Becoming Lover to my Aunty

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Hello all, Take your dick and pussy out before banging , by the way, I am Vicky aged 25 years and currently residing in Bangalore.

Unfortunately, my Uncle had passed away 10 years back in an accident. My aunt seema never married again and was staying with her in-laws without any issues. I have to tell you about my seema aunty.

She was around 37-38 years old with great assets which can grab the attention of any person . This happened when I went to stay in her house in Bangalore to attend some interview .

Let me come to the main story, after taking a bath I came to the dining table. seema aunty served me dinner and sat next to me and began asking me about my college and my studies. While serving me, seema aunty used to bend to serve and unknowingly my eyes went to her bosom.

I was shocked and excited to see her loose nighty hung forwards from her body, to reveal bra clad breasts and her deep cleavage. I could see big breasts were pressed against each other. Her deep cleavage giving my eyes an awesome treat. This was the first time I was seeing boobs at such a close range and that too live (I had seen boobs only in Mallu movies).

My cock sprang to life and throbbed in my track pants. I was worried if my aunt would notice my erection and silently had my dinner closing my thighs to cover it up. But my mind was full of her breasts which I couldn’t control. Once I saw seema aunty glancing down at my crotch but didn’t say anything.

I pressed my thighs together to conceal my hard on cock but I was not successful. I finished my dinner quickly and said, “Aunty, I am tired of the train journey and I will go to sleep early.”

“Ok vicky, you can sleep in the guest room. I have kept water on the side table if you need anything I will be in the next room, just call me, Goodnight,” seema aunty said and began cleaning the table.

I rushed to the guest room and lay on the bed and began recollecting the boobs scene of my aunt’s. As it was very hot in April in Madras I didn’t pick up the bed sheet which was lying at the foot of the bed. Since I was tired from the journey I drifted to sleep immediately.

Around midnight, I opened my eyes when I felt my track pants being pulled down along with my briefs. I was terrified and I suddenly couldn’t make it out who it was in the darkness. Only I and Aunty were in this big house. In the dim light coming from the window, I could make it out it was my own seema aunty.

I was about to say something but my senses told me to be quiet and to see what was going to happen next. So still pretending that I was sleeping. I was watching my aunt’s movement opening my eyelids a bit to watch what my Aunt was about to do next. My flaccid cock was exposed and seema aunty was staring at it.

She slowly brought her hands down to my cock and caressed it with her soft hands and looked at my face to confirm if I was sleeping or not. Who wanted to sleep when such a hot lady was touching my cock? It was erect instantly in her hands. I could see seema aunty was shocked on seeing my cock erected in front of her own eyes and looked at my face to see if I am sleeping or not.

She gave a huge sigh of relief on seeing my eyes closed and thought I was sleeping. To my utter astonishment, seema aunty held my cock in her right hand and began to play with it. I used to masturbate a lot whenever I was horny, but the soft hands of a lady on my cock for the very time felt like a heaven. (I think many young boys will vouch for this).

seema aunty was sure that I was sleeping. She sat on the edge of the bed next to me and changed her right to left hand and began to move her hand up and down on my cock. I saw her lifting up her nighty up-to her thighs and slowly inserted her right hand into her nighty. OMG! My aunty was masturbating herself while jerking my cock off.

seema aunty had held my cock firmly now and jerking me due to which my foreskin was moving up and down to her movements. My cock was already dripping pre-cum juices. It drained down to my aunt’s fingers which gave her enough lubrication for her hand-job.

seema aunty’s nighty was bundled up on her thighs while she was fingering her pussy. I saw her fair colored well-toned thighs. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I placed my hand on her thighs and felt like a 240v current passing through my body from her body heat. Aunty was shocked but she stifled a moan and looked relieved when she saw me still sleeping.

I got more courage from this and I inserted my hand into her nighty until it reached the bottom of her bra. seema aunty was busy fingering her pussy and jerking my cock simultaneously. She didn’t observe my hand movements inside her nighty. Using all my courage I pressed her right breast over the bra.

seema aunty moaned out loudly and realized that I was awake. She quickly removed her hands from my cock, from her pussy. She stood up immediately dropped her nighty down. She looked at me with embarrassment and fumbled for words.

seema aunty mildly said, “I came to see if you are ok, vicky.”

“Why did you pull my pants down, aunty? Did you come to see me or my..” I asked her with a smile on my face.

“No, No vicky. I was trying to straighten your clothes,” She said meekly, she knew I caught her red-handed groping my cock while I was sleeping.

“Why are you lying? I can understand Auntie, I am not a boy anymore but a man now. I know 10 long years without a man is too much difficult to bear,” saying this I got up and sat on the bed.

seema aunty quickly said, “Oh no, vicky,” she gasped. “So you saw me holding your…Sorry, I don’t know what got into me. I got carried away and I shouldn’t have done this stupid thing, sorry. I think I will go now and you go back to sleep.”

“How can I sleep now, with my cock erected, come on Auntie, finish what you have started?” I replied shamelessly asking my adorable sexy Aunt to jerk me again.

My Aunt blushed. “No, I can’t do that. You are my nephew and my brother’s son, vicky,” she said with embarrassment.

“Then why did you come to my room in the middle of the night, removed my pants, played with my cock and made it hard,” I was afraid she will go back to her room.

I wanted to make sure that she got into the bed with me. Read the next part to know what happened next.

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