Two Nephews Fuck Their Aunt

The mood in the house had changed over the past few weeks. Maggie’s husband John had lost his job and now, instead of being away all the time, he was home all the time. Not only was he home all the time, but he was spending an awful lot of time watching TV, or on the computer. He hardly ever left the house, which was making it very difficult for Maggie and her nephew Jason to carry on together, although they were managing to co-ordinate a bit of fun for each other.

Maggie would always leave the door slightly ajar if she was in the bath or in her room getting dressed or undressed, pretending not to notice Jason as he wanked off in the hallway, catching his cum in his hand, or ejaculating onto the grass outside her bedroom window.

They also sent each other sexy pics, but it really wasn’t the same as being together. Even worse, John seemed to have lost all interest in having sex and Maggie had taken to fingering herself in the bath out of sheer frustration, one day providing quite a show for Jason as he stood just outside the door jerking off, with John mere metres away on the phone in the office.

That day, Jason had been very bold, actually entering the bathroom to cum on Maggie as she lay in the bath, shuddering and quivering from her orgasm, Jason’s semen landing on her face and breasts.

Jason had recently turned eighteen and was home for the summer, along with his cousin Tom of the same age, the son of Maggie’s sister, who lived not far away.

One particularly memorable day, Jason and his cousin Tom both stood outside Maggie’s bedroom window, wanking themselves as they watched Maggie get partially dressed in high heels, stockings and skirt, then sit topless in front of her mirror, drying her hair. Even though she was pretending to ignore them, every now and then she would look over to get an eyeful of her nephews.

She noticed that the boys seemed to be coordinating their wanking, every now and then, one of them would pause and squeeze the base of his cock, before starting to jerk off again. Maggie’s hair was completely dry now and as she put her hair dryer away, she wondered what the boys were up to. She decided to keep ignoring them, as she stood now with her back to the mirror and her breasts facing the window, giving the boys a good eyeful to cum to. Her plan worked a treat, as the boys started to shoot their loads all over the patio at exactly the same time, a couple of spurts of Tom’s even hitting the window, making a pleasant little tapping sound. Maggie now realised that they had been coordinating their ejaculations. Maggie loved the idea and gave them a friendly wave as she finally acknowledged them.

The mood of frustration continued for another couple of weeks until one day John got a phone call of a job offer. It was in another town about two hour’s drive away and they wanted to see him as soon as possible.

“Shall I go check it out tomorrow?” John asked Maggie.

“Of course,” she replied, “it sounds amazing.”

Arrangements were made and John would leave early the next morning and stay overnight with a friend.

Maggie sent Jason a text, feeling her fingers shake as she did so. Jason texted Tom.

The next morning, Maggie was up very early, dressing in a modest skirt, blouse and cardigan. She cooked her husband breakfast and played her part of the dutiful, supportive wife. She wore a plain white bra and knickers beneath her clothes, with opaque stay-up stockings and tan leather shoes with a very slight heel. Despite her modest attire, she felt like the biggest slut.

She heard movement upstairs as Jason emerged from his room and a couple of minutes later, the shower started up.

As her husband ate his breakfast and scrolled through the headlines on his tablet, Maggie texted Jason.


She tapped Send and felt a slight rush as she put her phone down on the counter. John noticed and looked up.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine, just not used to getting up so early I suspect.”

“Ah well, you can head back to bed once I’m gone.”

“Yes, I think I probably will.”

“Speaking of which, I’d best be off if I want to make this appointment on time.”

With that, Maggie watched as her husband picked up his satchel, his phone and his keys. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and a gentle tap on the right hip.

“Right, see you late tomorrow,” he said as he walked out the door. Maggie stood motionless in the kitchen as she watched him walk across the yard to the garage. She could already feel a warm slickness between her legs as she anticipated what she was about to do. She watched her husband enter the garage through the side door and then almost ran upstairs to the master bedroom. She entered the room already feeling weak at the knees, only to find Jason emerging from the en suite, stark naked, his cock fully erect and slick with lubricant. “Well now,” Maggie thought to herself, “this boy is prepared!” She listened as she heard the garage door open and her husband’s car door close, then Jason was upon her, pushing her down onto the bed and rolling her onto her back.

