saliva, and grunting, as she started humping into my face, harder.

“G-G-G-Guh, guh, guhrrrr,” she pulled off my shaft for a few seconds, as her orgasm hit, “Goddddddd, Yessss! Yessss!” As soon as she quit calling out, her head dropped back to work. A couple minutes later, my nuts started churning, and I felt her lips get tighter, sucking harder. My blast hit with the most force I could remember.

Every drop of my cum spit upward, then slid down her throat. As I finished, Jill was wracked with another orgasm. “Oh my God, God yess, Oh God, Don! Eat me, eat me, eat me!.”

We repositioned our bodies, and lay in each others’ arms, kissing and licking cum and pussy juice from our faces.

Jill was the first one say anything, “If you fuck as good as you eat pussy, I can’t wait. Your dick is bigger than Jack’s, but I guess I handled it alright. Speaking of which, how long before a man your age can go again? Are we gonna have to send Jack on a long trip again, tomorrow”

I told her that we could just work naked. “I’ll bet that, watching you will get me going again, long before it’s time to take you home.”

Sure enough, just about two hours later, she was on her hands and knees. I’m sure she was doing it on purpose, knowing how it would turn me on.
“I hope you’re ready, filly,” I told her, “This old stud’s fixin’ to ram it home.”

Jill dropped her head to the floor, placed both hands on her beautiful ass, and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her pussy lips, and asshole. “Either place is okay with me,” she told me, “whatever you want.”

What I wanted (that particular time) was to sink my dick into that delicious pussy, the taste of which was the best I’d ever had.
It seemed as if she was playing a game with me. She held her ass cheeks parted, but the cunt muscles refused an easy entrance. I pushed several times, then told her, “It’s been years since I’ve had sex twice in a single day. I’m not sure how long this mother-fucker will stay hard, so if we’re gonna do this, I need to get it in.”

As if by magic, her lips parted, letting my cock in, balls deep. As soon as I hit bottom, she contracted her pussy and started rocking her hips. My pipe organ was being played like never before. All I did was hold on to her waist, and pump her cunt.

After a few minutes, Jill began cumming. The continued orgasms had to be driving her out of her mind, but I was still a long way off. My body was used to dumping a load of sperm once, or occasionally twice, a week…and with a much less willing partner.

When I began panting, and slowing my thrusts, Jill asked if I was okay. “I’m just not quite in as good shape, anymore,” I told her, “I don’t know if I can keep it up long enough to cum, but I wish we’d done this years ago.”

Quick as a mongoose after a cobra, her pussy turned me loose, she spun me onto my back, then mounted my wilting shaft. She worked it inside her, then started manipulating her, well experienced, vaginal muscles. Between her up and down motion, and those pulsating, internal body parts, ol’ fat boy returned to full staff.

Another few minutes of that action, combined with her nipples teasing my tongue and lips, brought a surge of cum. It felt like the whole lower half of my body was forcing this stream up and out. Jill came one more time, concurrent with mine, then collapsed on my chest.

After lying still for several minutes, she raised up and laid a long, luscious kiss on my lips. “You’re not bad, for an old man,” she kissed my nose, “but, you’re gonna get better. I’m gonna have to have some of you on a regular basis. Have you ever done this before, fucking around on Carla?”

Why lie? I told her yes, I had. A former neighbor, two women I had worked with, and two of Carla’s best friends had been lovers, with me, over the years. I couldn’t emphasize enough, though, none of them could compare to what I’d just experienced. Jill was the finest fuck in my world.

“How about you?” I asked her, “I’m bettin’ that you didn’t learn all that, from fuckin’ your sorry-ass husband.” She told me she had been with many men, especially after Jack had forced her to fuck his cousin.

“I made up my mind,” she said, “I’ll enjoy those men I want to enjoy, and if I don’t give a shit about some mother-fucker, I can lay still while he dumps his cream. Jack tried to make me fuck his Goddamn cousin again, once. I called my brothers. They came over and beat the shit out of both of them. Kenny never came around again, and Jack never tried to pimp me again.”

She thought for a few seconds, gave my cock head a kiss, and continued, “I’ve sold pussy many times, made lots of money, too. My best paying customer was a woman in her sixties. She taught me so much about muscle control. It helped me make more money, too. But, that’s all behind me, now. I let Jack have some from time to time, but you and me…we are gonna have lots of hours together. I wish you could go again now, but it’d probably kill you.”

It didn’t….

Author’s note..Jill left Jack for two years, and moved to another state. She came back to our parrish about six months ago. I’m sixty eight now, and Jill is fifty three. We still enjoy new things, every time we have sex.

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