The Great Sen Family

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Episode : 1
Returning from Tollygunge film-studio, at first Munmun took a bath to refresh herself from the lethargy and weakness she got during her photo-shoot with Sanjit. She came out from her large bath-tub within ten minutes….. wrapping herself with a long silken robe.

After that the glamorous actress went to the full length mirror of the bathroom door and dropped the robe to examine herself. She noticed her dark jet black hair ( wet of course ) was flowing down on her smooth shoulders generously.

Her face was the sweetest in nature, her brown eyes sparkled and her skin was smooth with milk-white in complexion. Anyone would complemented her that she didn’t look a day over twenty…. although she was now twenty-eight.

She turned to the side and examined her nude body throughly. Her boobs were full and firm….. they were thirty-six inches…… stood out from her slim body. No doubt other women’s would have to do that by supporting a padded bra.

Her body tapered in to a twenty-five inch waist and there were no wrinkles across her abdomen. Her hips were well rounded and her long thighs and legs tapered gently….. no lumps or broken veins were to be seen.

‘I guess I could pass for nineteen easily if I had to,’ she thought happily.

There’s not another late twenty years old actress in Tollygunge film-industry that can make that statement honestly. With a pleasant smile, she ran her fingers through her curly black cunt hairs and winked at her reflection.

Still looking in the mirror, she pressed her cunt lips open and looked at the thin, pink stripe that appeared in her curls. Suddenly a kinky thought came in her mind as she turned and ran out the door….. being naked….. to the kitchen.

She went to the fridge…. opened it and grabbing a handful of ripe strawberries, she went back to her room. She pulled out a pillow from under the spread and carried it to the foot of the bed and sat down. She wadded up the pillow and propped it under her head as she leaned back.

Then facing the attached bathroom door, she pulled her knees up and watched herself through the reflection at her pussy-lips….. opening by themselves slowly. She then took a strawberry and placed it between the lips of her pussy.

Watching herself in the mirror she pushed it in as it slowly slid in her already moist hole. She laughed wickedly and placed another strawberry in the grip of her cunt lips.

The 2nd one didn’t want to go in easily, so she wet it in her mouth and popped it into her twat. One after another…. she wet the remaining two strawberries with her saliva and pushed them into her pussy…. until all four were lodged within her.

Munmun then stood up…. adjusted the strawberries inside her gripping pussy….. by relaxing her self-controled pussy-muscles as she carefully took a step. The sensation of having the strawberries roll around as she moved, was quite stimulating. She walked out into the hall very slowly….. lingering and enjoying the newly created sensations….. and at last down the steps.

Within two minutes, she was at the bottom of the stairs, then she turned around and decided to go back up. Now she started climbing the stairs…. it was like having a long cock moving around inside her cunt…. thereby increasing her excitement and flowing juices…. through her clenched pussy-lips.

Every step was a thrill…. Ohhhhhh…. how nice….. at last, she went back to her room and put on her silky robe again.

Then she thought, ‘I’ll just go about doing all the household chores, I usually do and see what happens. God knows, I’m cumming almost constantly. Why didn’t I ever think of this before?’

To experiment more, she bent over and touched her toes…. without bending her knees. The strawberries moved around as she could feel a strawberry smashed inside. Naturally, the strawberry juices was mixed with her cunt-cream and a small glob of the mixture oozed out from her slit….. flowing down her thighs.

Quickly, she scooped it with her finger and licked clean…. mmmmmm…. how sweet and tasty….

Next she placed her feet apart…. slightly and bent forward again. But instead of straightening up, she dropped herself to a squatting position. Suddenly one of the glistening strawberries plopped out from her cunt.

She took the strawberry from the floor…. put it in her mouth….. chewed it and gulped it slowly…. Ohhhhhh…. what a lovely test. She couldn’t wait to savor the remaining three strawberries…. till inside her hot-chamber.

Oh, yes, she thought. ‘This will keep me going until my husband comes back from his office. Maybe I should keep them for his evening snack’…… a wicked grin started playing on her face.

All the perverted thoughts naturally made the glamour-queen Bengalee heroine even more horny.

‘Oh God, how I love to get fucked. Now let me go down to the living room. I’ll put on some music….. a hot hindi song and try doing the twist…. keeping the remaining strawberries inside.’

