Wife gets even and makes husband watch

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Ted Franklin was a guy who had it all. In high school he was popular with the girls. He was taller than anyone else in his class. He had a dark complexion and raven colored hair. His eyes were as dark as coal. He had a perfect smile with dazzling white teeth. His hair had just enough curl in it so that could be worn in a casual, tossed look. He looked just as good after an hour in the wind as he did when he showed up for school.

Throughout high school he had dated Becky Thatcher. Becky could have easily been a spoiled brat. He father had inherited a small tool and die business and had built it into the largest manufacturing company in Watahoochee County. Becky was cute even before she was beautiful. She was tall, slender, and blonde, and she had developed through the years into a beautiful teenager when she caught Ted’s eye. They started dating in the ninth grade.

Ted seemed to have it all. In addition to his natural looks, he also had tremendous athletic ability. In spite of his tall frame, he was quick on his feet, fast, and smart. He also had one of the best throwing arms the coach had ever seen. By his sophomore year, he had played starting quarterback.

At the end of Ted’s junior year, all of Watahoochee County was talking state championship the next year. Then tragedy struck. Ted’s mother died during the summer. Ted’s father owned a small farm and struggled each year just to have enough crop and livestock to pay all the annual debts and get the farm a little closer to being paid off. Without his wife to help, it looked like Ted would have to work on the farm instead of playing football.

Becky’s father, Nat Thatcher, rode out to see Ted’s father. The next day Ted went to work at the factory, just summer work, a few hours after practice, no work on game days, and half a day on Saturday. The pay was worked out so that Ted’s father was able to give Ted some spending money and to hire a worker full time. Football is almost a legend in the South, and no one questioned or even mentioned the unlikely relationship.

The team did indeed win the state championship, and Ted got a full scholarship to the state university. He was to have had the starting position on the university team in his junior year, but a freak knee accident during spring practice ended Ted’s career. He came home to find Becky still waiting for him and to find that local pride and Mr. Thatcher’s good favor secured him a good paying job.

Ted became the sales representative for Watacoochee Tool and Die, which was now called Thatcher Manufacturing. With Mr. Thatcher’s ability to run his company, and with Ted’s ability to charm and to sell, the business continued to grow. Somehow, Ted had gotten in with a government bid coordinator, and Thatcher Manufacturing seemed always to have two or three government projects under way, all of which payed extremely well. He and Becky were married within the year.

Becky knew that Ted, while at the university, had enjoyed flings with several girls on campus, and even some of the local girls at the state capital where the university was located. She had waited for Ted, seeing him on every trip home, but during that time he had treated her almost as a pit stop in his busy life. She was sure that things would be different now that they had married.

During the first year, Becky and Ted spent a lot of time together and went on trips together. Becky was the happiest she had ever been. By the end of the first year, however, things began to change. Ted mad more and more trips out of town, saying that he needed to do more selling. Although Becky had gnawing doubts about his truthfulness, she had no proof that he was lying, and the sales continued to soar. Still her frustration grew month by month.

Then Becky’s father died, and Becky was devastated. Ted took over the Thatcher business and ran it well, but his time at home was less and less. Becky began to hear rumors about Ted and his out of town trips. Then she began to hear things about him and workers at the company. She noticed that some of her female friends either very obviously changed the topic or else became strangely silent when she came into the room.

Although Becky loved Ted, he always assured her that people spread rumors because of jealousy. And it was true, the company continued to grow, and Ted had decided that Thatcher Manufacturing was no longer prestigious enough and, as CEO, had changed the name to Trident Industries Southeast. It was an easy change. Although the company had gone public, Mr. Thatcher had reserved 60% of the stock so as to maintain both control and the 60% quorum necessary under the company’s charter.

After one of Ted’s frequent trips, Becky was removing the soiled laundry from Ted’s suitcase and found a bra too small to have been hers. She remained silent. Over the next year, she found other incriminating signs of Ted’s infidelity. They ranged from lipstick on his shirt and shorts to an occasional bra or panties mixed in with Ted’s laundry.

Becky challenged Ted on the various items, but he always presented some excuse that would not have sounded plausible to most women, but Becky wasn’t most women. In spite of Ted’s philandering, she still loved him and thought that he would eventually be the husband he had promised to be.

