The MLM Conference Rapist

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Baronne MLM conference (m/f, i/r, n/c)

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This is a fictional story intended for Adults only!

The annual Baronne Multi-Level Networking Marketing (MLN) conference was happening in the Bahamas as usual. All the usual Baronne pyramid experts would be there showering fake praise on the people who had made them the most money and suckering in the people who had paid to attend. The business had become a multi-million dollar money making scheme.

Naturally, with this being the busiest gathering in the Baronne calendar, the majority of Consultants were from other countries throughout Europe and beyond. The event would hold over 2,000 guests and nearly 800 new Consultants who had been suckered into thinking they’d joined a glamourous and quick money opportunity. Most of the guests were single with only the most senior and trusted Consultants (NVP’s / VP’s, RVP’s etc.) travelling as couples or families. It was attended mostly women who had left loved ones behind at home under orders “it’s all Baronne business” “he’ll be bored”. They tended to group together in regional groups from the areas they’d been recruited. All the attendees were looking forward to the life of leisure and being catered to for the next week. The staff at the resort, however, knew they would have a week of hard work ahead catering to all the demands make upon them by the spoilt and demanding senior Baronne “NVP’s etc.” who ran the conference and their “businesses” like a well-oiled cult.

One hotel staff member was anxiously waiting for the event guests, anxious to see all the beautiful women, especially the beautiful white women arrive. Having worked for the hotel chain for over 15 years, Leroy had obtained the position that he had always desired, now basically in charge of the guest service and maid service. With this new position, he had all the information that was essential for him to accomplish his goals, that being to satisfy his lust for soft white flesh. He just loved the feel of a beautiful white woman struggling in his arms as he took her by force.

Over the years, he had raped several women in resorts while working in placements. He’d heard of the Baronne conference from one of his hotel drinking buddies and also knew of a few women whose lives had been ruined by these people.

Most of the women he’d raped were too ashamed to tell the people they had travelled with of being raped especially with the pics and vids her took of them. They could not identify him, never getting a glimpse of him, thanks to his mask or the pitch-black areas he’d carefully selected where he had dragged them into. Only one rape had been reported but the international law and the risk of bad press for the resort prevailed and the crime basically went without any investigation, especially with the raped beauty leaving the country shortly after it happened.

As the attendees started to register and check in, Leroy would search out for the beautiful women that caught his fancy. He would hear the front of house staff greet the young beauties, taking note of their room numbers. He was a meticulous planner, always making notes in a file on his mobile device as to the beauty’s description and of course her room number. By the time all the conference attendees registered, he looked through his notes and smiled. He had made notes on nearly twenty women who made his cock twitch. On this occasion, he’d noticed a married girl who looked too young to be in a senior position but who’d been particularly arrogant and overly confident. She was part of the Baronne team from Scotland in the United Kingdom. She was a short blonde with a great pair of tits and nice ass. Mostly all the Baronne girls took care of themselves like this. He name was Emily and she was greeted like royalty by her group of Scottish “friends”. She turned out to be the daughter of the highest earners in the country and due to this was something of a celebrity. Leroy knew he had missed some beauties when he had been busy with the others and would add them to his list of potentials but this group were of particular interest. Their regional accents were so seductive. He licked his lips, wondering just how many of these beauties he would be able to sate his lust upon.

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