Even she could practice some dances before her husband’s arrival….. and after that, they would join the party thrown by Supriya aunty at 6:00 pm. But now she just wanted to forget her increasing horny state that was creating in her strawberry stuffed pussy.
______ ______ _______ ______ ______ ______

At 8:00 pm the Sen couple came back from the fabulous party of Supriyadevi’s 33-rd marriage anniversary. They were only blocks from their house, and Munmun knew her husband wanted to fuck her. She too was horny enough to fuck…. which stemmed from the party they just left and her wicked kinky act with the strawberries before that.

As usual there was a lot of drinking and a lot of fooling around in the party. Most of the VIP guests loosened up so, when they boozed up. She noticed some familiar Tolly celebrities were coaxing while drinking and dancing.

At one point, she’d seen a couple, slowly departed the large hall and moved to the second floor where more than five separate rooms were arranged for taking some rest or refreshments. But she was fully aware what would have been happened in those special rooms during their refreshment.

That’s why she was greatly surprised when she noticed that the couple was none other than the host of the party herself and an unknown person. Yes, it was Supriyadevi and with her a middle aged producer.

She followed them quietly as they proceeded towards the corridor and quickly disappeared into one of the restrooms. They just closed the doors behind them without locking it… and curious Munmun peered through the partially open-doors.

Fiftythree yrs old Supriyadevi was lying back on the king-sized luxurious bed….. her Saree-Saya was bunched up to her waist and that producer was sucking her matured, clean shaven cunt hungrily. During the day he was a noted gentleman while Supriyadevi regarded as one of the respected Tolly celebs and aunts of her who had one child, named Soma and a hardworking husband.

That’s when she caught sight of another couple….. Aparna Sen and a young co-star Rajat Mallick in another restroom. They were in the middle of the room….. hugging against each other tightly. Aparna’s knee-length gown was up as they were kissing. It was obvious that his cock was out and he was rubbing it against her exposed panty-less crotch.

The hypocrisy disgusted the Tolly heroine Munmun….. as most of these so called renowned personalities pretended to live proper lives. Yet it was clear that even if they weren’t fucking around openly, they surely wanted to…… hypocrites, all of them.

So, what’s wrong if she had some extra marital relationship….. cause, to her, it was a mandatory part of the show-business profession. Moreover, men liked her…… lots of her fan came on to her. It was supposed to be what every actress needed badly.

On the other hand, after her marriage, her acting career seemed to be hampered a lot…. although the craze among her fans still prevailed. Secondly, just after two years of marriage, she no longer felt much passion for her husband.

Strange cock was what she craved always…… yes, strange cock and a slick tireless tongue…..

As she undressed herself for bed, she remembered the good times. During the early days of their marriage they stayed in bed most of the time. They fucked until they were exhausted and then they lay in each other’s arms….. touched and kissed.

That time didn’t last long, and now they had the rest of their lives to be bored and restless. At least she did. She didn’t know if Manish was bored or not and she didn’t much care. At least he got what he wanted from her. She was the one who usually went to sleep dissatisfied.

She still loved him, but what was love without sexual excitement? It was true Manish could be witty when he was in the mood…. and he loved her really. She could depend on that. But there was a nagging feeling inside her that something was missing. She desperately needed to find out what that something was.

Every time the notable Sen couple returned home from a party, the husband was always turned-on. And the wife wondered if some time during the party, he’d been alone in an upstairs’ restroom with one of her co-actress friends.

However the thought didn’t disturb her… rather it excited her tremendously.

Now she was naked as she lay down on the bed. She switched on the TV and VCR….. just watching one of her mother’s old films leisurely….. while her husband was in the bathroom. She opened her legs and wondered how he was going to take care of her.

She closed her eyes and pretended, she was about to be joined by a stranger. Someone whose physical appearance was different than her husband. Someone slim and quiet, the opposite of her husband’s aggressiveness.

That’s when she thought about that day’s photo-shoot with Sanjit. And she started wondering what Sanjit’s Cook would be in bed when her husband walked into the room. He was naked and surprisingly his cock wasn’t totally limp.

As he moved toward the bed…. his cock started swaying between his powerful thighs. He smiled when he saw Munmun stretched out on the bed.

