The Descent

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“Would you like to eat my ass?” she asked nonchalantly, while biting down on a piece of carrot she brought to her mouth.

It was the clear late evening of a sunny August day. They were having dinner in the living room, while the distant city lights would peer through the giant window installed as one of the walls for the kitchen.

“What?” he asked dumbfounded, with his mouth half open, forgetting to chew.
“You know, I was wondering if you’d do it. I’m not bent on it, but I am curious about it and I thought I’d ask”.

Blanche was an incredible woman. She had a petite figure with a fantastic ass topped by a thin, beautiful waist that was only intensifying the attractiveness of her butt by contrast. She had dark, wavy hair, big black eyes and a pair of lush, plump lips that you couldn’t get your eyes off of.

He loved her. He was obsessed with her. Not in an unhealthy way (he thought), but simply so that his life revolved around her. He would always think of her first and make sure that her every need and desire has been met, before taking care of his own. It was a sort of natural dynamic of theirs and they were both feeling comfortable with their roles. At the same time, they have always respected each other and treated themselves as equals. That is why this change of direction seemed sort of odd to Tom.

“Lick your ass? Well…I guess?…but how come you’re curious about this, all of the sudden?”
“EAT* my ass out, Thomas, eating* is what we’re talking about here” she specified, seemingly annoyed by the fact that he did not get it right the first time.
“Um, what’s the difference?” he asked, confused.
“Oh, you’ll see,” she replied, smiling confidently.

They were in their late twenties and were already married for over 5 years. Having met in college and hitting it off almost instantly, she was now working in publicity and he found a career in a corporate office. They were always open to trying new things, but they never really went past the classic oral sex, occasional ass slap and all the potential positions they could think of.
“Yeah, so it’s something new, you know?” she continued answering his question. “I really enjoy making love to you and I am satisfied, honest to god, but why not try something different once in a while? Diversify our repertoire?” she hinted, by winking suggestively at him, while returning to her plate.

“Oh, ok, sure!” he complied, regaining the awareness of his mouth and closing it, after comprehending the situation. Hmm, licking her ass, eh? I read about it online, I think I might have known someone that did it, but I can’t quite put my finger on it about who it was, he was thinking to himself, while eating the rest of his meal, looking through the food, caught up in his own mind. I guess it is kind of sexy, when you think about it. We’re all attracted to ass, but we don’t do too much about it. If you can fuck it, why not kiss it? But even lick it? I mean, I am sure she would make sure to be clean, after all…I need to keep healthy, right?”
Blanche was noticing her partner already thinking the entire thing over and was loving the look in his eyes. It was the same look he had with every thought process that ended in approval. She could tell he wasn’t all in yet, but she was sure that he would do it eventually. After all, she knew him.

It was never hard for her to get what she wanted out of him. Especially since, from the very start, he had this habit of asking her if she ever needed or wanted everything, followed by him always satisfying her requests, almost without hesitation. He had moments of rebellion, when he would “wake up” all of the sudden dissatisfied with their situation and the ratio of effort being invested towards him, but he would quickly come around. Blanche shortly noticed a pattern where he would lose his patience with her, after masturbating.

For 24-48h she would have a harder time with him. He was not that obedient anymore and would put up a lot of resistance to her demands. Lucky her that he was wired to want to make her happy. Picking up on that, she started asking him not to masturbate anymore. At first, he wouldn’t even want to think about it. They had arguments on the topic and it was a recurrent talk. But she was insistent and he was biased. He wanted to satisfy himself when he felt like it and not have it depend entirely on her, but he did love her a lot and noticed they were sort of fighting more after he was masturbating. Slowly, in time, he tried doing it less and less until he eventually stopped doing it altogether, maybe only once or twice, per month, while she was on her period. So by now, Blanche knew she had him wrapped around her finger. She had purposefully delayed his orgasm for the last 4 days, for various reasons, mostly revolving around her not getting an orgasm yet and how she needed his full erect potential for it. He really loved her and wanted to satisfy her, so he put up his best to try and do that. Naturally, with each day that was passing by without him cumming, only to be teased, excited and denied an orgasm, he was lustier than before and more susceptible to any sexual activities or proposals.

“Ok, so what about we give it a try after dinner?” she asked, smiling at him with her carnal set of beautiful, white teeth showing.

