The Great Sen Family : 9

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Suman noticed there was a couple in the shadows toward the back of the garage, hidden from most everyone else. From his angle, and lack of sufficient light, he wasn’t able to recognize the girl / woman.

However he could guess the female was surely a woman….. noticing her Saree covered bulky figure. But if the woman would move slightly, he was sure that the security light from the neighbors’ would expose her identity. However, there was no mistaking who the guy was. With a tall frame like that, it surely had to be Munmun aunty’s Odisan Cook, Prankrisno Mohanta.

But who the woman was? The Saree-clad woman was now leaning into him, and her searching hands were all over him. It was pretty obvious to both Suman and his father that something juicy was going to happen very soon. Cause, they noticed that the woman’s right hand was busy with the front of his cooking uniform.

Suman couldn’t keep from grinning as he thought about the coming shock when this woman would be identified. He realized that like himself his father too was really enjoying the hot scene going on in front of them. His father was one of those tall young men that nature blessed proportionately. Things on him were attached nicely…… yes, he too was hung.

Glancing toward his father, he now felt interest if his father was going to disturb the couple before they got down to more frisky actions. But instead of interrupting the lovers in the dark, Suman watched his middle aged father take a more secluded yet advantageous position.

Suman, now a voyeur, had succumbed to his own perversion. He was greedy in his leering at the tantalizing silhouette of this Saree-clad woman as she prepared to pull out the Odisan Cook’s penis from his pants. Within seconds she was able to do that as he gasped noticing it’s hugeness…. it reminded him of a Nigro’s cock…. with it’s ebony color, length and girth. Quickly the woman grabbed that massive rod in her hand and rubbing it throughly.

Still then he hadn’t been able to establish the woman’s identity. Meanwhile the woman leaned back to push the Anchal of her Saree from her left shoulder and quickly unhooked her front-open sleeveless blouse. He realized that her actions helped the Cook to get her massive tits.

And that moment, he could recognize the woman’s identity…… he gasped in shock….. Oh My God! How was it possible….. No… no…. It couldn’t be….

The cock hungry woman that had so eagerly been rubbing the Cook’s shaft, the woman that had proudly jerked her half-open blouse up to expose her big, slightly sagging tits…. was his stepmother Aparna….. his father’s 2nd wife Aparna Sen!

Suman continued to gawk as his stepmother placed Prankrisno’s busy hands on her delicious exposed melons. He now realized that his father surely would burst out from his seclusion like an angry bull! Surely he would find this unacceptable! Surely he wouldn’t stand idly by if in next moment Prankrisno would stuff his big cock in his wife’s mouth and release a hot load!

But when he noticed his father still hadn’t moved, he was surprised. He was even more shocked when he noticed his father pulling out his semi-hard cock from his pant’s fly and started rubbing it. How could his father tolerate his wife’s infidelity? Why he was still watching his celebrity wife’s such depravity while stroking himself?

He couldn’t digest….. but decided at last to watch further development of his great actress stepmothe’s lewd actions. So there they were, Suman and his father, standing in the shadows, each massaging their burning erections while Aparna Sen, the famous actress and director of Tollygunge, greedily massaged the horse cock of Munmun’s Odisan Cook.

So, now it was clear that unless the couple was interrupted, soon Aparna would hungrily be devouring some young, hard shaft of a lower class Cook.

Shifting his attention back to his stepmother, Suman too now stared in burning lust. He watched with rapt attention how eagerly his fantasy woman rubbed the flared cockhead on her smooth cheeks….. grabbing the base of the cock.

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