He lay down next to her and reached for a cigarette. He inhaled deeply while she lay perfectly still with her legs spread wide. She had a tiny smile on her face. He wondered if he could get away with a hand-job tonight.

He gazed at her fondly. She was a hell of a good looking woman. Fucking her wasn’t as good as it once had been, but what the hell, they’d been together not too long to expect fireworks.

Actually he’d never been faithful to his wife Munmun, but she never need to know that. Everyone knew, guys needed more sex than women. Still, Munmun was a horny dish…. more demanding than most women.

He didn’t want her to find out about his women. Hell, he loved her….. but a man needs variety.

‘Can’t eat chicken every Sunday and still enjoy it’.

Still, occasionally he sensed that Munmun was less than totally happy….. as he thought, ‘Tonight I’ll give her a good fuck. Maybe I’ve been neglecting her lately. No need to let her think that she’s just a hole to fill when I’m in the mood.’

He finished his cigarette and rolled onto his side to face her. His cock touched her side and she opened her eyes. She tried to hide her disappointment.

Actually, she’d been thinking about the young Tolly star Sanjit Chatterjee. She smiled at her husband falsely as he touched her hair. She felt her cunt dry up despite her horniness.

He leaned over and casually shoved a finger into her cunt. He didn’t seem to notice that she’d dried up. There was still enough lubrication in there to fool him. Or maybe he didn’t care if she was wet or dry. He just wanted to get it over with.

He fingered her pussy for a few minutes. As usual she responded. Her cunt clutched his finger on the in-stroke.

Her eyes closed….. and that’s when another picture came to her mind….. now it was their new Odisan Cook Prankrisno Mohanta.

Soon her cunt started creaming profusely. Her husband thought she was responding to his finger. He moved his thumb over her clit and decided to use his hand to bring her off.

He had no idea that his wife was fantasizing about another man’s prick. She kept her eyes tightly closed…. dreaming Prankrisno’s cock when he added a second finger to her pussy.

Bad luck to Munmun….. instead of the strange cocks ( at present either Sanjit’s or Prankrisno’s ) she was dreaming, she had her husband’s fingers. However her body responded to his caresses….. but she wanted more…… as she reached for his cock.
_____ ______ _____ _____ ______ ____ ___

By the time Parveen Sultana arrived at the famous Sens’ house “Shanti-Neer”, it was almost dark. The day’s light was already gone…. probably two hrs ago. She was sweating all over due to her one hour long bus journey, but she was highly excited….. thinking about the prospect of become a maid of a famous actress.

She was a slender girl with short curly hair and dark, flashing eyes along with a wide, sensual mouth. Her tits were not big enough, but they were firm and perky… that’s why she didn’t like to wear a bra.

Naturally it manifested in the way that her big, stiff nipples pushed out in twin peaks against her T-shirt or Frock whichever she wore. Her waist was narrow and her ass was round.

She liked the way her ass looked and swayed…. she used it cleverly to create good effect upon the males when she walked. She was a little bit sexually experienced…. due to her nerdy boyfriend who always tried to push his hand in her panties.

She’d just turned **yrs and now her widow mother Fatema Bibi had given her permission to work in a famous actress’s house. Doing so she could too make some money…… thereby help her needy family to some extent. Actually Aparna’s husband Sanjay had arranged that where Parveen’s mother had been working as a maid for a long time.

She’d arrived at the Sen house promptly…. through a bus ride but couldn’t identify the house at first. Her nipples had gotten chafed from all the tit-pressure as she’d to complete the ten km crowded bus journey. But she was glad that she’d chosen to go braless under her white cotton T-shirt.

A tight bra would have smothered her tits in this heat, making her that much more miserable. She was with a pair of cheap shoe….. dressed in a loose fitting T-shirt and a pair of navy blue skirts. Anyone could guess her a mere schoolgirl of Class-IX.

“Ouch!” She winced as she plucked a sand burr which pinched her outstretched sole.

Chameleons scattered in front of her as she prowled around the side of the house, searching for the main entrance…. through the lighting compound. Here houses and yards were systematically planned and designed beautifully too. Most of them were buried under various types of flower-leaves and other tropical vegetation.

“Harder! Oh God, harder!”

Suddenly a hysterical voice of a woman burst out at her from behind a huge curtain of leaves.

“Split me in half, Ohhhhhh….. so nice! Come on, move faster!”