Having had his train of thoughts interrupted, he snapped out of it, looked at her and replied slightly aloof:
“Sure, my love, however you want it”.
“Ok. I’ll remember that, though!” she giggled.
She was thinking about it for a long time now. She heard vague mentionings of this from some of her friends, stumbled upon some internet memes on the topic or articles, but what really set her off was this erotica story she found. It started slow, with some quite descriptive ass-eating scenes, which were shocking enough as they were, but everything turned far worse after.

The main idea was that there was this woman and this man and the man would serve the woman and cater to her every whim (sounds familiar? she asked herself, while reading, already being drawn to the premise, starting to feel a faded connection between her relationship’s dynamic and this new ass eating trend. Truth is, she didn’t really know what she was in for).

So the woman in this story decided to push the limits of her man’s adoration and started asking him to do things he wouldn’t otherwise do, wanting to see just how far he would go for her. Without getting into details, let’s just say that from ass eating, the couple developed into a Mistress-slave relationship, only deepening their pre-existent statuses, with him ending up as her living toilet. Yep, you read that right. Appalled was an understatement, when it comes to what Blanche fell, while reading this part of the story. She closed the browser, shut the laptop, turned away from her desk, got up and went outside. For quite some days she didn’t really think about it anymore.

Well, not consciously anyway. Bits and pieces from the story would return to her randomly from time to time and she would have mixed feelings about it. At first, she would simply push these thoughts away and immediately get herself occupied with something, so she could stop thinking about it. But, with time, she started processing everything and it wasn’t long before she started asking herself questions. It was becoming harder and harder for her to deny how attractive she found the idea of having her ass eaten out.

To be honest, she was really enjoying the attention she was getting from her man and how he would so often compromise his satisfaction for hers, even if sometimes it wasn’t really required, even if it was just a whim of hers. He would very often do it. Not always, but more often than not. Maybe if I get him used to eating my ass out, he would become even more submissive and the “more often than not” could become “almost always”. Or, who knows? Maybe just “always”.

She was delighted with her thoughts, while finishing up her dinner. She was pleasantly surprised to find out how wet this new scenario was making her. The idea of having a completely submissive man, someone devoted to her total and utter satisfaction was a very exciting prospect. She was loving Thomas and didn’t want to torment him, but he was willing to serve, to fulfill and had such a natural knack for it. She didn’t really take advantage of that before. Well, not that much anyway.

Blanche was always used to having her way. People were sort of inclined to do her bidding, more or less, each for different reasons. But to women looking like she did, it was hard to say no, to begin with.

“I’m all done!” she exclaimed happily, while getting up and slapping her palms together.
“Oh, I see, bu-“
“Let’s go!” she said, grabbing his hand, pulling him away from his unfinished meal. “Ass eating time! I hope you saved room for it!” she joked, giggling happily about it.
Wow, she is really set on this, no joke! I didn’t even get to finish my meal, jesus! But ok, I guess. It’s not like it is worth mentioning. I mean, I love to see her so excited and happy, I wouldn’t want to burst her bubble.
“We’re here!” she announced ceremoniously, when reaching the bedroom. She got up on the bed, on her back and signaled him to follow her.

He looked her up and gulped with desire. She had such wonderful thighs. And the mini skirt she wore today drove him nuts. She usually doesn’t wear skirts at home, let alone mini ones, but today she went out of her way. For this? he wondered, as he was getting into bed. He reached up to kiss her, but she stopped his head with the palm of her hand, spread her legs and guided him to her pussy.

“Save your kisses for my pussy and asshole, babe” she said pitifully, puckering her lips in a kissy pout as if to make him understand that she gets him, but that there’s nothing that she can do about it.

Usually I get so clean and ready for him, but that is such a hassle and a waste of time and effort. I really wish I wouldn’t have to do that all the time. At least not that often. I know I’m not fresh now, as I just came home from work, ate dinner and now here we are, haven’t showered since this morning, plus I got really wet earlier, but if he is going to eat my ass properly, he should at least eat my pussy as it is.

“Strip me of my panties!” she asked firmly, sounding almost like an order.
He was horny as fuck, being that he didn’t cum in 4 days and forgot all about his food, now that he had her pussy in front of him.

“Close your eyes.” she asked him. She grabbed his jaw and brought it to her cunt, pulling his head under her skirt. “Keep your eyes closed and start licking my pussy. Slow, tender licks. Start from the outsides, do not rush, take your time with every part of my pussy, ok?

Outer labias, inner labias, I want you to really bathe my cunt with your saliva and tongue, ok? But only after you kiss it lovingly all over, you know how I like it.” and with that, she let her skirt fall over his head, let her head down and closed her eyes, relaxing. She was going to really milk this thing. Slow and steady.

