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Hi, readers, this is a true sex story which happened with me 5years ago in Bangalore, that’s before my marriage.

Her name was Saniya, she was 27 years old, 5ft 7 inches tall, fair complexion, her stats were 38-30-36. She had massive round boobs with amazing curves and a butt to go crazy on. I had just broken up with my then girlfriend and I was looking for a rebound so I downloaded the Wechat App and was trying to get lucky.


Almost a month past and there was nothing happening. On one such day, I was just sending greeting to ladies with the line ‘ hi, sexy lady want to go down’ and I get an immediate reply from Saniya saying ‘hi, I would not mind if the pic in your display picture is really you’. I forgot to tell you about myself. I’m Raj (name changed) 27 years old, 6ft tall, well built, a handsome and 9inch tool and I am from Bangalore.

As soon I received her text, I replied, ‘ well for your good luck it a real picture of mine and you are a beautiful lady’. She replied asking for more pictures of mine to confirm. I responded to her and sent her more pictures of mine. After having a look at my pictures, she texted ‘give me your number and I want you to come to my house in Banaswadi right away and get condoms’.

It was around 10:30 pm in the night. I got a little specific about the whole scenario, is it fake or I’m just too lucky. I lied to my parent’s that one of my friend’s grandfather passed away and got out of the house. I headed towards her house and picked up condoms on the way. I reached Banaswadi fire station and texted her ‘I am here’. I immediately got a call and a beautiful voice of a lady telling me to follow the instructions of the route.

I was hearing to her instructions and riding my bike. I reached her lane and she asked me to park the vehicle at the end of the lane and walk into her apartment. And asked me to tell the watchman I am here to visit Mr. Anubhav.

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I did as she said and got in. By the way, we are still on the call and she asks me to come to the first floor. I take the stairs and reach up and the door opens, I get into her home and she locks the door immediately. So, here I’m looking for this beautiful lady who is dressed in normal jeans and a t-shirt. She asks me to sit down and asked if I like to have something to drink. I cant get my eyes off her she was a pure curvy goddess. I said no thanks.

She asked ‘whats your age handsome hunk’
Me: ‘ I’m 22 years old’
Saniya: ‘ have you ever had sex or I ‘ll be going down on a frustrated young virgin kid’
Me: ‘ well I am not virgin and for sure you ‘ll like what happens tonight’
Saniya: ‘ umm, let’s see coz I am one horny bitch and I need a lot to get satisfied’
Me: ‘ no worries, as I need someone who can take my big cock up her pussy for hard bang’
Saniya: ‘ on really how big is your cock kid, let me see’. She comes to me and opens my pant and feels my cock with my boxers on.

My cock is erect and she grabs me by my balls and tells me ‘ can u fuck me like a whore, I like dirty sex and being treated like a sex keep’.

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I got really excited and without lost control and kissed her. She pushed me back and said not so fast let me go change. And u can tear everything I wear and make sure you are rough and abusive as I like it that way.

I’m sitting on her couch with my pants open and she comes out after changing. She was wearing a blue transparent baby doll with a thong and she had handcuffs in her hand. I was stunned looking at her, she looked like a sex goddess whom you could worship. Her big boobs and her butt. I was telling myself how lucky I have got tonight.
She walks up to me and hands me the handcuffs and tell me ‘ what are you waiting for a kid, show me what you can do to me’.

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I stood up and grabbed her waist and took her to a wall and pushed her on the wall with her back facing me and cuffed her hands from behind. I pulled her hair and said ‘ get ready to serve your master, you filthy bitch’ and spanked her ass. I turned me around and held her face and started kissing her. She is an amazing kisser.

I slowly moved down to her neck and kissed her as I started to press her boobs. I took a step back and looked at her slapped her boobs. She went crazy and started moaning on yesssssss. I am slapping her boobs and I grabbed her and open her handcuffs and tell her to take me to her room. As soon as we enter the room, I push her on the bed and start sucking her boobs and spank her ass real hard. She is going crazy and she holds me to head to which I get up and slap her and say ‘ don’t hold me you bitch, everytime you hold me or try to stop me, I ‘ll slap you and punish you’. She got even more turned on with what I said to her.

After sucking her boobs and working in her back, I tore her top and chocked her and told her to get up and suck my cock. She gets up and removes my pants and underwear and is shocked to look at the massive cock. She says ‘ this is a fucking huge cock. I wish my husband had one’. This is when I realized she is married. As we were in the act I grab her mouth and spit it her mouth and tell her ‘ suck the fucking cock, you whore’.

She starts sucking my cock, I’m moaning hard. One of the best blowjobs ever. I start throat fucking her and she is gagging. I grab her hair pull her up and throw her on the bed and pull her thong down and was about to lick her pussy, she tells, ‘ I’m on my 4th day’. To which I got really angry and slapped her hard and told her ‘ you fucking dirty bitch, you are going to get fucked so hard’.

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I take my cock and rub it on her clit and slowly insert it in. She moans loud .. Aaaahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh and shouts ‘ your fucking cock is so big’. Aaahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh. I slowly start stroking it and she is moaning louder and tells ‘ it feels amazing to have a huge cock instead of my husband 4-inch cock’. I start fucking her harder and faster.

Aaahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh do u like the way I’m fucking you. Saniya ‘ ohhhhhhh yessssssss never felt this good ever and she asks me to pull my cock out and squirts a big load all over my crotch.

My cock is covered with a little blood of hers and her fluid. I enter her pussy and start fucking her and I cum in her pussy. And I pull out my cock and ask her to take that cum from her pussy and lick it.

She puts her finger in her pussy, pulls my cum out and licks her fingers and comes close to me and kisses me. And tells ‘ you are fucking amazing I had never got an orgasm as good as this and I just realized I can squirt’

I held her by her hair and slapped her and said ‘ now take me to the shower and clean me’. She got upheld me by my cock and took me to the shower and started to clean my cock and after which she started to suck my cock again.

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