It was the woman’s voice in her ecstacy as she moaned hysterically…. despite it’s aggressiveness. As the woman cried out in pleasure, a man grunted….. muttering in low guttural tones. Frantic breathing hung in the still, humid silence.

Parveen’s first impulse was to run. She stood there still….. turning in ten directions at once….. not knowing which way to go. It seemed as if the moaning had closed in on her. Her heart pounded and she felt panic as the leaves blocked her path on all sides.

“Do it to me, baby, give it to me!” The woman grunted again and again as if she were being slugged repeatedly in the gut.

“Yeah!” the man moaned. “Oh, yeah, you’re so tight baby, ahhhh……!”

Parveen heard a rhythmic creaking sound of bed along with the slapping of flesh against flesh. Her heart started slamming in her chest, her pulse pounding in her head. Instantly, the clever girl could guess what was going on.

The curious teen parted the fan of leaflets in front of her and peered through the chink she had formed. Inches behind the leaves was a window screen of glass. Through the glass she could clearly see a beautifully decorated bedroom. It was bathed in bright moonlight….. coming from a nearby huge glass-covered window.

She could see in the center of the room, as if on a brightly lit stage….. a bed with the covers thrown off. The tantalizing scene on the bed stunned her into absolute frozen fascination and shock.

An extremely beautiful naked woman was lying on her back on the luxurious mattress. Her milk-white ass was raised slightly by a pillow. Her legs were up in the air and wrapped around the heaving loins of a naked man.

The man’s glistening cock was plunging swiftly in and out of the woman’s wide-open cunt. The woman’s toes curled as the man fucked her with a steady rhythm. The woman clawed the man’s back with her fingernails. The couple looked as if they wanted to mingled into one another.

“Harder, damn it……. Ohhhhh….. fuck me harder!” the woman moaned….. tossing her shampooed head from side to side. “Deeper, Oh God, deeper!” She grounded her teeth…. moaning as if she were being tortured.

The hairy man between the woman’s legs writhed….. grinding all of his naked body down on the woman….. scouring her swollen tits with his hairy chest. With the pounding, his belly slapped against her heaving smooth abdomen.

Their loins collided…. pelvic bones cracked together…… coupled with the cock and cunt….. making obscene squishing noises. The woman pounded the man’s hairy ass with her heels in frenzied passion. Cunt-cream oozed profusely from her cock-stuffed hairy pussy….. leaking down into her asscrack like a thick sap.

Parveen watched in fascination as the woman’s cunt appeared to clutch and suck at the man’s plunging cock. It was as if the woman had a hairy-lipped mouth between her legs….. a mouth that wanted to devour the large rod of fuck-meat which grew from the man’s hairy crotch.

The man’s large swollen, testicles flapped as he bounced his ass….. thrusting his cock again and again into the woman…. pinned under him. His balls-sack reminded the teen maid of the balls of a bull, she’d once seen on her deceased father’s farm.

Suddenly the woman arched up her hips…. her eyes rolling back as if she were dying. Her entire body shuddered in convulsions and she moaned frantically. “Ohhhhh….. it’s so nice dear, I’m cumming, uhhhh, uhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh……!”

“Yeah,” the man growled too, plunging his cock mercilessly. “Cum, you dirty bitch, loose your cunt!”

The woman jerked wildly…. thrusting her sucking cunt upwards at the man’s groin as she tried to fuck his cock with her spasming cunt from below. Her fingernails sank into his flesh as her head was thrown back while her neck was exposed. The man bit her neck-flesh with his teeth…. fucking her faster and faster.

Parveen couldn’t move. She’d never in her life witnessed anything hot like this and she felt herself hypnotized by the scene. Conflicting emotions whirled and collided within her curiously, lustful, helplessness and fascinating mind.

“Stop a minute,” the woman moaned few minutes later, settling back down, her toes uncurling. “Hey, it’s too sensitive right after I cum. Give me a break, for God’s sake!”

“Fuck you!” the man growled, his cock plunging relentlessly as he continued his fucking like a rutting animal.

The woman squirmed, her eyes rolling, her nails sinking into the man’s hairy flesh again. “Oh just a minute, please! You’re gonna drive me out of my mind.”

But without pausing, the man continued to fuck her harder….. ramming his cock again and again into the open cunt of the gasping woman. He seemed to enjoy making her squirm.

