A voeuristic sex romp becomes hard core swinging

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I am Neetu Garg, and it is an actual name. My husband Sanjay and i has been married for twenty years and have been okay with sex but never bold. this changed when we went to alibag for. a holiday and now we feel sexually liberated. just read on.

I am about forty in age and have a nice sexy body as i take care. i like wearing clothes that show my stuff. so it is slut shorts, tight pants, saree without petticoat etc. The idea is that i am comfortable wearing such clothes and sanjaya a darling does not mind. he is also well toned and we both work for MNCs. we went for a holiday to a loverly hotel in alibag on a tuesday to avoid crowds. The hotels have a big house with three rooms and we took one of the,. at four or so we went for a swim and i am bold to wear a two piece bikini. while we have two kids in hostel, we are still in love and swam and kissed in the pool as no one was there except some hotel staff who were not too interested. i guess young couples come and do more.

at five or so another couple moved in and while we were having our drinks in the shade, they asked if the6 could join us. they were Rahul and Kiran, who he called KIM. Kim had short hair and was tall and sexy. Rahul was also muscular and had an unshaven look. we sat together and talked away. as it neared eight or so, i realised i was still in my bikini and told sanjaya that i would change and come. they co tinted talking and i came back after a shower and wore on my tight short shorts and a short bikini top which just covered my breasts. somehow i think i wanted to catch Rahul’s attention. as we had a round of hard drinks this time and ordered our dinner which was the type that would energise one. chicken, fish, biryani etc topped with dessert, we got a bit high. Rahul then said upfront. look guys, you seem to be in love and so are we. i can tell you to try a kinky sex deed. as we enquirer he said, look we have the house to ourselves and there is this hall. you fuck each other and we see you fucking and we fuck. it is amazing how the fuck is when you do it in front of others who are fucking. i was sceptical but sanjaya liked the idea and drew me aside and said there was no harm as we were going to fuck hard anyway and we can do it in 5heir presence. besides we can learn from them. once we agreed, we did cheers i fucking and took some gin. rahul took our some cigarettes and offered us saying it was more than a fag. we took them. i smoke occasionally in parties and never at home. sanjay also does not at home.

we went back to our rooms and came out after half hour. rahul was in his undies and Kim in a short long black dress which showed her ass. they sat down and sipped a drink. sanjay came in boxers and i put on some thongs below my slut shorts and we sat down and smoked for a while. te fag got us comfortable. it was special.

sanjay started kissing me and we could see in front rahul necking Kim while she smiled at us. the6 must ave done this before. sanjay ran his hand on my boobs and pressed them. as we kissed and i went for his cock which was up, i noticed Kim was kneeling and sucking rahul’s cock. he had a zip on his underwear which she opened and was licking it as he ooohed in pleasure. his cock was big, much bigger than sanjaya and i i kept staring. sanjaya was kneading my tits and i noticed rahul winking at me. kim started sucking his cock and sanjay saw this and made me stand. he kept running his hand on my body and into my shorts and right into my cunt. i opened my legs and he whipped off my top. soon my bra was out and he made me face them while he ran his hand on m6 body with his fingers fucking my cunt. he took off his shorts and released his fingers and opened my thong spread my legs and pushed his cock inside. i gasped as he lifted me and started fucking me. meanwhile rahul got up and ripped kim’s dress and she was nude. she had no panty or bra and as he stood up she continued sucking his cock.

sanjay was now enthused and he took me across the sofa andy made me bend over and then continued fucking me from the back. rahul was now spanking kim on her ass and she was yelling in pain and pleasure. he started hitting her boobs and uttering oaths like fuck you bitch fuck you cunt. she was yelling, come on you motherfucker push your fucking cock harder you son of a bitch. i was overcome with an orgasm so powerful and my head feels with the wine, gin smoke and this exhibition.

suddenly i saw rahul stopped fucking kim and she led him towards me and as i was bent forward across the sofa, she came and kissed me on the lips. i never kissed a girl earlier and she kept kneading my boobs and kissing me saying, darling, how is it. Rahul pulled her aside and brought his dick in front of me and said, baby, you want this right,and so saying pushed his cock in my mouth. now sanjay continued fucking from back while rahul pushed from front. i could not protest as there was no time. it was so surreal as he pushed in my mouth. meanwhile kim got up the sofa and stood over me and as sanjay fucked, she told him, darling now lick my pussy too and enjoy it. the mirror in front showed that sanjaya was up to it and he did not ease fucking me as he licked kim’s pussy. meanwhile rahul held my hair tight and pushed like a bull in my mouth. the fucking went on and i was mesmerised. sanjaya was on the verge of coming and so was rahul. i was hoping rahul would wothdraw but he was an animal in charge and spurted fully in my closed mouth. cum dropped down and sanjaya loaded his stuff in my cunt. kim came down and told me, darling i want my husbands cum and started kissing me and sucked rahul’s cum from my mouth. i exchanged his cum into her mouth. sanjaya withdrew and went for another drink.

we were all excited and tired. before i knew what wa sharpening, sanjaya went to kim and started making love to her. he kissed her now and i could see his cock getting up. he made her lie on the sette and then went over her and put his cock in her cunt. he started fucking her. i was not sure if he knew what he was doing, maybe he thought kim was me. i went up to him and and he said, isn’t kim divine and a nice fuck. i took another blow from the cigarette and i saw rahul behind me with an erect cock. he took me in his arms and kissed me hard, he kept spanking my ass and in between finger fucked me. i was i a a tizzy and he whispered, i will give you a real fuck. i was excited as he lifted me and kissed my tits. he bit my nipples as i yelled. he made me kiss his cock which i did. meanwhile sanjaya now had his cock in kim’s mouth. i was looking that side, and rahul asked me to look towards him and he took me aside. from a box he took out some clips and chains. he tied my hands behind. i wa sacred now. he put one clip on my nipple and it hurt. then on the other. he took out another one and took it nea4 m6 cunt, i was scared and started crying, meanwhile sanjaya kept shouting, fuck her hard bro. spank her and treat her like a whore. rahul now took me to the door and opened the veranda door. it was cool outside and he made me bend. he took a band and whacked my ass, how is it you bitch he said and kept hitting me. i was crying now and he turned me around and squeezed the clips, next he asked me to bend and pushed his cock in my mouth. suck, you cute he said. i obeyed. after five minutes or so he took me inside and spread me out. he pushed his cock inside and asked sanjaya to mouth fuck me. he hammedered my cunt and filled it with cum. it looked a good twenty ml and then withdrew. he took out the clips and kissed me gently and then the chains. we lay down exhausted. sanjaya took kim and fucked her again in her pussy.

i think we passed off as i remember to be the first one to get up in the morning and saw all nude bodies. as i moved towards our room, rahul came behind and said, one more time please. we went out our bed and he fucked me again like mad and flushed into my cunt.
sanjaya and kim were still sleeping when we bathed together and came out. we went for a walk and came back for breakfast. sanjaya and kim smiled and we ate and left afterwards.
we have not kept in touch but i remember this most erotic experience and will advice you to do it if you can. it is great.

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