A Night of Lust Part-I

A Night of Lust part 1

Hi everyone! I have been reading sex4stories and other sites for stories from a long time back and really love to read the stories. I have started to write but am not sure whether I would post it or not, if you are reading this than you can be sure that my urge of sharing my sexual experience with you has defeated my reluctantnes.

About me, my name is Rajib, age 29 and I am from Guwahati (Assam) and a bachelor. My physical attributes won’t allow me to boast highly about myself none the less I can be considered on the average side with my dick size of 6.6 to 6.8 inch (I tried to measure, but always gave different results, LOL, so it can be either of the two). I am 5.8 ft tall with a semi-dark complexion. I had never been to gym but somehow I can say my body structure is on the fitter side as I keep playing all kinds of sports, cricket and Lawn Tennis being my favorite. Presently I am working in a reputed MNC and the story is about 2 yrs back with a completely stranger, her name is ‘Priyanka’ (name changed), she was older to me by about 3 years and was a married bong. Her physical features were very eye catchy, she was about 5.6 ft tall with a slightly wheatish complexion which makes her more attractive. Her size would be 34”-28”-36”, with her hairs hanging till just above her waist. The most beautiful part was her eyes which were very seductive which would make many guys lust after her.

Coming to the incident, it happened that there was a meeting of all the company person together with all business associates and partners along with their family in a Five Star plus destination in New Delhi. The program was for 2 days and the stay was for 2 nights and 3 days. As me and my team reached there and was in the process of checking into the hotel, I was waiting in the lounge for my turn, suddenly my eyes caught at the marvelous creature of God ‘Priyanka’, she possibly was with her husband who was also waiting in the lounge for their turn. My eyes got stuck as she was wearing a black skiny jeans which ran down till her ankle and a white Polo-T shirt which allowed her curvy shape to be a feast for the targeted viewers. She was sitting with her legs crossed one above the other and I had a side view of her, thus I could see the lower part of the juicy thighs and an extended view of her side ass shape where her panty line could be understood, ohhh, observing all of these believe me I got an instant hard on, for me an women thigh and ass makes me go crazy. As my eyes were on constant examination of her body she suddenly noticed that I was observing her and saw into my eyes with a curious look which signified the question “What are you looking at, pervert?” and I was really ashamed as I was a company person and she was the wife of a business associate from region North, I looked down and just left the place. I checked into the hotel, as it was nearly noon so had lunch and kept busy with my presentations preparations, the meeting was about to start by 3pm. Even though I was busy but her face, her body and everything about her was creating a strong lust inside me.

The meetings went on from 3 pm to 7 pm and the bar and the gala dinner was supposed to be open at 7.30 pm, thus I went to my room changed to a denim jeans and a casual T-shirt. I took my glass of Jack Daniel and sat on a chair with a strong urge to see her again but I had no intentions to go any further as it would be too risky. The lights were bit low and the DJ was playing the “Waiting For To-Night” by Jenifer, in short the environment was awesome. I was also enjoying it, suddenly my boss and an another guy came and sat on the couch beside me they too were drinking and introduced to the other guy who was an associate of the company, I spoke to him for some time and then suddenly a lady came and spoke to his ear, I could not see her face as the light was low, the person than introduced me to her as his wife and just I got up to shake my hand, I saw her face and butterfly ran into my stomach, it was ‘she’. So many thoughts ran into my mind, first thought-‘wow! Am I that lucky as things like that happens in movies only.” second thought- “Is my reputation at risk before everyone and I would get a tag of a pervert?” Sometimes its amazing to think how our brain can do so much of thinking and assumptions in fraction of a second. While all this thought process was going through my brain, I had been holding her hand and gazing into her face. Just then she uttered “Excuse Me! Aur Kitna dekhenge”! Shit! I was caught again. It was just then I realized that the saying “Men will always be Men!” is absolutely true. With that phrase by her everyone around just broke into laughter and her Husband ‘Sekhar’ said “I know my wiffey is beautiful”, Priyanka also gave me a witty smile. We just started chit-chat with each other, I didn’t spoke much to Priyanka and I was still curious of her feelings from the morning. It is than the DJ played in a speedy track and everyone jumped on the floor but I was enjoying my whiskey and Priyanka was sitting opposite to me with a glass of vodka in her hand. She was looking a sex bom in a white top and a white long Skirt. Whiskey was doing a spell on me I looked straight into the eyes of Priyanka and kept sipping my wisky, she also mischievously looked into my eyes, I mean, wow! We were enjoying an eye sport, suddenly I raised an eyebrow on which she suddenly bursted into laughter and I joined in her laugh. Thus our ice-breaking happened in that way. I got up with my glass went to her side and said “can I sit?” She replied mischievously “if I say No, won’t you sit?”…I just smiled and sat beside her. I looked at her and said “I am sorry for the incident” on which she replied “no one should be sorry for a beautiful incident”. With the stroke of that my calculative brain announced “My night is on!”