He was surprised by her desire for him to close his eyes, but he rolled with it. Maybe she wanted him focusing more profoundly on licking. Plus, being under her skirt, there wasn’t really much to see.

Other than her plump, juicy pussy, on top of which the skirt would cut everything off. As if her cunt had a personality of its own and they were intimately spending time together, cut off from the rest of the world. Just him and her pussy, alone. So, with his eyes closed, he pushed through the unusual smell and tentatively started to kiss her sex. While doing so, he could feel something was different.

Her pussy wasn’t so liquidly coated as usual, but was rather having a sticky, more dense coating. He could feel a somewhat strong sweat and pee smell. This was new. She never offered herself to him like this before. He wasn’t even sure she had any such smells, being that she never let him feel them before. Being his first contact with this new reality, he wasn’t the most attracted to it. I mean, he was horny as fuck and wanted to eat her out right now, but the not-entirely-clean situation was kind of a turn off for him. Met with this predicament, while still slowly kissing and tenderly licking her sticky cunt, his mind started wondering on the same well-paved paths that it has always been wondering on, when thinking about Blanche.

He tried to understand her. She wanted him, had this new idea that she picked up god knows where, probably at work, from one of her chickmates, and she came home so excited about it that she completely forgot about washing or anything else, for that matter. She did come home all amped up, wanting to talk about something, but because I got home earlier today, having already cooked dinner, I put her down to eat first thing when she arrived, so she didn’t get the chance to jump into it. She did bring it up shortly after, though, while we were eating. How could I just stop now and ask her to clean herself? I would really ruin the mood and I wouldn’t want to bring disappointment to that angelic face.

Plus, I know there’s nothing really bad with it, as someone told me of a guy that was eating his girlfriend out while on her period. Like, every time. For years. And he was a-ok. So, after all, maybe just suck it up and do this for her? Make her happy? In his new found rationalism of the situation, he felt invigorated to lick and suck more seriously, because he really did not want to make her feel unfit, undesirable or unattractive in any way. He didn’t care that she was smelling slightly sweaty or that he could smell and taste trace amounts of her pee. What was the worst that could happen? He wanted to show her how much she meant to him, how even if she did not shower, she would still be attractive, desirable and proper for him. He wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible with him, despite not liking her taste. He loved her tremendously.

Noticing the reinvigorated licking and now even sucking of her dirty pussy, Blanche got wetter. Her interpretation of what happened was slightly different than that of Thomas (although really not that far from the truth, despite him not realizing it yet), as she thought that he was naturally drawn to her juices and smell and got all excited by it. She thought it was precisely the fact that she did not wash in the last 12h, after having stayed down at the desk in an excruciating heat, sweating, being super busy all day, hardly having enough time to wipe her pussy properly after peeing, that got Tom so riled up with her.

Well, isn’t that something? she thought incredulous to herself. His somewhat already-submissive mind found a way to instantly connect to this new situation and he enthusiastically seems to have settled into this new role. My beloved cunt-cleaner.
She could feel him gathering all of her deposits, loose hairs, lint with his tongue, bringing it into his mouth and swallowing it all dutifully, only to bring it out again in search of new offerings to collect.

I didn’t even ask him to clean my cunt, but he is doing it. Wow, ok, message received! The days of me washing my pussy for you are over, boy! That responsibility will now be passed onto you, since you are so enthusiastic about it. Your mouth, to be precise. Sheesh, I don’t even know how a sweaty pussy or pee taste and smell like, up close, but it can’t be pleasant. Still, he seems to be so into it…

I really love Blanche, I love her so much! Her pleasure is my pleasure and, for her, I will lick her pussy clean, because she can’t possibly find out I was taken aback by her aroma. I want her to feel loved and accepted. I mean, besides the fact that I do not want to put her into any awkward position, I also can’t make her feel weird about this, because I am horny as fuck and I cannot postpone this orgasm for another day. After 4 days of teasing and playing, I can’t just wank off like that, as she would be able to tell and might be bothered by it, I will lose my patience and we will fight. No, absolutely not, this can’t happen. My love, I am chugging down your everything, there is no stopping me! I want to satisfy you! The taste is not great, but you are! And god knows that I would do anything for you! He was thinking to himself, while greedily slurping, sucking and swallowing at her pussy, while under her skirt.

