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Hello all. I am Revant 22 yrs average built boy. I have fair skin and quite good looking with good 7 inch cock. I’m a pornoholic. I watch porn nonstop especially the incest category. I love how they show brothers and sisters fucking. Unfortunately i don’t have a sister and I’m not sexually attracted to my mom. So i thought my fantasy of incest wouldn’t be fulfilled. Until my uncle’s (mother’s younger brother) marriage.

My aunt, Kavitha was sexy as fuck. She had nice big 34B cup tits. An incident between us happened right after the day of reception. My uncle asked me to go and ask my aunt if she wanted a new tooth brush. So i went and opened the door without knocking. My aunt was right beside the door so as i opened it quickly she slipped back but i caught her before she dropped to the floor. She was not wearing her pallu, so her waist and chest was very visible. Her blouse was very tight and hands were back so her boobs were stretched forward. The hooks in front broke and i saw her nipples and major part of her breasts. Her leg was touching my crotch and I’m sure she felt my boner. This all happened very quick like within 10 secs but i still remember every bit of it. I went straight into bathroom and fapped.

Since then not many incidents have happened. Her 1st child was born after an year. Then 3 months after my uncle got temporary transfer to another city in a different state and since then she’s been living with my grandmother(her mother in law). I hug her every time we meet. And i hug her very closely as well, she too doesn’t mind. My mom used to say jokely “Wow you never do hugs, I’m surprised!” Then my uncle’s transfer got extended and it has been around 9 months since he came back. And it was summer holidays for me so i visited my grandma. As usual i crushed my aunts body with a bear hug. As she had an 1 1/2 year old baby, i guess she wasn’t wearing a bra cuz i felt her nipples poke my chest. We chatted about my college, studies, and i played with the baby.

My grandma’s house is not that big it has 2 bedrooms but one is full of storages. My granddad expired a few years ago. So i sleep in the bedroom along with my grandma whenever i visit. My aunt sleeps in the living room along with the baby. That night i woke up in middle of the night, i wanted to get some water but what i found changed my mind. My aunt was fingering herself. While doing so she was playing with her boobs. I got an instant boner and i unzipped and fapped there itself. She climaxed after 5 mins and so did i. I shot straight onto her face. As soon as i did i jumped onto my bed and acted asleep. The door was open so i could see her. As soon as she took it on her fingers she knew it was cum and i was the only guy. I thought she’d bust me to my mom and was so scared but then she slowly licked her fingers clean. That got me another boner but i decided i save it for when i will fuck her and i definitely will do it.

The next few days so many things happened. She would bend intentionally in front of me showing her boobs. Before she used to put her hand on her neckline to prevent falling but now she never did it in front of me. Whenever there were situations of touching me she used it fully. And soon my golden opportunity arrived. My older uncle (mom’s elder brother) came home to take my grandma to a hospital for a knee cap check up. And the hospital is faraway so she’d stay with him for atleast 2 days. I had my aunt all to myself for 2 days! As soon as my grandma left in the evening, it started getting rainy and cold. We had dinner and soon my aunt changed into something I’ve never expected someone from my family would wear. It was a robe like coat that came upto thigh level and the neckline was very low it revealed large part of her cleavage. I was still eating and i choked on the food as soon as i saw her like that.

Took me sometime to get adjusted and she said ‘Don’t mind it’s cold outside and i have to feed the baby so the dressing’ I said ‘Of course not, it’s just you’re too beautiful for me’. She giggled and i quickly went to bedroom to hide my boner. I didn’t feel much cold so i stripped down only to my underwear as i was alone in the bedroom. Soon it started to thunder and my aunt came in suddenly. I quickly covered myself with a blanket and she said to sleep with her as she’s getting scared of the sounds. And she also said she don’t mind if i came as i was. So i went and slept right beside her only in my underwear but i had a blanket upto my waist. Both of us tried to sleep but we couldn’t. We talked normally for some time and soon she was asking me about my friends, girlfriends etc etc. Then we tried sleeping again. Some 45 mins passed and the time was 12.00. She was so close i could feel her warm breath on my face.