With seemingly one movement, he hoisted up her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side, then easily slid his cock into her already slippery cunt, just as her husband’s car eased out of the garage. The thrill of having this horny young boy inside her while her husband was just outside was even better than Maggie had anticipated, but her heart almost stopped when she heard her husband’s car stop and the back door open just as Jason was unbuttoning her blouse. The two of them lay there motionless as they listened to John’s footsteps on the floor tiles downstairs. Jason very quietly resumed his thrusting and then reached down to pull the cups of Maggie’s bra off her breasts, exposing her nipples. “Oh well,” Maggie thought, “if we’re going to get caught, we may as well make it worthwhile.”

Just then, Jason froze, his hard cock mid-thrust, half in and half out of her, his fight or flight instinct kicking in.

Maggie listened as her husband’s footsteps went from hard tiles to soft carpet, meaning he had left the kitchen downstairs and was now heading upstairs.

“Honey,” he called, “have you seen my reading glasses? They’re probably going to want me to read things while I’m there, contracts and whatnot, so I think I’ll need them.”

Maggie couldn’t believe what was happening, her husband was just outside the door.

“Ummm…” Maggie stammered, “I think I saw them on that little side table on the landing,” Jason slid his cock all the way back into her, “in… the… blue… case…?”

“Oh yes,” her husband called from the hallway, “how in the blue blazes did they get there? I suspect we’ll never know, as usual. Ok, I’m off now, see you tomorrow.”

And then, as the back door opened and shut, “Oh, hello Tom.”

Maggie listened to Tom’s footsteps make their way across the kitchen floor and start climbing the stairs. She bit her bottom lip as she looked Jason in the eye, both of them with the same lascivious grin on their faces as they fucked listening to Tom’s approach and knowing that neither of them cared about being caught by him. Maggie reached down and squeezed Jason’s arse cheek, pulling him into her, just in case he had any ideas about getting away.

“Oh,” said Tom, as he stood at the doorway, arms stretched up over his head, fingers drumming on the door frame, “it appears that I’m interrupting something.”

Maggie grinned at him from over Jason’s shoulder as he continued to fuck her in front of him.

“Hello Tom,” she said, “lovely to see you as always.”

“Oh Maggie,” Tom said, removing his jacket and lying down on the bed beside her, “you’re looking as gorgeous as ever.”

With that, he started to kiss her as Jason continued to thrust in and out of her, his hand moving down to caress her breasts, yanking aside her top and pulling her bra down until her tits were exposed properly, then bending his head down to kiss and suck on her nipples, Jason leaning back to allow his brother better access. Maggie put her arm around Tom, her hand reaching up to caress his plentiful hair. The feeling of liberation was intense. Maggie stretched her arms up behind her head, as Tom lifted his head up from her breasts. They smiled at each other as Jason continued with his solid, deep strokes. Tom’s gaze drifted back down to Maggie’s boobs as they moved in unison.

“I love watching your tits move,” he said, “I remember the first time we met and you were wearing a nice tight top with a not so supportive bra and your boobs had just the nicest jiggle about them as you walked into the room. Do you remember?”

“I remember meeting you, Tom,” said Maggie, “but I didn’t realise I’d made such an impact on you.” Then, feeling emboldened, Maggie asked, “Did you masturbate over me after that first meeting?”

“Yes,” said Tom, looking Maggie square in the eye, “I’ve wanked off over you many times.” Maggie moaned as Jason gave her a few extra deep thrusts. “I’ve imagined you in all sorts of situations including watching you have sex like you are right now.”

“Tell me more,” said Maggie.

“That first time we met, I wanked off in your downstairs loo while thinking about your breasts and what they might look like under that top you had on.

“Show me,” said Maggie, ” show me the effect I have on you.” Tom obliged by removing his jeans and underwear in one slick move, his thick penis already semi-erect. His hand ventured down to start slowly stroking himself.