Being a first for Blanche also, this got her really, really wet and while she was enjoying herself, she really wanted to try out that ass eating as well.

I sat down for almost 9h at work today. 10h and a half, if you count the metro. It was hot as hell and I sweated profusely! I wonder how my ass smells. It can’t be good. I mean, I love him licking my dirty pussy, but a dirty ass? I think that’s a different story.
So she waited for the pussy cleansing to come to an end, for her not to feel anything anymore and for him to give into a state of slow, tender licks all over her-now soaked and fresh pussy, before saying:
“You know what? I need to go to the bathroom. Give me a sec!” she said, getting herself up, by pushing down on his head, under her ass, as a support for standing.
“I’ll be back quickly, make yourself comfortable!” she said, winking at him.

He was at a loss for words. While on his back, he stared at the ceiling, still tasting her pussy and pee. He could feel a lingering taste in his mouth. Something sour, salty and overall…nothing like he has ever tasted before. But he was surprised by what this made him feel. At first he felt really uncomfortable having to lick her pussy like that, but once he got into it and rationalized his reasons for doing it, he felt compelled to do a thorough job. He started searching for any hints of sweat or pee on and all around her sex and, as soon as he would find any, he would focus his licking and sucking on that spot, using plenty of saliva, until he couldn’t feel it anymore.

Driven by a new-found lust, he would greedily swallow everything and once she was completely clean and he could no longer feel anything, he was surprised to feel a bit disappointed. He almost found himself yearning for more. But there was no more. So he simply started giving her pussy long, sloppy licks all over, from down to top, giving into a rhythmic movement that coated her beautiful pussy in a shiny layer of saliva. It was right about then when Blanche pushed him under her ample asscheeks, in order to get up and go to the bathroom.

While in the bathroom, Blanche quickly washed her ass, by rubbing a soap bar in between her cheeks, putting a soapy finger up her bum and rubbing it in and out a few times, to make everything bubbly. She rinsed with water and was good to go. Couldn’t have taken her more than a minute, at most. But before returning to the room, she checked out her pussy curiously. It seemed to be glistening. She tentatively smelled from afar the tip of a finger she ran between her pussy lips, curious of how well of a job he did. Nothing. She pulled the finger closer, not a whiff of smell. Thomas licked, sucked and swallowed her in such a manner that it was as if she took a very scruby shower. She couldn’t believe his devotion and meticulosity. Did he really do this? She was starting to get curious herself about how much would her husband be willing to do for her. She came back to the bedroom, her ass still dripping with water and she cheerfully asked him: “Ready?”

He raised his head, while still laying on his back in bed and nodded affirmatively. Without any further inquiry about his regard, she climbed on the bed, climbed over him up until she had her crotch over his face, turned around on her knees to face his feet and looked down over her right shoulder, while pulling at her ass cheeks, in order to spread them. She let them go, slapped one of them and said, while looking away:
“Now remember our regular sessions. I really like you going slow. First, I want you to kiss my buttocks all over.

Then, I will spread my ass cheeks for you and you can start kissing their insides. Once you are done, you can move on to my asshole. I don’t want you kissing it upfront, right on the pucker from the start, do you understand? Firstly, take either the upper or the lower part of my ring in between your lips and tenderly pull back, letting them brush against it as my asshole escapes them.

Repeat this process over and over again, as if you were gingerly, lovingly kissing my lips and then I will guide you further.” She lowered herself just inches away from his face and bent over forward, to sustain herself on her elbows. She wanted to draw this out, so she had to be comfortable.

Below her, Thomas was beholding the sight of his life. He never really considered ass licking, but he was always mesmerized with her ass. So mesmerized, in fact, that he completely skipped past her incredibly detailed instructions on how to have her ass licked, in what manner and only registered the guidance passively. When she lowered herself, he snapped out of it and processed everything with a slight delay. He was once again in a situation where, even if this was weird or exaggerated, it wasn’t enough for him to stop and ruin her mood, at least not now,when the time has passed for that and he was expected to kiss her ass. After years of figuratively doing it, now she wants me to literally kiss her ass too, huh? It is a bit demeaning, but who would know, in the end? It is just between her and I.

Plus, if she goes overboard with it, I can always just stop, so…yeah, why not? With that, he pushed his head upwards, in order to reach her plump, perfect ass cheeks and started planting kisses on them slowly and tenderly.

