42 – part1

The moon shone through the window, an abrupt triangular window, huge and gave way to endless moonlight, which drowned everything it touched. The floor, the bed, the small armchair in the corner. Everything was dowsed in glorious moonlight. My skin prickled in the sheer volume of moonlight that touched his skin. I lay beside him and even though the room was warm, I shivered.

I hadn’t managed to meet his gaze yet, as I was humming with excitement. He waited patiently for a sign of approval from me, as if he needed visible permission to do what he ached to do. And it was clear he ached, really and truly ached, to touch me.

One of his hands, strong and almost intimidating, gently ran its fingers along the outer curve of my thigh, clad in leggings, as I hadn’t even managed to bring myself to undress. My fear of humiliating myself was too much, and not a drop of alcohol had passed my lips.
As if he had read my mind, his hand moved ever so gently to my chin and held it there, as I hadn’t noticed how much I had been shaking beside him. He bent ever so close to my mouth and gentled planted the most breath-taking kiss on my lips. He hovered over me and I felt all the fear and anxiety leave my body.

His lips were warm against mine and he gently persuaded my mouth to open and his tongue touched mine. As it did, sparks of electricity shot through my body continuously, like tiny orgasms over and over. He seemed to have read all my body signals as his hand moved from my face, down my arm and began to tug at my bra straps, slowly peeling them off my shoulders as he kissed my pain away. Every gasp that left my body seemed to electrify his. He moved directly over me, his hands becoming more desperate, fumbling with straps and pulling my top and bra down to my waist. Without even breaking away from my mouth, he let his hands make their way back up my body , avoiding my chest, even though my breasts were there, my nipples standing erect and the metal through them shining in the moonlight.

I began to shake again, consciousness came over me. My anxiety bleeding into my thoughts. He pulled away from my mouth to look at my chest, heaving there audibly. I quickly covered them with my arms, to save my embarrassment. He tutted gently and smiled at me, then whilst he gazed intently into my eyes, he leaned forward to kiss me again, but expertly ducked to my neck and kissed me hard against my hot skin. I gasped again and as I did, it became apparent he was just as excited as I was as he pushed against me. I felt the pressure of him through his jeans. His mouth moved south, kissing me hard, then softly over my collar bone. He kissed down the centre of my chest and then moving my hands above my head, slowly ran his tongue over one of my nipples, making a soft moan leave me uncontrollably. He held my body still at the waist as I moved beneath lips with pleasure. He sucked gently, putting my metal between his teeth. He kept this movement up for a few minutes before I had realised he had unbuttoned himself and pulled my top completely down and off, sliding his thumbs into the waist band of my leggings and edging them down over my hips. He glanced up at me through his glasses and smiled. Without saying a word he leant back and admired my now wet, swollen nipples.

His obviously hard cock was pushing at his jeans, willing itself out with us. Once again he kissed me hard, like he was reminding me it was okay. My body trembled gratefully to him, as he pulled off his own shirt and then went back to concentrating on kissing me from my feet and up my legs, swapping between them occasionally, slowly, sensually, like he was putting on a show.
I was now just in a thong, and nothing else, shaking with a knowing that frightened me.

I watched him throb through his jeans, as I looked at his body. I felt weak as he moved over me with ease, and eventually his mouth got to my hips. With one arm supporting himself, and the other kneading his cock through the fabric. In one slick movement, he pushed my knees apart. I gasped as the realisation set in.

He let out a low groan as one of his fingers ran along my dripping slit. All the kissing had got my unimaginably wet. His finger teased me and once drenched in my juices, slid of the soft fold of my clit slowly, immediately getting a physical reaction. I moaned and gripped his supporting arm. He was toned and fit, which turned me on even more. He dipped his middle finger inside me, sliding in and moaning again, like it was him dripping wet, like it was his hips bucking to meet those divine fingers. Suddenly he ripped my thong off, snapping the lace in two beneath his hands and stood up to yank down his jeans. My eyes widened at what sprung out. His cock stood at attention, and he seemed pretty proud of it. It pulsed beneath his hand, which he looked at as it did. I groaned and the entire hard, swollen length twitched, to which I smiled a little. He gripped it hard, and lowered himself to me. I braced for the feeling of him pushing his way into my tight, unused cunt. But I was mistaken.

He let out a low breathy laugh, deep in his chest as he lowered to his stomach, my glistening wet clit inches from his mouth. He slid his hands under my arse cheeks to pull my hips up towards his face. He licked his lips as he stared at it for a second, taking his time. I felt a pulse and an ache deep within my pussy. This was a man who had been silently thinking about this moment for weeks. He waited for a few moments, before he bend his head and let his tongue hungrily run from the base of my cunt, all the way up and circle my clit unapologetically. I was in ecstasy. I couldn’t stop moaning. He kissed and sucked my clit, every so often running his tongue deep into my cunt, down to my arse then back up to my clit again. My body shook harder as I felt myself edging towards my climax…

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