How could a woman take it, especially now that she’d just cum? She had been fucked few times by her boyfriend…… although all were miserable. And she had some experiences about the soreness of her pussy.

She’d jerked herself off enough times and she knew how sensitive a pussy could be immediately after an orgasm. She couldn’t believe that this woman could tolerate a big, bone-hard cock fucking in and out right after she’d climaxed.

In fact, Parveen couldn’t believe that any girl or woman could tolerate getting fucked at any time. She’d never realized how men’s cocks got so big when erect. It was exciting in a way, but it was also.a great surprising thing to the teen.

‘I’ll never let something like that happen to me,’ She told herself. ‘My boyfriend sometimes behaves like this…. and I’ll never allow him to commit such animalistic behavior.’

The man suddenly pulled his cock out of the woman, and the woman fell back, her tits heaving in post orgasmic bliss. She sighed…. twisting her head sensuously from side to side. And the man, his big prick was all wet….. throbbing up and down.

Few seconds later, he grabbed the woman by the arm, and helped her to sit as he said, “Come on darling, up….. now it’s your turn, make me cum!”

“Just a minute,” the woman mumbled.

“Please Mona….. suck me….. I want to release!” The man pleaded as he settled himself slowly on the woman’s chest.

The woman once again laid back on the bed slowly…. and Parveen now could at least recognized the woman’s identity. Yes, she was her Idol, her favorite heroine…. Munmun Sen. Her interest and excitement suddenly grew…. noticing her dearest actress’s lewd wickedness.

Parveen watched as Munmun took the man’s sloppy cock in her mouth eagerly and started sucking it like a hungry bitch in heat. At the same time she massaged his hairy testicles with her right palm to quicken his climax.

“Mmn, yeah, suck that cock!” the man croaked, gripping the woman’s lustrous wavy hairs…. ramming his loins repeatedly at her face. “Oh darling! What a hot and wet mouth you have! What a tongue! Eat it, cocksucker, suck it off!”

Spit started leaking from the comers of Munmun’s mouth. Her lips were stretched thinly around the man’s thick prick. She choked repeatedly as the man fucked her throat. As she was forced to blow the man’s cock, she entwined her legs around each other, squeezing and shimmying her thighs together.

She was squeezing herself off, Parveen could guess. She had masturbated many times in the same manner…. squeezing her thighs together and working her swollen pussy lips against each other until she’d brought herself off.

It was an easy way to jerk off and it didn’t get her fingers all sticky with pussy-cream. Parveen had climaxed in the classroom many times using this method.

The actress, parveen’s all time favorite, Munmun Sen alias Mona, inside the room, squirmed on the bed as her shoulders pinned down by the man. Her mouth and throat were stuffed with the man’s sliding prick.

Munmun groaned….. she appeared to be intentionally rubbing her swollen tits against the man’s ass. It surely helped the woman’s stimulating her thick, half-inch erect nipples by working them against the man’s hairy ass-cheeks.

At the same time, she rubbed her feet up and down on the soft mattress madly. She slid her smooth legs together and wiggled her ass…. humping her loins and masturbating herself.

“I’m getting close, baby, getting close.” The man groaned….. rocking his hips rhythmically. He slid his prick in and out of the woman’s mouth…. fucking her face and throat constantly.

“Mmn, mmmn!” The woman cooed as she smacked her lips around his big cock.

Munmun munched it as if it were a big succulent salami. She still gagged from time to time, but now it looked like she was enjoying the rape of her mouth and throat. The man fucked her mouth slower now than at first….. ploughing his cock in deep and grinding his fat balls at her chin.

“Use your tongue darling….. yeah, pleasure it good.”

Munmun moaned too…. munching excitedly as she got her another hand between his ass-cheeks. She stroked the man’s hairy ass with her fingers and tickled his asshole with her finger-nails. At the same time, she continued to jerk her head up and down…. eating the man’s cock hungrily, as if she wanted to gobble it up.

“That’s my girl….. I love you baby,” the man moaned. “Eat it, cocksucker, make it cum. Oh, yeahhhh!”

Parveen realized that she herself was hotter now than she’d been immediately after her bus ride. Every cell of her body seemed tight and swollen as if with steam. Her nipples were painfully hard, almost poking through the thin material of her white T-shirt.

