Danny catches his girlfriend having sex with an older man

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Danny catches his having sex with an older man, Danny pulled his hard cock out of Angie’s pussy and jerked it rapidly as his cum shot out all over her belly. “Ohhh, fuck yeah” he cried out as waves of pleasure rocked his body.

Angie was panting hard, having almost climaxed until Danny couldn’t hold it anymore and shot off all over her. She rubbed the cum around her abdomen. “I told you it was ok to cum in me, Danny, since it’s the last time we’re going to do it.”

Danny collapsed next to his best friend’s girlfriend and started pulling his jeans back on. “Yeah, I know. I just didn’t want to take a chance. Mike would kill me if I got his girlfriend knocked up.”

“Yeah, not to mention what Little Miss Goodie -Goodie would do to your cock if she knew you had used it somewhere else.” She tried to kiss him, but he pulled away to put his shirt back on. “What’s the hurry anyway. I thought you said we had until 6?”

Danny grabbed his socks and started sliding them on. “Yeah, I know, but that was before I get the text from Tina. She’s at my house laying out by the pool, and nobody is home. So, I figured I’d get there early. Tonight’s the big night, you know. Nothing wrong with getting an early start.”

Angie fished a doobie out of her purse and was lighting it up. She took a hit and held it, trying to speak with her lungs full of weed. “You think she’s really going to give you her cherry tonight?” She blew the smoke out and took another hit, then passed the joint to Danny.

“That’s the plan yeah,” he said, taking a quick hit, then waiting until he exhaled to continue, passing the joint back. ” It’s her 18th birthday today, and she promised me that we’re going to finally go all the way tonight.”

Angie took the blunt back and blew on the burning tip lightly, “And then you won’t need to fuck me anymore? So, I have to suffer so Miss Goodie Goodie can finally enjoy my favorite cock. That’s not fair.” She drew a long hit and lay back enjoying the feel of the THC in her system.

“Well, you have Mike. Isn’t that what he’s for?” He got both shoes on then stood up to fasten his belt and zip his pants.

“He barely knows what his cock is for. You sure we can’t keep doing it on the side. She doesn’t have to know. I’d never do that to you.” She offered him the dope, but he shook his head.

“No thanks,” he said, straightening his hair in the mirror. “I gotta go.”

“You gonna fuck her with your dick smelling like my pussy?” Angie asked, grinning wickedly.

“Fuck,” he said looking down at his pants, “I didn’t think about that. I’ll wash off when I get home.”

Angie realized nothing she would do or say would change his mind. She rolled on her side, looking at the wall, refusing to let him see her cry. “Yeah, ok. See ya.”

Danny let himself out and unchained his bike from the tree beside Angie’s house. He rechecked his phone to let Tina know he was coming by early. He saw the picture she had sent him. She was in a bikini on his patio by the pool in his backyard. She had the camera pointed at her cloth covered pussy, with her legs spread. It had a caption that said, “Yours tonight.”

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