I introduced about myself to her and she said she is from Kolkata but staying in Delhi with her husband. I am too a ‘Bong’ but we talked in Hindi and English only. Whiskey and Voda are doing things for us, I said that she looked sexy in her black jeans and T-shirt in morning, she thanked me on that. After some more chatting she asked “don’t you dance?” and I flirtingly replied “I am not a good dancer and actually waiting for someone who could teach me” saying that I looked straight into her eyes as if waiting for a reply…she smiled and said “Are you hitting on me?” …I said “who can resist from hitting a lady like you” on which she punched me on my shoulder and my whiskey glass got spilled on over my jeans, on a stimulus reaction she my rubbed my jeans to clean the whiskey and while doing so she accidently pressed my dick and immediately removed her hand, she looked into my eyes and said “sorry!” on which I gave a flirty smile. She said “Are you always like that?”…I enquired “like what?”…she pointed at my dick…I laughed and said “ No! Unless, someone like you is around”….now with the flow of the conversation, environment, and incidents our acts became bolder. She said while flirting with glass with her long fingers, “Does it(my dick) remain inside or sometimes likes to open up?” on which I replied “Yes! But it needs a perfect opening to enter!”…She looked at me for few seconds than suddenly slid towards me as there was a gap of a foot between us, my right hand was on the couch as she slid in she sat on my right palm, it was weird move but I loved it, she kept her hand on my thigh and asked in a sensuous tone “you love my ass?”….on which I asked “how do you know?’…she said “I understood from your look in the morning”…Than she rubbed her ass on my hand and I could feel her ass crack on my palm…ohhh that’s a wonderful feeling which stiffed my dick and was pricking inside my shorts just then I rubbed my fingers and palm on her ass,…she was kind of enjoying my touch and was getting horny …I could not feel her skin because she was wearing a long skirt but still I could tease her ass crack with my fingers, she was moving her ass to and fro and I placed my ring finger between her ass cheek and the friction was making her crazy….suddenly I saw “sekhar” coming towards us, I said “Your husband is coming”…she immediately moved a bit from me. When Sekhar came he patted my back and said “flirting with my wife” on which I didn’t know what to say…just said “Obviously”, and then with a pause “No!” and everyone laughed again. Shekar was bit drunk so Priyanka said “Don’t you think you are bit drunk” on which Sheker said “Shut Up U Bitch!”…I was shocked at the reply because to me Sekher appeared to be a decent guy. After saying so Sheker again left from there mumerring something which I didn’t here. I stood there gazing at Priyanka having a question on my eyes as what happened…Priyanaka could read it and said it’s daily routine as Sekhar is an alcoholic, before I could say anything she said that she wanted a drink, so I stood up to bring a glass of vodka, but she stopped me by saying that she wanted to be alone with me at some other place. I enquired “ What will your Sekhar think” and she said “He would be busy with other girls, I know him”…She again asked “Can we go to your room?”…I said sure…so I gave her my room number and left and after some time she arrived at my room.

She entered my room she sat on the couch, she looked bit upset so I tried to cheer up by cracking a joke …I said “Which one is better?” she looked bit confused and asked “Which one means?” I said “the couch or my palm?”…on which she laughed and replied “ur palm was not bad but I would be comfortable on something bit tall”…I immediately replied “Do you need an iron rod?”….and there was a spontaneous laughter in the room. By now both of Priyanka and me were sure that we were going to have sex to-night but I was bit worried because I was not having a condom as I didn’t anticipate such an incident. So, I thought a lot and called up the room service guy, Priyanka was afraid of it but I ensured I shall manage. So when the room service guy came in I ordered two bottles of Black & White whiskey (preferred by Priyanka) and gave him a thousand rupee tip and 500 bucks to bring a packet of condom. He happily ran and brought me within three minutes…I was surprised and said “so quick?” he replied in perfect English “We are ready for everything, fast and prompt”…I thought service industry is really giving service in India.

