A hockey fan fucks the whole team

A hockey fan fucks the whole team

It didn’t matter which team it was and it didn’t matter who was favored to win. I was always ready for the party; whether it fell before or after the game didn’t matter to me. I wanted to get my holes stuffed with hockey players and I was just the kind of slut that men couldn’t say no to. I had long, dark hair and a sweet, innocent face that didn’t match my deep love for sex and all of its accouterments.


I grew up in Canada, where hockey was glorified above all things. Hockey was the talk of the town in the small town I grew up in just outside of Calgary. Of course, Canadian hockey had been my first love and I had shagged my fair share of Canadian hockey players when I got my first job traveling to the United States as a tour director for Canadian country music artists. Suddenly I found myself in unfamiliar territory, catching American hockey matches whenever I could.

I was only twenty-five and I knew I was hot enough to get into the locker room if I just played my cards right. I knew that I would have to get there plenty early to get backstage access and so I dressed up in the sluttiest outfit that I could find, which was a jersey with no bra on underneath. I was in Florida for a stop on the tour for Golden Lynx, a pretty big alternative rock band containing three Canadian members and one American From Chicago.

“What are you doing later tonight, Bethany?” Liam Sharper, the band’s bassist asked me.

“I’m trying to get hockey tickets…” I trailed off as I looked over my tablet’s internet search to find two tickets for sale. Though it was a two-hour drive from the location of our hotel I decided to go for it. We weren’t destined to leave until the following day for the next point on the tour and so I had time to kill anyhow.

“I’m actually a huge hockey fan,” Liam confessed.

“I just found tickets for the game tonight? Want to buy one and go together?”

“No can do. I have a couple of girls waiting for me with their legs open in my trailer. They say they are eighteen but I’m thinking maybe I should start to check IDs, just to be on the safe side.

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“I think that’s a wise idea,” I agreed. I clicked through the checkout process for one ticket on my tablet and giggled a bit as I imagined Liam taking on a few different pussies at the same time. It was an unspoken rule that rock stars were supposed to fuck everything in sight, and Liam didn’t disappoint. He really did take being a rock star quite seriously and he fucked so many women that I wondered if he would ever get around to trying to fuck me. I guess since I was an employee that was off the table. It was okay with me. I’d never been too into rock stars. I knew what I liked.

I got in the car and made the two-hour journey to a large hockey arena that looked like it doubled for use in other events. I paid the fee for valet and made my way to the entrances that were reserved for staff. I had done this plenty of times before. I was a hockey groupie and I knew it, I just didn’t care. I wanted to be underneath a pile of hockey players, preferably with them slamming their dicks in every one of my delicate, little holes.

Thoughts of cumming sped me closer to the gates, until I was face-to-face with the security guard who was supposed to keep people like me out of the backstage area. I didn’t even have a ticket for the event, not did I have the VIP pass I probably needed to enter at this point.

“Can I see your VIP pass please?”

“Oh, my pass? I think I left it back inside. I only left for a moment. I’m sure my friends can vouch for me if we can find them.”

“No, you haven’t been in here yet. I know everyone that has a pass. I’ve checked everyone in myself and you haven’t been in there yet. Why are you lying to me?” The bouncer wasn’t buying my bullshit and so I decided I had better come clean.

“Okay, the truth is, I came here to fuck every guy in the VIP section of today’s match. I then will fuck every single one of the home team players in the locker room afterward. I’ve already been compensated. I just need to know where I’m supposed to go. I was told to be low key when I entered and I was trying my best but now you’ve made it so I have to tell you what’s going on,” I rattled off.

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“What is that exactly?” he asked and I could tell I had him hooked.

“I want to give everyone blowjobs and let them all fuck my pussy. I’ll even do you.”

“Come on in, princess,” the guy unhooked the rope to allow me through. I sauntered through and turned to grab his cock through his pants.

“Should I suck you off right here or is there somewhere we could go?” I asked him.

“Right here,” he showed me where to stand like he had done this before. I wondered how many women he had duped into sucking him off like this as I opened my mouth and let his clammy cock enter. I did my best to suck him sensually, so he would get nice and hard. I sucked him to the brink of orgasm a few times and then let myself go, taking his cock deeper down my throat with each thrust of his cock.

I knew what I was doing as I took him to the edge of the world and let him dangle, not letting him cum until I was good and ready for him to. I knew what I wanted. I wanted into that match and I wanted to fuck every single one of those Florida players until they were all completely drained of every last ounce of sperm inside of them.

I sucked the security guard until I knew that he was so close to cumming that all I had to do was one nasty thing that would set him over the edge. I chose that moment to look up at him, my pussy wet and horny, but not for him. I was doing this for all of the hockey players that I was going to get if he let me inside. I tasted the sweet victory in his cum as it spewed into my mouth. He let out a moan that would have betrayed him if anyone had been watching.

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There was still a line of people but I was hidden behind a curtain as he pumped his sperm down my throat. I felt used as I got up from my crouched position in front of his dick and begged him with my eyes to let me in. I needed this. I needed to get my hockey guys inside of me. I willed it to be so and sure enough, the security guard sent me through, giving me a VIP lanyard that made me look legitimate.

“Thank you,” I said gratefully.

“Just go suck the guys like you just did to me and they won’t have any problem with me sending you in.”

“That’s the plan,” I agreed and made my way through the winding ropes through a courtyard covered by a giant easy-up outdoor covering that made shade out of the large yard where food sat out on a table to be consumed in a potluck format. I went to the table and fixed myself a plate of food and then I sat in a nearby chair and ate it, wondered where the band was. I wasn’t one to pass up free food, especially since I never knew where my next meal was coming from.

I was dressed to kill that night, like a slut with a low cut top and a short skirt. I hadn’t bothered with panties or underwear and I wasn’t carrying any condoms with me. I wanted to be barebacked by the entire hockey team. That’s how little (or how great) I thought of myself. I knew that if I could just get in the same room with the hockey team that they would all want to fuck me. I would get everything I desired and that was what I was banking on.

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