The Great Sen Family

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Episode : 1
Returning from Tollygunge film-studio, at first Munmun took a bath to refresh herself from the lethargy and weakness she got during her photo-shoot with Sanjit. She came out from her large bath-tub within ten minutes….. wrapping herself with a long silken robe.

After that the glamorous actress went to the full length mirror of the bathroom door and dropped the robe to examine herself. She noticed her dark jet black hair ( wet of course ) was flowing down on her smooth shoulders generously.

Her face was the sweetest in nature, her brown eyes sparkled and her skin was smooth with milk-white in complexion. Anyone would complemented her that she didn’t look a day over twenty…. although she was now twenty-eight.

She turned to the side and examined her nude body throughly. Her boobs were full and firm….. they were thirty-six inches…… stood out from her slim body. No doubt other women’s would have to do that by supporting a padded bra.

Her body tapered in to a twenty-five inch waist and there were no wrinkles across her abdomen. Her hips were well rounded and her long thighs and legs tapered gently….. no lumps or broken veins were to be seen.

‘I guess I could pass for nineteen easily if I had to,’ she thought happily.

There’s not another late twenty years old actress in Tollygunge film-industry that can make that statement honestly. With a pleasant smile, she ran her fingers through her curly black cunt hairs and winked at her reflection.

Still looking in the mirror, she pressed her cunt lips open and looked at the thin, pink stripe that appeared in her curls. Suddenly a kinky thought came in her mind as she turned and ran out the door….. being naked….. to the kitchen.

She went to the fridge…. opened it and grabbing a handful of ripe strawberries, she went back to her room. She pulled out a pillow from under the spread and carried it to the foot of the bed and sat down. She wadded up the pillow and propped it under her head as she leaned back.

Then facing the attached bathroom door, she pulled her knees up and watched herself through the reflection at her pussy-lips….. opening by themselves slowly. She then took a strawberry and placed it between the lips of her pussy.

Watching herself in the mirror she pushed it in as it slowly slid in her already moist hole. She laughed wickedly and placed another strawberry in the grip of her cunt lips.

The 2nd one didn’t want to go in easily, so she wet it in her mouth and popped it into her twat. One after another…. she wet the remaining two strawberries with her saliva and pushed them into her pussy…. until all four were lodged within her.

Munmun then stood up…. adjusted the strawberries inside her gripping pussy….. by relaxing her self-controled pussy-muscles as she carefully took a step. The sensation of having the strawberries roll around as she moved, was quite stimulating. She walked out into the hall very slowly….. lingering and enjoying the newly created sensations….. and at last down the steps.

Within two minutes, she was at the bottom of the stairs, then she turned around and decided to go back up. Now she started climbing the stairs…. it was like having a long cock moving around inside her cunt…. thereby increasing her excitement and flowing juices…. through her clenched pussy-lips.

Every step was a thrill…. Ohhhhhh…. how nice….. at last, she went back to her room and put on her silky robe again.

Then she thought, ‘I’ll just go about doing all the household chores, I usually do and see what happens. God knows, I’m cumming almost constantly. Why didn’t I ever think of this before?’

To experiment more, she bent over and touched her toes…. without bending her knees. The strawberries moved around as she could feel a strawberry smashed inside. Naturally, the strawberry juices was mixed with her cunt-cream and a small glob of the mixture oozed out from her slit….. flowing down her thighs.

Quickly, she scooped it with her finger and licked clean…. mmmmmm…. how sweet and tasty….

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