Marriage was not what Becky had imagined. They had moved into her father’s huge home with all its grandeur and elaborate furnishings. They were members of the country club. Once a year, they went on a fabulous vacation to some exotic location, but except for that one annual vacation, Becky’s life had become a nightmare.

On a typical night, Ted would come home, and the maid would serve dinner. Although the dining table would seat twelve, she and Ted sat alone. Ted had not yet decided he wanted children, and Becky was wondering if he ever would. Becky beside him at a table for twelve, Ted would consume his food, talking only when a question was asked. Then he would go watch television while Becky got ready for bed. It didn’t matter what Becky wore to try to make herself more appealing, the bedroom routine was the same.

Ted always came upstairs whenever he was ready. He showered and came to bed nude. Sometimes he would just go to sleep. When he didn’t, he would reach over and kiss Becky lightly, usually only once. His breath smelled of scotch, and Becky endured the smell. Then with no further foreplay or tenderness, he would rise up and pull Becky’s panties down and raise her legs. If she was not adequately lubricated, he would frequently mutter “You’re not getting old and menopausal on me, are you?”

Those words hurt Becky deeply. She was only 28, but Ted’s tenderness had faded years ago, and when he did speak, it seemed that he only did so to control. Ted would make a quick and painful insertion, and with the influence of alcohol, took a long time to finish. Becky would close her eyes, forgetting the inflammation that intercourse with Ted often caused her, and she would remember those early years when he was passionate. She would picture Ted as the young man just returned from the university who told her constantly that he loved her.

Then Ted would grunt and roll off of her, going to sleep immediately. Becky had learned long ago not to try to touch him or talk to him afterward. If she did, he would become angry and would go to another bedroom to sleep. She lay in the darkness, feeling the burning of he vagina where Ted had been so rough. Softly, she would exit the bed and go to the bathroom where often she would cry for hours before returning to bed.

Yet, through all this, Becky never stopped loving Ted or believing that he would come around some day. The only sign she ever showed was when she talked to her friend Yvonne. Yvonne was a mirror opposite of Becky. She was shorter and had straight dark hair. Although Becky sported a very attractive figure, Yvonne had undergone surgery for breast enhancement and always showed a lot of cleavage. Her husband, Frank, was an accountant who had eventually opened his own firm. She had been Becky’s best friend since high school.

Whenever Becky reached a breaking point, she would call Yvonne, and the two would get together. She would pour out her heart to Yvonne, and Yvonne would console her and assure her that Ted was just going through a phase.

On Ted’s 30th birthday, Becky decided to surprise him by dropping by the company office and taking him to lunch. They had a big birthday bash planned at the country club, but Becky wanted some intimate and personal time with the man that she loved.

The office always seemed strange to Becky. Her father had placed his desk where he could look out over the plant and see everything that was going on. Ted had remodeled, and his office was insulated behind two outer offices. Becky walked through the two outer offices to find Ted’s secretary away from her desk. Becky had heard rumors about Ted and the secretary, but Ted always managed to convince her that the rumors were unfounded. Since there was no secretary, Becky decided to announce herself.

As Becky entered the office, Ted was seated on the side of his desk. The secretary, Ann, was kneeling on the floor in front of Ted. She was nude from the waist up and had Ted’s penis in her mouth. Ted’s climax was just starting, and in spite of the interruption, his first spurt went into Ann’s mouth. Ann pulled back in shock with her mouth open. Had it not been so hurtful, it would have been comical. Ann’s eyes and mouth both opened wide in surprise. As her mouth opened, Ted’s second spurt went right into her eye while the first spurt ran out of her mouth and onto her chin. As she bent down to grab her blouse and bra, Ted shot a third spurt into her hair.

Crying and saying softly, “Oh, God, Oh, God,” Ann staggered to her feet and ran with her clothes in one hand and her other attempting to cover her breast as they bounced with her quick paces.

Ted casually picked up his pants that were beside him on the desk and retrieved a handkerchief. He casually wiped his penis of any remaining cum, refolded the handkerchief, and put it back into his pocket. Only then did he get off the desk, step into his shorts, and pull his pants up. His first words to Becky were, “Now, you’re not going to get upset over Ann wanting to give me a little birthday present, are you?”

