Bad Neighbor

I’ve partied many times with my next door neighbors Jimmy 30 and Jennifer 27 mwf. They stay home most weekends drinking and partying to excess. I hung out, drank with them, listened to their stories, and took mental notes. I learned their ways, their habits.They both drink to the point of excess and I have seen Jimmy pass out drunk on the recliner many times. Jimmy has made drunken comments to me about the things he did while Jennifer was fucked up and passed out drunk. Things that she never remembered happening because she drank liquor and smoked weed and that puts her in a blackout state, she never remembers anything, she can be awake for hours but have no recollection. I decided to try this out for myself.
I would invite myself over late on weekends, when i was pretty confident that they were fucked up, and most times I was not disappointed. They would be totally whacked, totally open to suggestion. Like hey, wanna smoke some weed with your trusted neighbor? I made sure to have hi end weed, already rolled, and of course they would partake in a few hits. jimmy was the lightweight and would fall asleep on the recliner while Jennifer and I would smoke weed while sitting on the couch three feet away from Jimmy.
I could see the transformation in her eyes from being completely wasted drunk, to being wasted drunk and totally blacked out. I would take small hits while i encouraged her to continue to smoke, I would offer to make Jennifer another drink, another hard alcoholic drink. And then I was in a situation where I was in my next door neighbors house while Jimmy was passed out cold on the recliner and his wife Jennifer was totally fucked up and totally blacked out, and sitting next to me on the couch.
I easily put my phone in video mode and began to record us on the couch without her realizing what I did. I started asking Jennifer very personal questions, sexual questions. I made sexual comments to her. All the while mentioning to her that her husband was three feet away and would not approve of the things she was saying. I was playing on the eroticism of her having secrets from her husband, and being drunk out of her head and whacked on weed to the point of blackout, she was enjoying that Jimmy was right there, passed out cold, while she was telling me sexual things.
I was scared shit and confident the whole time, after all I remember Jimmy telling me the things he did when she was fucked up like this. Jennifer was completely whacked and she was fading away fast, I decided to make a move on Jennifer. I told her that I would help her to the bedroom and i put my arm around he to hold her up and we started to walk toward the bedroom. I turned on the lights and walked Jennifer toward the bed and she fell face first on her bed. she was fucked up and she was passed out, Jimmy was passed out on the recliner, I went next door to my house and got my GoPro Camcorder and went back in the bedroom with Jennifer. I started to record video of her as i started slowly undressing her and touching her body. I undressed Jennifer naked and I undressed naked and lay in bed next to her and began pleasuring myself with my neighbors wife. My hands and mouth were all over Jennifer while her husband was snoring in the next room. Groping and sucking her big tits, licking and fingering her pussy and her asshole. She was whacked out of her head drunk and drugged but her body reacted to being sexually stimulated. I was making her pussy wet. Im six inches hard and I positioned myself on top of her body without putting any weight on her, the tip of my hard dick was touching her wet pussy. And I pushed. I was fucking my next door neighbors wife, in their bed. And neither of them were ever going to know. I made several full penetration pumps inside her and pulled out and repositioned myself to rub my cock on her beautiful face and mouth. I pushed my hard cock past Jennifers lips and watched her cheek bulge. I took the camcorder in my hand and recorded her face with my hard cock pumping in her mouth and like a baby sucks its thumb, Jennifer began to suck my cock. I was talking dirty to her, calling her all kinds of filthy names, making humiliating comments about her, telling her that her husband is in the next room while shes sucking my cock on video. I ran my fingers thru her hair, caressed her cheek, while I was raping her mouth.
I positioned Jennifer with her head tilted back, her mouth slightly open, and my hard cock resting on her chin, pointing up her face. The camcorder is pointing at her face. I started to shoot cum across Jennifers face. Three full spurts of cum shooting up her face. I took tons of pictures of her face. I just fucked my neighbors wife and came on her face on video, and she is never going to know it. I wiped the cum in her mouth and began to clean her up. Time was on my side as i knew Jimmy wasnt waking up for hours and neither was his wife. Before leaving I decided to put my dick in Jennifers mouth one more time and it wasnt long before I started growing hard again and her instinct to suck me began once more. I had alot more lasting power in me this time and I allowed my neighbors wife to suck my cock for almost fifteen minutes before i rewarded her by cumming in her mouth and letting her swallow my load.
I have been doing this for years

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