Do You Want To Fuck My Wife?

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“So do you want a divorce?” Tom asked his wife as he watched her bend over to put the dinner in the oven.

“Why do you keep asking me that?!” Beth snapped as she slammed the oven door shut.

“Well is seems like that’s the next step when two people fight non-stop” he answered as he set his glass down on the table.

Tom and Beth had been married for 20 years. They were High School sweethearts who had gotten hitched during Tom’s Sophomore year of college. He had provided a good life for the two. Beth was able to stay home and raise their Son without ever having to worry about working. Money was never an issue and neither was infidelity. Something was just off between the two.

Maybe it started when their Son left for college two years ago. Beth felt like her entire purpose in life was gone. What was there for her to do anymore? She tried to keep herself occupied with yoga and gym workouts, but her Husband had started to pay less and less attention to her body as the years went by.

Beth was 40 years old. She had long brown hair and prominent brown eyes. Her face lacked the wrinkles of a working woman and her free time allowed her to keep keep her body trimmed and toned. She had small, perky breasts and an extremely firm butt. She credited that to her best friend at the gym…the smith machine.

“You ever think of swinging?” Tom asked her.

“Are you fucking serious Tom?” Beth hissed at him. “This isn’t Cinemax!”

“I know honey…” Tom replied, trying to keep his wife from going over the edge. “I just thought that maybe it was the best way to see other people, but keep our marriage together. 20 years is a long time you know…”

“I know…” Beth sighed as she looked out the kitchen window.

“What if…” Tom trailed off.

“What if what?” Beth asked.

“What if I find a guy for you to spend a night with?” Tom looked up, ready in case his Wife was looking for something to throw at him.

Beth closed her eyes. A million potential answers ran through her mind as she took a deep breath.

“Wait a minute” she thought to herself. Maybe this is what she needed. She had been with the same man for 20 years. Maybe the occasional fling with another guy would add some excitement to her life, but allow her to better appreciate what she has at home with Tom.

“Ok…” Beth responded.

“What?” Tom said taken aback, completely surprised by her answer.

“I’ll try it” Beth said, turning to look at her Husband. “How do we do this?”

Tom smiled. “I’ll find a guy for you, invite him over, and keep an eye on the situation as things play out. You know, to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Just leave it all up to me Honey.”

Beth turned back to the window and smiled. She felt an excitement that hadn’t been there in years…

It was Saturday afternoon and Tom was sitting in the recliner watching TV. The screen was on but nothing was getting through to him. For the past two days, all he could think about was finding someone for his wife. They had to be able to give her what she needed. He didn’t want to go through all this trouble just so some guy could cum after three pumps, leaving his wife right where she started. But at the same time he didn’t want to bring home some older guy who was looking to seduce his wife.

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