Becky stormed out, more shocked than hurt…at least until the shock wore off. It as weeks before she was able to be around Ted without having to deal with the trauma the scene with Ann had caused. Ted assured Becky that he knew it was inappropriate and that he was letting Ann go.

Becky and Yvonne had numerous crying “girl talks” over that episode, and Yvonne kept assuring Becky that Ted was just doing what any man would do. She told Becky that everyone knew that Ann was just a slut and that she meant nothing to Ted.

It was roughly a year after the incident with Ann that Becky decided to fly to Oklahoma to attend a cousin’s graduation. It was near the end of May. Becky booked her flight and loaded up her suitcases. She was going to drive to the state capital, about an hour away, and fly to Oklahoma City. She was leaving on Tuesday and was returning on Thursday.

Halfway to the airport, the radio station broke for news and reported a system of tornados in Oklahoma. Becky picked up her cell phone and called the airline. The flight out of the capital was okay, but Oklahoma City had closed its airport due to the weather. Becky knew that she would be spending the night at the airport, so she turned around and drove back.

An hour after she left, Becky turned into her driveway. She pressed the remote and opened the garage door. She was surprised to see Yvonne’s car parked in her space. Becky shut off the motor and walked through the garage into the house. The lights were on in the living room, but no one was there. The kitchen was the same. Suddenly, a deep suspicion flavored with fear swept over Becky. She quietly climbed the stairs to the master bedroom. The hall lights were dark, but the bedroom door was ajar, and there was light.

Quietly, Becky approached to doorway. Had she been able to breathe, she would have gasped loudly enough to have been noticed, but her breath froze within her. There was Ted, lying naked and on his back. Yvonne was straddling him with her pussy atop his penis. Something in Becky clicked, and instead of rushing in, she grabbed her phone and activated the video.

Yvonne slowly raised herself into the air and maneuvered Ted’s erect penis into her vagina. Slowly, Yvonne worked up and down, lubricating Ted as she went up and down, going deeper each time until Ted was fully inserted. She reached out her hands toward Ted, and their palms met; then their fingers enfolded. She worked back and forth, not only stimulating Ted but also giving herself a good G-spot massage in the process.

Ted broke the hand clasping to rub Yvonne’s breasts. Becky was thinking, “That bastard! He never does anything with me but the missionary position!”

The Ted called out, “Come on! You’re killing me. Fuck my brains out like you did last time.”

Yvonne laughed and raised herself up until Ted’s penis was almost out. Then she thrust back down forcefully. She repeated that action several times. Then she began shouting, “Oh,” repeatedly and more forcefully. As she did, the up and down movement stopped, and she began thrusting her hips forward and back in a frenzied move toward orgasm.

Finally, Ted gave out a shout and grabbed Yvonne’s hips, pulling her pussy around his penis and making the greatest penetration possible as he came. Becky watched as Yvonne collapsed on the bed she and Ted shared. Ted then rose up and put his mouth on Yvonne’s pussy and began to lick her. “The bastard,” Becky thought. “He hasn’t gone down on me since the honeymoon.”

Becky turned away from the door and slipped out of the house as quietly as she had entered. She got into her car and closed the garage door and drove back to the capital. When she got there, she called Ted and said, “Hi honey. My flight’s been cancelled, so I’m just going to stay here tonight at the Mariott. I’ll do some shopping tomorrow and will be home tomorrow night. Are you okay?”

Ted said, “Yeah, I got a burger downtown, came straight home, and fell asleep in the recliner. I just came upstairs and am going to bed now.” Through the phone, Becky heard a commode flush in the background but said nothing.

The next day, Becky bought some items that she wouldn’t have been able to find in Watacoochee County. She also had her cell phone video transferred to a jump drive. Then she drove back home. When Ted got home, she told him that she was sick so that he wouldn’t come upstairs reeking of scotch and start pulling her panties off. They weren’t coming off again, at least not for him.

During the day Friday, Becky made some other preparations, and then welcomed Ted home. They had dinner as usual. Then Becky asked Ted if he ever watched any porn. He lied and said no. She knew it was a lie because she had seen receipts from stores where he had bought DVD’s.

Becky said, “Well, I’ve got one you’re going to love. This is going to be a night to remember.” Ted could not imagine what was about to happen. Becky had dressed in sexy outfits before, but she had never done anything kinky or even what could be called risqué. She had just been a loving wife who wanted to please her husband.

