Black camp councilor part 3

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Please read Black camp councilor – Part 1 and Black camp councilor – part 2 to this sorry, before you read part 3.

Even though it was dark, there was just enough light for Derrick to see my face.

Derrick looked at me and said, put your finger in deeper. I was shocked and amazed at the same time.

I pushed my finger all the way into Derricks ass hole and he put his head back on his pillow. I moved my finger in and out his ass hole very slowly, but I did not pull out farther then my knuckle. Derrick started to moan just a bit. I told him not to be to loud. I also said, if you want to moan, whisper when you moan .
I pushed my finger in and out Derricks tight hot ass hole, and he moaned more and more. I pulled my finger all the way out of Derricks ass hole very slowly.

When pulled the knuckle out, Derrick let out a moan, louder then a whisper.

Derricks bed was facing the long way pushed up against the wall. Derrick slept with his head pointed towards the cabin door. When Derrick was laying on his back, the left side of his body, would be closest to the wall. The right side of his body, was closest to where he could get out of bed.

I told Derrick to get on his knees with the top of his head pointed towards the wall. Derrick did what I asked him to do.

I told Derrick to put his head on his pillow and arch his back. While Derrick was in this position, I put more lotion on my hands and rubbed his fat sex hot ass again. I then spread his ass cheeks and started to lick his ass hole.

With each lick, Derricks moans got louder and louder. I had to stop licking so Derrick would stop moaning. Unfortunately it was to late. Behind me I heard one of the other black campers say, why are you guys doing that?

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