Wonderful wife

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Me and the wife Vicki have always had sexual fantacys but never acted on them untill last year

On holiday Having spent a few hours sat at a bar with the sun on our backs .the waiter was a freindly young lad .the bar became really busy but he still made plenty of time to chat with us

He was pouring compliments constantly telling vicki how sexy she looked ,over a few drinks she had relaxed and was enjoying the attention .she headed to the ladies as i was watching the football ,on her return she was kind of flustered, when she eventually told me the waiter had followed her into the ladies and propositioned her ,confessing she wasnt sure what happend but she had just fucked another man WOW i nearly fell of my chair ,not sure if i was angry or excited ,guess my hard on told me which one it was ,vicki kissed me cockly as she wispered in my ear i thought you would enjoy that i did ,telling me a couple of lasses sat looking over our way had walked in on them as they came out of the cubical. that just added to her thrill as she was still in a state of undress at that point and was trying to tidy herself up and get her top back on continuing to explain she was ousing with his spunk and it made her feel so turned on by it ,at this point the waiter appeared with another round as if nothing had happened between them , when vicki thanked him.

I noticed the 2 lasses laugthing we each other no geussing at what , over that next drink she was constantly asking if i wanted to fuck her still full of spunk ,she knew i did by my rock hard cock i had in my shorts ,i ended up so desperate walking back to our hotel we ended up fucking down an ally like 2 kids and she let me clean her cunt out with my tounge what a thrill

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