Ted settled down in front of the TV while Becky switched the electronics to make the TV serve as a monitor. Suddenly, the picture of Yvonne riding Ted’s dick flashed on the screen, and the action began.

Ted was speechless momentarily. When he began to try to talk his way out of the evidence, the new Becky lowered the Boom.

“Teddy, boy,” she began. She had never called him Teddy, much less Teddy boy. The shock of her words were more chilling that the video which was still playing with the sound muted.

“I’ve put up with your philandering for years. I’ve seen you getting a blowjob. But to bring some slut of a bitch into our bed, and that it was my best friend! I don’t know how long you two have been screwing behind my back, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that things have changed. Not that they are going to change. They have already changed.”

“The 60% stockholders vote that you’ve had through all these years was only a proxy authority. Daddy left me that 60% of the company, and he left me this house. I’ve taken all the money out of our checking accounts and savings accounts. I’ve also cancelled all the credit cards that have both names on them.”

“I went today and revoked the proxy authority you’ve been using all these years with the company. As of now, you have nothing but your job. And if you want to keep that, you will do what I tell you to do. I’ve planned a dinner party tomorrow night, and you will be here or be fired.”

With those words, Becky pulled the copy of the video from the jump drive and handed it to Ted. “Here, enjoy yourself with this. I’ve got the original and several other copies, so you can have this one. I’m going to bed, and you are welcome to sleep in one of the other guest rooms, on the couch, or at a motel with another of your slut whores.”

Ted had never heard Becky use words like that. She had always conducted herself as if she was attending a church social at the First Baptist Church. Becky went upstairs and for the first time since she married, locked the door.

The next night was Saturday. Everyone invited was told to come for dinner but also to bring a swimsuit for a pool party afterward. Becky invited Frank, Yvonne’s husband and three men from the company who strongly suspected that Ted had been involved with their wives. She also invited the one person from her high school days who was a serious challenge to Ted’s interest in Becky.

Ted was unusually quiet during the dinner. When the dinner was finished, the maid cleared the table and was told to go home and not come in until Monday. Then everyone was asked to go change into their swimsuits but to return to the dining room. They all complied, but Becky came in wearing a silky black gown, diamond earrings, and towering fuck me heels. Everyone stared. Ted was startled.

Becky asked the men to help her move the huge dining table to one side and to put all the chairs along one wall. As they moved the table, Becky went to the folding doors behind where the table would be and opened the folding doors that hid a large screen TV. She then had them push the table completely against the wall and to put the chairs so that they could see the TV clearly. Ted, however, was seated off to the side and sat at the end of the relocated dining table.

Becky began, “I’m going to show you something very private and very personal. You will know the two people in it, and the woman’s husband is here tonight, but I had him come early. He knows what you’re about to see, and he’s okay with it.”

“For God’s sake, Becky,” Ted blurted out.

“Shut up, Ted,” Becky replied, standing up to Ted for the first time in her life. “Shut up if you want a job Monday. If you had been concerned about God, you would have kept your zipper closed and your dick out of whores!” She could not believe the surge of power she felt. It was intoxicating.

With that, Becky pressed the remote, and the TV began to play the sex scene with Ted and Yvonne. The men all looked with shock and amazement, first at the screen, then at Frank, whose wife they all knew, then at Ted. Of course, they couldn’t avoid looking back at Yvonne’s bouncing breasts and firm ass. They were amazed at her prowess, and Becky could see bulges beginning to show in their pants. That was exactly what she wanted.

When the video stopped, Becky announced, “Tonight, I’m going to get my revenge on Ted. But it’s not just for what you just saw: my husband and my best friend screwing each other’s brains out in my bed. It’s for all the times Ted has cheated on me and gotten away with it because I was too timid and too much in love to confront him.”

“And be assured, those of you who work for the company, whatever happens tonight will not affect your job status. Ted does not control the company, I do. And anything Ted does to you, I will undo or Ted will be fired. Ted has to watch my revenge and yours, and he is powerless to retaliate if he wants to keep his job.”

With that, Becky flipped a switch on the remote, and the song, “Let Me Entertain You” began to play. Becky began to strut in front of the men with the most seductive dance Ted had ever seen. She swayed, she thrust her hips, she did bumps and grinds, and every man in the room, except Ted began to get more aroused.

