Bengalee Film Queen 26

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Episode : 26

Completing the outdoor shooting at Kalimpong for more than one week, all the crew members of ‘Taramaa Motion Pictures’ returned to Kolkata along with the other leading personnel like actors, actresses, cameraman, director & producer. Now a major portion of indoor shooting to be completed with Sreelekha and Koel because Sreelekha was also acting in this film in a significant role as the mother of Porimoni.

Above all very soon some of it’s members have to attend the annual Bengali film festival 2020 to be held at ‘Paradise Hotel’ in which Porimoni was selected as the best actress for her outstanding performance in ‘Priyatama’.

Another veteran Bangladeshi film-actress Arifa Parvin Zaman alias Moushumi was also invited as the honorary Chief Guest for that great function. Above all, almost all the film celebrities of Tollygunge Film-industry will attend this annual film-festival to make it a grand success.

However at present, the luxurious AC room, the temporary office of Kader at the Paradise Hotel was fidgety, and three important persons of ‘Taramaa Motion Pictures’ were eagerly waiting for Sreelekha to arrive. They were going to compose a special dance scene of this great actress who was selected in their movie for the role of a widow mother.

Boy! was she ever turning heads on in her last movie “Mayer Ashirbad,”. She wore a tight black skirt and a white T-shirt shirt in a scene….. getting the cameraman and the crew members, which were mostly male, all hot and bothered during the shoots.

Nilay, the director and husband of the famous Tolly heroine Koel Mallick had overheard one of the crew members saying he couldn’t wait to get in the sack with her, though she turned down his silly comment with a hatred look.

However when he himself was thinking about the hot actress, whom he respected too much, he heard the sound of a car engine pull up. He looked out the window of the hotel room.

It was a red SUV, and he could see the long dark hair blowing in the wind through the open window of the car as she drove up. His buddy producer Kader and the cameraman Jakir got out of their seats. They came over to the window to get a look as she pulled up… driving into the parking spot.

Sreelekha switched off the engine and opened the door….. stepping first one and then two creamy, sexiest, smooth legs h’d ever seen. She loved wearing mostly the hot little outfits she wore on during her shooting and loved….. seeing the effect she had on men….. And today was no exception.

However within ten minutes, she reached to the office-room and knocked the door. Quickly Jakir opened the door and welcomed the renowned actress.

As she moved into the room, they all got a clear view of her hot body underneath her tight little white T-shirt. It was stretched against her slightly bulging stomach and down into her painted-on little miniskirt.

And the miniskirt…… it was really mini……. it just barely covered her sexy bubbling ass. A little cheek of her creamy large ass showed as she sashayed her way up to the middle of the room.

“Hi there!” Sreelekha said as she threw her sexy glance to all of them. Anyone could practically guess that the hungry eyes of the three men were now all over her curvaceous body as she slowly turned her body.

She then looked around the room as she spread a naughty smile on her face, “Sorry, I’m slightly late….. but are all of you boys waiting for me?”

‘Boy, were they ever!’ Nilay thought. And glad they really had.

“Well, you were worth the wait, aunty,” Nilay replied as he moved quickly towards her and touched her feet. She smiled a sexy little smile in return and blessed him by touching his head.

“You’re so sweet, Nilay baby…… and how are Koel? You should bring her with you….I haven’t seen her for a long time.” she asked, still smiling.

“She is OK aunty and has gone to visit her parents,” Nilay replied.

“Is that? Then it’s OK,” she said, “But I can’t wait to hear more about the idea you guys have in mind for me in this added scene.”

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