Under her skirt, she wore a pair of cutest panties that strangled her mound, their crotch cutting up between her bloated pussy lips. Her cunt-slit pulsed….. leaking hot juices and getting her panties sticky and wet.

Clenching her teeth together to prevent herself from panting audibly, she moved her right hand under her skirt….. and pushed two fingers inside the sodden panties. Quickly her searching fingers came in contact with her moist, swollen cuntflesh.

Her clit twitched against her thumb, a burning little bud of meat….. while her cunt hole steamed…. making sucking pulsations around her forefinger.

Unable to control her lust, she slipped the forefinger inside her dripping pussy. She then began to fuck herself with the fingers as she devoured the lewd act of the most sophisticated actress of Bengal inside the room.

The man’s hairy ass now bounced more rapidly…. each ass-cheek dimpling slightly as the muscles contracted. His long glistening cock slipped between the beautiful actress’s lips…… sank again and again in her throat. He grunted…… fucking faster and grinding his groin at her nose.

“It’s cumming!” he gasped. “Yeah, it’s cumming baby!”

The heroine went into a frenzy of excitement….. writhing all over the bed. She shimmied her legs together…. rubbing the man’s ass and balls with her hands and sucking his cock with loud smacking, slurping sounds.

The man’s head snapped back. His body shuddered…. jerking violently. “Uhhh, awww, ahhhh!” And with that, he spurted his cum down the heroine’s throat. “Yeahhhhh!”

The heroine munched hungrily….. swallowing the man’s cum….. choking on his plunging cock. Quickly, she thrust a hand between the juncture of her clenched thighs…… ripping at her wet pussymeat.

Instantly, Munmun’s entire body quivered with the man’s climaxing and Parveen could guess that the heroine too experienced her second climax. Her toes curled…. clawing up the bed-sheet. Her orgasm wound through her body, she groaned loudly…. sucking the man’s spurting prick and eating his fresh jism hungrily.

“Yes darling, take it!” the man gasped. “Oh God!”

Parveen’s vision blurred. Every cell of her body tingled. Her pussy felt maddeningly tight. Her finger was buried inside her cunt to the hilt….. being eaten and sucked by her seething fuck hole.

She wiggled her finger in her convulsing pussy furiously. Pussy-juices ran out of her….. drenching her palm. She could smell herself, could smell her female excitement. She squeezed her legs together hard as the fuck-tension welling up in her pussy rapidly.

‘I wanna cum too,’ she moaned. ‘I wanna cum now!’

The delicious sensations grew immediately….. spreading it all over her excited body. Her cunt started to contract, her pussy meat prickling and on fire. The hot feelings saturated her cunt, then spread in waves through her legs and up her torso.

Her tits pulsed with orgasm just as her cunt did. Her nipples and toes ached….. throbbing with itchy sensations. She wished somebody would scratch them off. As she brought herself off, she swayed dizzily, in danger of toppling over and crashing through the thick tropical foliage.


There was suddenly a knocking on the wooden frame of that spacious bedroom. “Didimoni, Sanjay Dadababu is there…. waiting in the drawing room for you.”

The horrifying actress gave the man a sudden shove…… toppling him off from her naked frame. And his jizz-dripping cock instantly popped out of her mouth.

“Oppppsssss…..!” he shrieked……. falling on his back on the mattress.

The beautiful heroine wiped her mouth quickly with her wrist and cleared her throat….. gulping all the semen, the man had poured in her mouth.

“OK Kesto….. just a second….. give him some drinks and request him to wait for few minutes!” The heroine uttered somehow….. tried to wrap her body with the gown.

Parveen then heard footsteps behind the main door of the two-storied building. She quickly pulled her hand out of her panties and smothered the skirt. However her dripping cunt was still throbbing with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

“Be ready…… you know, within few days, we have to organize a party and a large no. of guests are going to attend,” the heroine urged the man. “But it’s a great relief that Sanjayda wished to take all the responsibilities….. we just have to cooperate him.”

“Ohhhh…. that’s out of my mind….. sorry darling……” with that the man too quickly dressed himself.

“It’s hopeless…… you always take any matter casually,” the glamour-queen said angrily and walked out from the room…. before dressing herself soberly.

To be continued…..

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