Then the song changed to the stripper theme from the movie Gypsy. As it played, Becky turned her back to the men and reached around behind her dress. As her hips swayed, she slowly tortured the men by slowly unzipping her dress until the zipper came halfway down her buttocks. She then turned and strutted up and down in front of the gawking men before returning to her center point. She then slipped the dress off her right shoulder as she looked over the same shoulder and smiled. Then she did the same with the left shoulder.

Then Becky let the dress fall to her hips, and with one quick move, she pushed it to the floor. She stepped out of the dress and kicked it away. Then she turned toward the men. She put her hands over her head and put palm to palm. She swayed her hips and her hand in sync, giving the men ample time to enjoy the show.

She was wearing the tiniest black bra, very stylish, and with portions of it being of a sheer black fabric. Only the nipples were completely hidden. The music changed, and Becky turned around with her back to the men again. As her hips swayed, she reached back and unhooked the tiny bra. She turned around with the bra held up by her right hand.

At this point, all of the men except Ted were worried that Becky was teasing, and they would not get to see her breasts. Ted, as one might expect, was hoping they wouldn’t. Becky was enjoying herself. She toyed with the men, lowering one side of her bra just to the areola and then pulling it back up. Then she would do the same with the other side. Her sense of power built with each moment.

Suddenly, Becky dropped the bra to the floor and raised her hands over her head, palms down and fingers pointing outward. There was an audible sound as every man inhaled simultaneously.

Becky had selected her attire well. In addition to the black bra, she had bought matching thigh-top hose and panties. The hose had a top that was black with tiny gray hearts and tiny gray ribbons. They were tiny French cut, little more than a g-string. There was a tiny triangle that barely covered her clit and vagina. Between the waist band and the triangle, the fabric was sheer, showing a very close cut strip of hair that was waxed to remove all but the tiny strip generally called a landing strip. The landing strip showing through was another turn on for the men. They were hard, they were staring, and their breathing had become deep and hard.

The music then played another old song, “Another One Bites the Dust.” With the quicker pace, Becky did some quicker steps, stopping and doing “dirty girl” thrusts inches from the faces of the men. Right down the line, she gave a front row view of her body and made pelvic thrusts in the face of every man.

Then the music changed, and Becky again returned to a point that was centered in front of the men. Frank occupied the center chair. To the far right was the man who had repeatedly tried to date Becky in high school. The men who believed Ted had seduced their wives filled the other chairs.

Becky then turned her back to the men. She pulled the right side of the panty down to the middle of her buttock, held it there for a moment, and then she pulled it back up. As she did so, she pulled the left side down to the same level. As she kept repeating this tease, she kept looking over her shoulders at the men, smiling and winking.

Then she pulled the panties down to the bottom of her butt cheeks. She raised her hands over her head, and pulled her left foot across the front of her other food and crossed her legs. Then she lowered her hands to the floor. The effect of her amazingly firm ass stuck in the air and her crossed legs gave the perfect image of a heart.

Becky then uncrossed her legs, steadied herself on the black fuck me heels, and put her thumbs inside her panties on each side. She bent down and slowly pushed the panties to her heels.

Becky turned around, and as the music stopped, she kicked the panties away, raised her hands over her head, and spread her feet about a foot apart. She stood there in majestic triumph. The eyes of the men roamed up and down her body. The bulges in their pants grew. Becky turned toward Ted whose fists were clinched and whose face was drawn up tight. She smiled at him and turned back to the admiring men before her. Never before had any man seen her naked, but tonight she had all the power. Not only was she punishing Ted and getting revenge, but she was discovering a part of herself—and a power—that she never knew existed.

Then, with no music playing, Becky said, “I want to remind you that nothing that happens her tonight will affect your job, but it may give you a chance to get revenge on Ted, if you’re willing to play along,” She walked to the center chair and put her left leg between Frank’s legs. She raised her right leg and placed her foot on Frank’s chair. Her pussy was right in front of his face. She leaned down and unbuckled her right shoe with her breasts rubbing into Frank’s face. Frank did not pull back but glanced briefly at Ted whose face was now red.

