The New Girl-6b

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Amir was Vivek’s classmate and stayed in the lane behind ours. He was very bold and direct. He placed his hand on my thigh sliding it under my skirt. He whispered in my ears that he knows everything I did with Mahesh and Vivek.

He said he wants to have sex with me right now. I asked how could he talk to me like this. He asked if I liked Vivek, I said yes. He said Vivek has zero experience while he has experience with many women. I said I will consider only if he keeps this a secret.

He agreed saying all the girls/women he has been with are all his secrets. His hand was still rubbing my wet pussy over my panties and I let him. He whispered if we could go to behind the bush. I said if I go behind the bush many times, everyone will get suspicious.

He said no one will even notice and to quietly get up and go. He went first and I followed a few minutes later. Behind the bush he expertly opened my blouse and bra. He began squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples.

He was very experienced in what he was doing. I told him to kiss me first and he gave me a long smooch. He placed my hand on his erect cock over his trousers and it felt really big. Amir unzipped taking out his big cock.

It was biggest I had ever seen about 9” long and 2” in girth. He asked me to suck his cock, I said I cannot because he was so big. I held his cock with both my hands and stroked it. He quickly turned me around making me bend over.

He raised my skirt to my waist making me hold it. He pulled my panties to my knees and started eating my pussy from behind. After a few minutes my orgasm was building. I said I will make some excuse to go home and we can continue there since my parents will not be back for some time.

We got back to our seats. I told him to get me a kulfi from the nearby seller. He got a few for all of us and I pretended I was lost in the match. I let the kulfi melt and drip on my clothes. I made a small ruckus for the mess I had made.

I requested Amir in front of everyone to quickly accompany me home, so I could change my clothes and come back in time for the game. He agreed winking at me and we both went home. Once we got inside Amir pushed me on the diwan and jumped on me.

I stopped him and quickly removed all my clothes while Amir removed his clothes. He got on top of me squeezing my boobs and sucking my nipples. After a while I got in 69 position on top of him. I grabbed his big cock with my hands and started stroking it and licking with my tongue.

Amir was eating my pussy and fingering it giving me loads of pleasure. I tried to take his cock inside my mouth but was only able to take few inches. He lay me down spreading my legs and positioned his cock at my pussy.

I told him he was very big and begged him to do it very slowly. He started pushing his cock into my pussy and thanks to all the lubrication of my juices he entered a few inches. He started fucking me even before he was fully inside and it felt very good.

When his body finally touched mine I felt his cock touching new depths inside my body. While fucking my pussy, he was fondling my boobs and nipples multiplying the pleasure he was giving me. After fucking me for 10mins he pulled out his cock and pushed his tongue in my butt hole.

I asked him what he was doing, he said fucking my pussy felt so good so my fucking my ass will surely be even better. I told him to please be very gentle because I have never been fucked in the ass. He continued fingering my ass and lubricating it with his tongue.

He got back on top of me in same missionary position placing my legs on his chest inserted his big cock into my ass very slowly. As I had already been fucked in my ass so many times in the last few days, his cock entered my butt filling me up completely.

He resumed fucking full speed and I had an orgasm and another 10mins later he released his cum inside my butt. He pulled out and lay beside me. I gave him a blowjob to taste his sperm which was still oozing out in small drops.

We went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Amir was sitting on the bed watching me dress up. I took a purple bra with matching panties and got dressed. I wore a cream colour blouse top with the same skirt. Amir came up behind me and started fondling my boobs from behind.

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