“About five minutes after meeting you,” said Tom, lying down next to Maggie, “I was shooting my load in your tiny, ceramic washbasin and then cleaning my cock with your three-ply tissues. I really wanted to cum on the walls so that you would find my mess and know what I’d been doing. I fantasised that you’d be so turned on that you would quickly finger yourself while you thought about me jerking off in the same place.”

“I wish you had left me a surprise,” whispered Maggie.

“Or even better, I wanted to slap my hard cock on your face and then cum on your boobs while you were still fully dressed.”

“Oh, I would’ve loved that,” said Maggie, as Jason slowed his thrusts down and leaned down to kiss her. All of this chat was having an effect on him too, his young cock swelling inside Maggie.

Tom reached over and gently wrapped his fingers around Maggie’s throat and then squeezed firmly, but gently.

Maggie splayed both of her arms out to the sides as she indulged herself in her surrender. Tom repeated the process a few times, each time increasing the pressure and the length of time he squeezed for, while Maggie made choking sounds, her face varying between shades of red and purple. Then, he moved his body until his cock found it’s natural place in Maggie’s mouth. Completely submissive now, Maggie gently sucked him off as he fucked her mouth. Tom gave her throat one last, hard squeeze as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and she gave a brief cough and splutter, a dribble of saliva drooling from the corner of her mouth.

Then Tom was gone from the bed. Maggie felt his weight lift and when she opened her eyes, she couldn’t see him anymore.

“I want you on top,” Jason said. Maggie never really enjoyed being on top, as she preferred to be gently dominated, but she sensed that Jason, (and hopefully Tom too), had something planned.

“Ok,” she said and with one deft move, the two of them had swapped places, with Maggie now looking down at Tom. As Maggie reached down to remove her blouse, she felt two hands intervene and complete the job for her. She turned to find Tom standing completely naked behind her, his erect cock glistening with her saliva and some additional lube. He bent down to kiss her, one hand caressing the back of her head and neck, the other reaching down to feel her tits. The sensation of being fucked by one boy while kissing another was incredibly intense and something that Maggie thought she might be able to get used to.

Then Tom moved around behind her, his hands still on her tits, his kisses moving down to her neck. It was only when she felt Tom’s hands move from her tits that she realised that he was pushing her downwards and that’s when she also felt his cock start to nudge its way into her already full pussy.

“What are you doing?” she asked, “come on now, that’s never going to work.”

But Tom kept pushing, forcing his way into her, pushing Jason’s cock hard up against her clit.

“No, I don’t think so,” Maggie continued, “seriously boys, I think you need to stop trying that.”

The bulk of the head of Tom’s penis was squeezing its way inside her now. His hands were on her naked shoulders, forcing her torso downwards as he kept trying to push inside her. He was strong and Maggie felt powerless against him.

“No,” said Maggie again, “this is not going to work, please stop.”

By now, almost all of the head of Tom’s cock was inside Maggie, squeezing up against Jason’s cock, the two of them working in unison to try and get Tom fully into her.

“Stop,” said Maggie.

A little bit more of a push.

“No,” said Maggie, “seriously, you need to stop.”

A bit more of a push and then, suddenly, both cocks were inside her at once and Maggie was overcome by a sensation that made her feel like she might lose her mind it was so good, as she let out a long, low grunt. Jason’s cock had been forced up against her clit and the feeling was so much better than any tongue or finger had ever felt before. She didn’t think it was possible, but she felt closer to her two nephews as they both fucked her at the same time as she had to anyone before in her life.

She couldn’t tell who started to cum first, but as the two boys’ cocks started to swell up and shoot their loads inside her, Maggie felt her own orgasm take over her body, as she was gripped by not two hands, but four, caressing her butt and her back, squeezing her tits and her neck, two boys grunting as they both came inside her.

As their orgasms subsided, Tom slid out of her as he lifted her upwards off Jason’s dick, their semen dribbling out of her. As full as she had felt with them both inside her, she now felt hollowed out as the three of them lay back on the bed, fully spent.

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