Becky put her foot down long enough to step out of it and then did the same with the left shoe. Then she put her right leg up on Frank’s chair again and began to roll down the right thigh-top hose. Slowly and seductively, she removed it, moving her firm breasts into Frank’s face again. When she got down to the foot, she asked Frank to remove the hose. He did and handed it to her. She draped it over Frank’s left shoulder. Then she removed the left hose, repeating her actions.

While Frank got the benefit of helping her strip off the last remaining fabric Becky wore, the other men got a fantastic view of Becky’s breasts hanging down like ripe clusters of grapes, just waiting to be picked. Her waist was still slender, and her shapely butt had just enough curve in it to make every man want to squeeze it.

Totally naked, Becky took Frank’s hands and told him to stand up. When he did, Becky reminded everyone that Ted had used Frank’s wife, and that Frank had every right to do whatever he wanted to do to Ted’s wife. “In fact, let me show all of you what I caught Ted doing one time in his office.”

Frank stiffened his body when Becky pinched each side of his swimsuit and pulled it down, letting it drop onto his ankles. She knelt down and took Frank into her mouth. She cupped Franks balls into her hands and rubbed them gently as she finally succeeded in getting all of Franks throbbing manhood into her mouth. She turned to look at Ted whose face was now the face of utter defeat. He had tears in his eyes but sat obediently, as Becky had instructed him. He knew that if he left, he would be jobless Monday morning.

Becky then pushed Frank gently back into his seat and removed his swimsuit from his ankles, tossing it into the corner. Then she moved to her left and said, “Bill, you’ve been sure for a long time that Ted screwed your wife. Would you like to get revenge?”

“Damn right,” Bill replied.

“Then strip,” Becky ordered. Bill stood up and dropped his swimsuit. His erect penis stood out. Becky took it in her hand and stroked it a few times. Then she knelt down and took Bill’s penis into her mouth, deep throating it as she had with Frank.

Becky and Ted had employed oral sex only a couple of times shortly after they were married, and then Ted moved into his have a few drinks, come to bed, kiss once, and then fuck mode. Becky had not really enjoyed giving head with Ted, but tonight she took delight in both serving and performing.

The next two workers received the same treatment. Then Becky moved to John, the only man in the room she had not taken into her mouth. “Johnny, you always wanted to date me, but I was stupid enough to hold onto Ted. Would you like a sample of what you missed? Without a word, John stood and removed his swimsuit. Becky kissed his nipples and continued the kisses down his chest and stomach until she came to his penis. She held it gingerly and kissed it a dozen times or more before she put it into her mouth.

John let a long sigh mingled with the word, “Oh.” It was more like the sound of a passing breeze than an actual word.

“Careful,” Becky said as she withdrew his eager penis from her mouth. “It’s not time for you to come yet.” Then she took John and Frank by the hand. She turned to the other men and said, “Come on, guys.” The other three got up and followed.

Becky led them to the table, and had Frank to lie down on the table with his head toward Ted who was still seated at the end of the table. She then had the other men to get on the table, two on each side of Frank. Becky then sat on the table and turned her legs toward Frank. She spread her legs. She hoped that her vagina was open for the men to see inside her. She had put a dildo inside her that morning and had worn it all day, wanting to loosen the muscles so that she would be open when the men saw her. She had removed the dildo when she changed into her stripping clothes after dinner. She didn’t know whether she was open down there or not, but every eye in the room was focused on her womanhood. It had been years since she had been looked at that way.

Becky then rose to her knees. She could not believe how comfortable she was with her nudity and her sexuality. She had absolute power over five men and had Ted by the balls. She pushed Frank’s legs apart and began to lick his balls before she put her mouth over his aching penis. Then she pulled Frank’s legs together and straddled him. “Now let me know, Frank, if I do anything wrong. I want to do everything to you that my best friend Yvonne did to Ted.”

With those words, Becky straddled Frank and slipped his penis into her wet pussy. She began to mimic the actions Yvonne had done, but she looked at the four naked men beside her. “Come on, guys. Everybody’s invited to this party.” She reached out, and while she fucked Frank, she took John’s penis into her hand and opened her mouth toward Mike’s erect penis. Mike immediately slipped his dick between her lips. Her other hand reached out to the nearest penis on the other side, and she began to switch her oral services from one side to another.