Due to Blanche forgetting (or just not wanting) to wipe herself dry after washing her ass, most of the kisses that Thomas was planting on her buttocks were rewarded with droplets of water that would inevitably drip down onto his lips and into his mouth, when not around it. He was slightly startled by it, at first, but started ignoring it quickly after, on the same reasoning as always, not to give his princess any reasons to bother.

He noticed that the droplets that were sliding out right from between her asscheeks were somewhat warmer and was surprised to feel himself getting a bit excited by this. Why does water dripping out of my wife’s ass excite me? He tried thinking about it, while nearing the kisses closer and closer to her asshole. As if on cue, Blanche pulled at her asscheeks to let him gain more access. I think it is simply due to how much I love her ass and everything that has to do with it. God, I fucking love this perfect, bubbly
butt, he thought to himself, driven by lust and pheromones, while reaching for her asshole for the first time with his mouth, after dutifully kissing the warm inside of her asscheeks and swallowing all of her ass water.

Wow, he really enjoys this too! Girl, what have you been wasting your time up with, until now? Your boy is an inborn slave and you are taking it easy, by using him for menial tasks? Look at him, the worse I treat him, the more I debase him, the more he seems to like it. The lustier he gets. Well, of course, nagging him about not masturbating must have helped too, but I don’t think he would have liked it so much, if he wasn’t a natural for it.

Blanche was really enjoying the attention that she was getting from his mouth, especially now that he started getting the sides of her asshole in between his lips.

“Apply a light suction, when kissing my asshole’s outer ring” she instructed him.
He did his best to satisfy her demand, thinking about how he wanted to make her happy. She didn’t wax recently, apparently, because she had small hairs around her asshole, which were inevitably getting into his mouth, getting sucked along with her asshole. The sensation wasn’t pleasant, as he couldn’t resist imagining how those same hairs were brushing against every log of her shit, every day. And while water and soap could do a great job at cleaning, he wasn’t sure how much each individual strand of hair was cleaned in the process. He couldn’t help thinking that there were trace amounts of shit on those hairs, which he was actively sucking on, bringing any such possible remains into his mouth. He wouldn’t spit, though, after licking her, but he wouldn’t want to keep an accumulated amount of saliva in his mouth either, so he had to swallow. Over and over and over again. At least, it wasn’t like he could taste it or anything. Especially with his inner mouth coated in vaginal juice, sweat and pee. Plus she should have been getting cleaner with each suction, right?

This process of kissing and sucking at the exterior of her asshole turned Blanche on even more. She was getting lost in the ecstasy of this degradable intimacy that she was sharing with her husband and was loving the fact that he was not fighting it, that he was going along with it. For some reason, she found it incredibly arousing that he was using his mouth, his taste and smell receptors to satisfy her rectal opening. A hole whose sole purpose was to expel shit and occasionally farts, both of which she had no need or desire for. If it was up to her, she would never deal with those parts of her that repelled her. If she could never touch or be around her dejections, it would have been ideal. But living in the real world, she wasn’t spending too much time thinking about that, not being a plausible thing. However now, having his lips suckle at her anus’ rim, she would get all sorts of mixed feelings and thoughts about her ass and his mouth.

I know I put him up to this, but why would you lick and suck on an asshole? What would come out of it? (No pun intended) I only use my ass to shit and he only uses his mouth to eat (!!!)…drink and breathe. She froze for a moment, in her thoughts, rapidly and unwillingly connecting her reasoning to the story she read. She shook her head, trying to push away the inadvertent similarity from her mind and she tried to continue her train of thought, while Tom was getting more and more of her asshole into his mouth with each brushing. She could feel her asshole stretch, as he would put his lips on either side of it, applying suction and pulling back, only to briefly return to its natural position, before being taken between his lips again. It was such a relaxing, soothing action. She would have him do this for hours, if possible.

So, if his mouth is used to ingest, talk and, ok, pay respects, like the utmost respect, the type you offer with your mouth and which you don’t use to kiss just about anything or anyone; and I use my asshole only to shit and fart (and sometime getting fucked in), that sets things really straight, right? He has willingly and undoubtedly submitted his entire being to my existence. I mean, I know, I know, he is not aware of it yet and it will take more time for him to see it, truly feel it and be my complete and utter slave, but…he is using his food-ingester to caress my shit-dispenser. He is getting there <3


Hi there! I’m Mercy Belle, the author of this first chapter of my book. I would like to thank you for the support and the time that you invested in my work. I have many ideas waiting to be put in writing and I will always welcome your thoughts, suggestions and feedback. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or through my Amazon author page!

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