We both wanted the same thing. We could feel it in the air but we were afraid to make a move. My aunt made the first move, she put her leg on me and acted asleep. After 5 mins, i turned to her side and placed my hand on her waist. I waited for resistance but there was no resistance. She started rubbing my leg and the blanket was coming off. Slowly i untied the knot of her coat and moved the sides aside revealing her midriff and her panties. She started rubbing my leg more furiously. I saw those perfect tits which enlarged to a 34D cup due to pregnancy and her stiff nipples. I kissed her neck slowly and she let a breath out. I turned her face towards mine and placed my lips on hers. She sucked my lips deep and put whole leg on my dick and started rubbing it. We kissed for 10 minutes. All the time i was playing with her boobs and her sensitive nipples. Then i creeped slowly over her waist into her panties. I rubbed her vagina furiously. By then we both we all sweaty so we decided to go into bedroom where there is AC. The baby was peacefully asleep so we let him be and went inside. As soon as we did i removed her coat and she removed my underwear and i pushed her onto bed and climbed on her.

I sat on her waist and played with her boobs. I shook those up and down and sucked on her nipples. They got stimulated and milk was coming out. I drank it and by then my hard rock was poking her boobs so i put it between her boobs. All the milk and saliva made it wet and easy to titty fuck her. I stuck my fingers inside her pussy as she was giving me a boob job. We both were moaning like hell and soon we both came a lot. I shot my sperm right on her boobs and face. Her chin,lips, left cheek and some hair was totally covered in my thick white cum. I never came that much in life. I said ‘Sorry mami, that tit job was so perfect i couldn’t control it, I’ll get it cleaned just a minute’ she stopped me and took all the cum off her face and licked it clean. She went to bathroom to wash her face, i kept the door open enjoying her figure. Just watching her back structure got my dick stand up in an attention position. She bent over to clean face properly, i count stand it anymore, i went straight up and put my dick in her pussy hole. She didn’t resist just was a bit surprised, ‘Revanth betaa!’ she said. ‘sorry, Too sexy to control mami’ i said and started fucking her. She held the wall from both sides trying to balance while i was ploughing her hole deep. I caught her by boobs and pulled her back and kissed her neck. I fucked her for 15 mins in that position until she said her legs were paining.

I turned her around, sucked her tongue out and lifted her and kissed her neck amd boobs again. I got onto the bed and she got on top of me. She put my dick on her opening and slid down slowly. I was already in heaven and she moved her hips slowly. Then she let me take control and i pounded her like hell. She was screaming and shouting over my speed. Afraid the baby might wake up i put her lips on mine to prevent noise. Then she turned around and rode me reverse. With each downward movement of her hips, her ass moved a lot. Her asshole was wide open to me, i just couldn’t stop myself, i said ‘sorry for this mami, please don’t make noise and stuck my thumb right in her ass. To my surprise she moaned softly so i didnt pull it out. Then i fucked her in missionary position until i was close to cumming. I told her that and she said ‘do it inside, i cant get pregnant anymore, I’ve got the terminal operation done. Fill me up with your seed. Pump me baby’ and that was it, i came straight into her womb. I fell right between her boobs with my dick still in her pussy. We kissed again and slept in that position only.

The next morning i woke up very late and was greeted by a blowjob from my mami. She said ‘Good morning your morning wood was up so i decided to take care of it’. I groaned ‘That’s it mami, please don’t stop’ and put my hand on her head. 10 mins later her mouth was full of my cum. She swallowed it alla nd said ‘by the way, mom in law called. Seems she won’t be back for another 4 days, so I’m all yours baby’. We’ve had steamy sessions non stop. I even fucked her once when she was breastfeeding, which lead to even more milk. It was the best 1 week of my life.

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