I poured whiskey in our glasses and started to drink, after a peg she said “You know Rajib, I am not a slut and would go out with anyone but I don’t know I got attracted by the way you talk and present yourself and you are polite and obviously I want my husband to be like you”……to be very frank I had few girlfriends but no one gave me such a complement and after hearing that comment something happened and I leaned forward and kissed her…..I was holding my whiskey on my right hand and she on her right…she was on the couch and I was on the tool by the side…I sucked her lower lips the taste of her strawberry lipstick was making me crazy…I sucked it hard she was equally responding and sucked me back, she bit my upper lips and we broke our kiss…we looked at each other and kept our glasses aside…she came forward and sat on my lap keeping her legs on both side of my hips and we started kissing passionately. She forced her tongue into my mouth and I sucked her tongue slowly and the sound of sucking like ‘sluppp…sluppp…sluppp’ was echoing into the room. My both hands reached her ass mounds and I pressed her mounds slowly and pushed her towards me and her pussy was getting pressed against my dick, she clutched my hairs and kept kissing me…she was getting horny and licked my cheek, my chin, my eyes and all over my face….i was kind of liking it…she was behaving like an hungry vixen….while kissing she was mummering “I love you rajib…love me…I am totally yours…do everything to me….mujhe payaar karo”……I started to kiss her neck bones and slowly to the back of her neck and towards her ear lobes and kissed them passionately and said “I shall fuck you to-night”…hearing these words she lost her patience and went crazy…as I was sitting on a tool she threw me to the floor and jumped on to me…..she sat on my dick over my jeans and kept her hand on her head and started rubbing her pussy over my dick, sounds of moaning ‘hmmmmmmmm’ came out from her mouth. I said her I want see her naked in the same as she was sitting in the morning. She said for that I had to fulfill her one wish…I asked “what wish?” she replied… “I had a long term dream that some would take off my cloths with his teeth”…I thought in my mind for a second and than just took her up in my lap and stood up. I made her stand on the floor and said “Just follow my order!” I don’t know what’s went into my mind I just took out the belt from my jeans and somehow tied her wrist together, then I took her to the side towards the wall and hooked the other end of the belt to a hook that was in the wall. She asked me, “what are you doing?” …I replied, “ Just Shut-up”…I guess horniness was taking over me. When I hooked her, the hands were in the upward direction and her white top went tight to her body due to the stretch. I just stared her body with full lust, her 34 sized boobs just took the shape of melons. I went towards her and kissed her right nipple over the top…she just gave out a sound … ‘aahhhhhhhhh’ then I licked her entire boobs from bottom towards top crossing her nipples in between. As she could not move her hands she pushed her breast towards me…I than bit the lower end of the top and pulled it up to open…while doing so my chin and cheeks touched her bare stomach and she released a sound “oohhh maaaa”…. She was panting, her breath was heavy…she forced her body towards me…suddenly I realized I cant open the top in this way…so I tried to tear it with my teeth, all this time I was not using my hand…I kept it back. My head was inside her top, I licked her bare navel and kissed her stomach…she was saying, “Plz fuck me…plz fuck me…I cant hold it….plzz plzzz….ooohhhhh…plz…”. I too could not hold it…I just used my hand and tore her ‘top’ from top to bottom into two halves. There she was standing in her pink bra which could barely hold her big sized melons. Her eyes were staring at me with full of lust…I went forward and kissed her, we were kissing passionately and the feeling that she was not able to use her hand was making me more horny and I kissed her long tongue with passion like I was licking a an Ice cream bar….sounds like “mmmmmmm…ahhhh…mmmmmm’ were echoing in the room. She bit my lower lips…we became so engrossed that we started to exchange saliva…her tongue was full of saliva and I was sucking it like a little honey left in the honey jar. She with her hands tied was just using her lower half and pushed herself on me and to tease her I went back when ever she pushed and she like a vixen makes sound “aahhhhhaaaa….aaahhhhaaaa”. I didn’t waste any more time, in a flash I pulled down her bra and saw her lovely firm melons in front of me. I held both the melons with my hands and started pressing it slowly with every press she made sounds like “hmmmmm…aaahhhhhh….sometimes uuuffffff….mmmm…press it press it hard…hard more harrrdddd”….i went on kissing the nipples one by one using my tongue to circle around the nipple….she was panting and kept on pleading to fuck her…..she let her saliva out of her mouth which ran down to her bosom and I licked it…then I again kissed her and forced the saliva into her mouth. As her armpits were hairless, I could not resist, I just licked it till her arm. Then I pulled down her skirt and she was wearing pink thong….believe me it was a treat to watch thong lines above till her hips, her pussy area just covered with the thong and her ass mounds proudly announcing, I am the best.