At every opportunity, Becky looked at Ted. At one point she was tempted to say, “How does it feel, Ted,” but she chose to leave Ted out of the orgy she had created. She continued until Frank grunted and thrust his hips upward toward her hungry pussy. She felt his juices hitting forcefully inside her. She rose up and walked to the left of Frank, lying down on the table closer to Ted. As she walked, she could feel Frank’s juices starting to run down her leg.

Ted looked at his wife and saw another man’s cum on her leg.

Becky then said, “Okay, does anybody else want to get even? Want a little bit of this? You won’t get this chance again. Without a word, Andy got between Becky’s legs and thrust his penis into her.

Becky lay there with her legs wrapped around Andy’s hips, knowing that the position she had take gave Ted a perfect view of his wife’s pussy being drilled by another man. Andy continued until he muttered, “Damn!” and shot his hit semen inside Becky’s willing body.

“Nobody else?” Becky asked. Immediately, her third man of the night came forward. She said, “Okay, come her lover boy,” and rose up, repositioning herself so that she was on her hands and knees facing Ted. This time, her breasts rocked with every thrust. She kept looking at Ted as she uttered, “Come on. Give it to me. Ram it deep. Fuck my pussy. Stick it in hard. Oh yeah, I like it deep.” The whole time, she was smiling at Ted. Her boobs continued to sway until she was pushed down by a powerful thrust. She lay a foot closer to Ted, her butt being pressed down with every remaining thrust until she was again filled with the passion of another man’s cum.

The last man to take her was John. For John, she sat on the side of the table and raised her legs into a Y. John made his insertion into the woman he had wanted in high school. Years of buried passion rose inside him, and he rammed her so hard that she knew she would be sore the next day, but she didn’t care. Her breasts rocked, her mouth opened slightly, she smiled and looked for the first time at the man who was inside her. She had feelings for John years ago, but she had remained loyal to Ted. Now she was beyond revenge. Now she was responding to a man who had loved her. She wrapped her legs around him. She stopped performing for Ted. She was totally engaged in what was truly love making. She wrapped her legs around John’s hips and pushed her pussy forward with each thrust. While her emotions to this point had been revenge and sexual liberation, she now felt passion. When John climaxed inside her, she also climaxed, and in doing so, allowed vocal expression to pass through her lips.

When John had drained the juices of his passion, he looked at her face and saw the lips that had engulfed four other men that night. Under any other circumstance, he would have revolted at kissing the lips that had taken other men as she had done that night, but his love for Becky was such that he looked into her eyes and kissed her lips with the most passion she had ever felt in a kiss. She felt tears welling up in her eyes and looked at John.

“Becky, the reason I never married was that I could never find someone I loved as much as I loved you.” She saw his eyes beginning to mist over. She went down on him where he stood, and in a few minutes, she had him erect again. This time she mounted him, but she didn’t look toward Ted. She looked only at the man who had truly loved her through all of the years. The other men who had just fucked her were only a faint memory, although they were watching the union of the two lovers as Becky worked her hips feverishly, bringing John to a second climax. For the first time in her life, Becky screamed as she experienced her own orgasm.

Becky’s pussy was full of cum from five men, but she could only feel the warmth of John’s two ejaculations. She lay down on top of him while his penis began to shrink to its normal size. Then, with John’s penis still inside her, she said to Ted, “By the way, Ted, when you go to work on Monday, you won’t be president and CEO anymore. You’ll have the same salary, but your new title will be sales director. You will be on the road most of the time and can screw any slut you want to. Frank will be taking over as president, and I suppose he will be pretty demanding of you. Oh, and since the house is in my name, you’ll need to find somewhere else to live starting tonight. I’m sure one of your whores will accommodate you until you can get a place of your own.”

“These other men here are men you’ve humiliated through the years. Tonight, they’ve got their revenge by screwing your wife right before your eyes, and you didn’t have the balls to stop it. So they’ve had their revenge. It was my pleasure to be their whore tonight, but after tonight, I think I’ll be no one’s whore but John’s.” With that she kissed John on the lips with passion.

Then, with cum glistening on both of her thighs, she got off the table and walked, still naked and unashamed, to each man, kissing each one on the cheek and saying, “Thanks for being a good sport. This was a one-time thing, but thank you for giving me the night of my life.” Then as they went to dress, Becky went to clean herself and to get ready for bed with John.

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