The dark secret of my brother 2

This is the third time that my eldest brother fuck me, as i wrote to my story lately, that my eldest brother touch my private parts of my body. This is my second true story that i want to share all of you who read.

3years later, when i turn in to aged of 15 years old. There was a time that my eldest brother who are in the house, when no one was out there except him lying on the sofa who i thought his in deep of his sleep, then i came round drunk, because of my friend who drink a beer. And they want me to drink, that why i came home drunk. When i got inside of the house, who i saw my brother lying on the sofa. Who i thought he was in the deep of his sleep. I try to go closer to him trying to be near at his face and staring his face and his front boxer short Who form his big dick where i stared at. Then i whispered to him you are the one who lost my virginity then pointed and touched the dick form. Then go up stairs to his room as i fill asleep.

As i never thought that room was not mine, then few minutes later, i am in totally wash out and i can’t remember anything, and how do get to that room, then my eldest brother was awaked at that moment when i tell anything to him. Then he go up stairs directly goes to his room, and he found out that im sleeping to his bed. Then came down stairs closed the gate closed the main door and go up stairs direct to his room the slowly closed the door of his room.

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Then put me beside of his bed who my foot are now on the floor and my hands are pointing up. And now he slowly rub my short pants down to my toes and put beside my side. Next he grab my panty down to my toes and put it beside me again. And now he going up to my shirt and undress it. And the last is my bra. Then untie it. Then totally naked. And then his playing on my little cute boobs with erected tiny nipples. And he slowly massage and genlte and squeeze my nipples, and he sip and diddled it, then tickle of his tongue. Then he compress my two tiny boobs, sip it. Laked it. And he was enjoyed what he do to me, then few minutes pass by he slowly go down to my pussy who have a tiny little hair. Then open my legs slowly and he saw the holy cave in it,then he sip to his mouth and lIck it then tickle to his tongue.

Then he insert his three finger on my pussy while lick it and sip. Then change his position stand out and put my legs straight up to his chest then slowly enter his big dick to my pussy, push it to my small hole who he hit last time when he entered it. And he do it again. Who i feel it was so hurt me or tickling inside my small dark hole. That i can’t express my feeling because he move so fast, and i bite my lips with my eyeballs are going up and hidden by the eyelid.

Then a few minutes later he change position who face me back to him with my both up head down. And he clearly see my ass, then his now enter his dick to my ass, that i hold my breath long because of his big dick in my ass, who has bigger then my bullshit . He only enter three times then he pull out. And back to my pussy, who feel wet and cum. But i’am in deep sleep. Even if my eldest brother fuck me hard i don’t know what his doing about me. He is free to do all he want to do in me.

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Then change position again. He is now in my top who pushing and pulling his dick faster i feel wet again and cum. That was my second cum. And my brother pull out his dick. Then jackling in my upper pussy. Then he put the lust outside my pussy and he wipe it then clean it up. Then after that he sleep beside me because everyones are going late. We are totally naked at that time. Few hours late when i woke up, i got an head ached who i woke up my eldest brother. When he awake i punch him in his chest, and said i hate you….. I hate you.. In slow voice in it. Then he hug me tight then said to me.

Sorry my little sissy i can’t control it it hard for me handle it so sorry please im begging you please help me. With his tears come down. And i said to him i forgiven you. He hug me and sleep together naked. Years gone by when i remember the time that he touch my body. But i don’t know what happened that time. Until i came into his room late at night. When no ones are awake in the house. He did not close the door. I enter with out his permission.

Then i turn off the light then sit down beside him. I saw him lying naked with his dick who are not big it’s just an ordinary dick . How cute it is who i slightly laughing looking to his dick . Then i hold it and said it a jelly beans. I rub it slowly then massage up and down. Feel the dick was strong and big. I smile and let go his big dick. Then i wake him up, late at night. And ask him what happened when the time that you touch my private body. Please let me know brother. I don’t get mad at you. Please just tell me the truth. I’m so curious of what happened brother. Then he detailed by detailed all the time when he touch me. I wrote at my dairy book. All and keep its to the please that no one knows.

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I love my eldest brother so much..

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