I just kneeled down and made stretch her legs, I looked at her eyes from below and she gave me a teasing smile. I kissed her pussy over her panty than I held her two ass mounds and pushed her towards me and kept kissing her panty. Her panty was almost drenched with her juices, the smell of her juices made my dick rock hard and was paining against my jeans. I slowly pulled her panty down and saw the pink colored pussy and juices driping out of it. I ran my tongue through the entire pussy lips from bottom to top and doing so licked all the her juices, its tangy taste made me go crazy…I kept on sucking her pussy…I poured my tongue into her pussy hole and she pushed her pussy towards me…infact she kept on pushing her waist to and fro to get tongued fucked by me…she than pleaded to open her hands she said that for twice or thrice and I did so. Just when I opened her hands, she slapped on my cheek and pushed me on floor. She tour my shirt and said “ I want you…I want you Rajib, I want you on all my body”….she was a vixen till now but now she became a hungry and horny vixen. She kissed me all over my body, she gave me a bite on my nipples. Then she opened my jeans and kissed on my dick over my underwear… she kept on kissing on my dick…I felt awesome…I moaned out “awwwwwww”. She than slowly took out my dick…she said with an exciting sound …wow! Its bigger than ‘Shekher’s’. I smiled, she than slowly circled her tongue around the tip of my dick…the mere touch of her tongue made my dick more hard, it was almost paining…she than opened her lips and took my dick inside her mouth. Trust me guys it was one of my best moments…the hot tempting lips rolled around my dick…the warm temperature inside her mouth and the touch of her tongue….made me feel haven. She then moved her head up and down and my dick was touching her throat…she was almost gaging…saliva was all over my dick…she was an expert in blowjob… I can bet on it….she was pulling my dick towards her and was releasing all of a sudden…she than started to lick my balls, she took each at a time and sucked it….i was feeling like cuming out, she again took my dick in her mouth and started to give me a fast blowjob…I said “I am about to cum”…she replied “Ooooo….is it…let me taste it and see how it different from shekar”… She was sucking me vigorously…..i sounded “uffffffff..hmmmmmm…” and finally “aaahhhhhhaaaaaaa”….my tension released and sprayed out my cum into her mouth…she sucked it more to take up the last drops. Then she showed me my cum in her mouth and swallowed it…”It tastes tangier…I loved it”..she said.
She slept over my body and said, “can I say something?” …I nodded, she said, “I felt like you are worshiping my body, I never felt so my body being loved in this way”…I smiled and said, “will you allow me to kiss your ass madame” …she laughed and said “ you love my ass!”… I said “I worship it” and winked. She kept me down and came over my face…she kept her pussy just over my mouth without touching it, she just pressed it bit low and I hold her ass and kept licking her pussy, her juices kept droping on my face….she was moaning aaahhhhhh……mmmmm…… I licked her from her ass hole till her pussy and did that several times. At the very next moment she came down and started sucking my dick vigorously, she kept on spitting her saliva on it to make it smooth. She said “I cant take it any more, I just want it inside me”. The night was not over yet, there was lot things that took place, which I shall post later, mean while let me know about your feelings of the incident and if I am ‘ok kind’ to post the later part of the incident. Plz mail me at [email protected] would be waiting for everyone’s feedback.

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