Cuckold in Canary Island

Hello, We visited in Canary Island years ago. Wife was about 32yo and I 34. It was also her ( Wife Aila) siter and her husband Esko with us. One evening we went there in some popular restaurant where it was music and good food and we entjoyed the atmosphere nice. Still it became one “Gigolo” I think, and asked Aila to dance which She gladly did.

She stayed there dancing guite a long time. When She came back it was quickly other such a man asking her, I told that we are here together and please you need to stay with us now and eat with us and spend time. Oukey she did like that, But that man was not satisfied and tried to take her, I needed to saty up, take this man from his jacket and put him to the chair against the Wall and said that we have now time to our Group. Stay here. Then we could be in piece that evening. When we were leaving this man who was dancing with Aila wanted to say something to my wife. And when we reached the hotel Aila said that this man wants to come here to see me ( our hotel room ) ??? Aila had said which hotel we live and the number of the room.

About 24.00 Clock it was somebody knocking on the door. Aila just her bikini on and She said that She could open the door and asked if I go to balcon. So I did. I was so warm thinking what the hell is it going on. Ofcourse I could imagine and guess. Aila opened the door and this man started immediately kiss My Wife Aila there against the Wall and it was not taken long before his hands were stroking Ailas breasts and butt and soon his hands were inside those bikinis and they went walking slowly to bed. He undress those few clothings from Her and soon He also was naked and His Cock hard standing and at the same moment it was in Ailas Cunt doing Her very strong way. He pumped Her cunt full of his semen and I could find how much he enjoyed MY HOT WHORE wife, After that session they were laying there naked and he was strouking AILAs NAKED body everywhere And Aila did not say anything of that he can not do it. In the matter of fact I believe that She Really was hot to that mans Cock. She also was stroking his Cock and soon it was again big erection and going in to Ailas pussy, Sluttty pussy. I could not help myself and i needed to do the same with me. From balcon to another balcon it was REALLY EASY to go,

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So it was good that her sister and his husband did not came then there. Sister had been wondering what a whore her Aila sister is. Next evening sisters husband Esko came to visit us ( on day time we ofcourse we together) and then Aila had only also her underwears which were to see through very easy. And Esko so could see Aila like naked speaking with us. Those moments I do not forget ever, and <I believe that Aila also do not


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