The college whores

Hi I’m Radha and I want to share a few incidents that happened during my college days.
I was a very horny girl and I always fantaized about being naked in public, standing in a bank que or even about guys looking at me it always excited me. I always loved attention from guys. And loved exposing so much. I used to make sure my clevage is visible to anybody who looks at me.

I had a friend named seema and she had many boyfriends and they always used to roam behind her ass and she always ignored them and they always pampered her and wanted to be with her. I made the courage and asked her how she had so much attention from guys and how I can get boyfriends too she smiled and took a step back and looked at my structure and my boobs she said wear something more slutty and come tomorrow. I agreed immediately. She winked and left.


Next day I was very excited and dressed up, I wore a body sticking top in blue colour plain top without a bra and my nipples were sticking out, and the thought that it was visible I was more horny and they were so hard. But I couldn’t wear just that so I wore a denim jacket over it so that I can button it if necessary.

Then I reached college and waited for seema. Just then she jumped out of a car with a guy who looked pretty decent, well dressed, straight hair, average height, wheatish skin tone and I looked between his legs and pictured a average size dick. Seema introducted me to Mohan while we shook hands and I gave him a very slutty smile, I noticed him look at my body I opened my jacket button revealing the structure of my body. He saw me in a awe and smiled. Seema noticed our reactions and said she was getting late and left without uttering anything more. Mohan asked me if I wanted to go on a long drive I agreed instantly and jumped into his car.

While I was trying to hymn to the songs he touched my thighs and I did not stop him, I just smiled he understood my acceptance and got more confidence with his touch, he instantly pulled my top towards him, and I moved closer to him while he was driving, holding the car stearing in one hand my top in another I move closer to him and he suddenly looks at me and says kya chahiye, I blush and he says kya chinal hai re tu…I laugh and kiss him .. he kisses me back and orders me, on my neck and I listen to him and move to his neck and tickle him a little, blow some air, nibble and lick his neck and he has goose bumps all over his body and moves his neck to my reflex.

I then see a traffic signal and move back to my seat and he holds my neck I’m denial and says do you want it or no ? I stick out my tounge and say yes.. and instantly unbelt hum then unzip his pants and pull down his tight underwear a little down just enough for his dick to stick out. His beautiful dick was brown pink and hard just a little transparent precum on the tip. I wipe a little with my thumb and he pushed my head towards the dick for me to lick it.. I then stick ky tounge out and just lick the tip of his dick head he leaves out a sigh moan..
I understood his pleasure, I then slowly started licking in circular motions towards the neck of the dick, I slowly pulled the skin down and took the whole head into my mouth and was making movements with my tounge inside the mouth, and he was moaning .. I looked at him and he was enjoying like heaven’s..
I continued licking his dick I then slowly started taking in the whole dick then pushed the underwear a little more down and started playing with his balls with my fingers and I pressing and massaging them and in a suprise to him, I took the whole dick into my mouth and pushed the balls towards my face with my hands and that gave him shivers down his spine and was been pleasured the most.
He instantly stopped the car in a abandoned road and took my boobs in his hand and was pinching my nipples .. he pushed my head towards the dick tighter in more want and I understood and started licking his balls .. took both the balls into my mouth and massaged them and making him shiver and then was giving him a hand job while I sucked his balls then I slowly moved to his dick and played with the balls and pushed the dick into my throat and licked the balls with my tounge and he loved it to the core.. he was technically having the remote in his hands, if he wanted it harder he would pressed and pinch my nipples harder if he wants it slow he would pinch them slow and I react to his want and it was untold but understood ..

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He then slid his hand into my pant I moved towards my seat to help him remove my pant, and he pulled my top up revealing my boobs and said wah kya maal hai re tu, seema chupake rakhi tuje,

I laughed on his comment unaware of the meaning. He then said tera same cost hai na seema ka hi ya yaada hai.. I gave him a question mark look. He said 6k ka hi na 3 ghanta??

I was shocked understanding the situation that my friend had sold me as a prostitute when I thought this was a date or something like friends with benefits and this guy did not even actually respect me but was just thinking it was my business. But I actually ignored all of this and enjoyed the thought of being a prostitute and I was getting all that I want, money, sex ,guy ,attention. I instantly said yes. 6k.

He smiled, then he moved to the back seat and I removed my pants and moved to the back seat with my panty. He stared at me and said I have another offer, I will take photos and videos of you and pay you 10k is that okay.. I laughed and enjoyed the humiliation even more and said okay I can do that.. and later he searched for his phone and told me a few moments for the video like hold my boobs with my plam them look into the camera and give that slutty smile I gave him as soon as I met him them remove my hands revealing my boobs .. then stick out my tounge and hold my nipples. I did all the poses like he wanted and clicked all videos and pictures inside the car itself.
Then he asked me to suck him to prepare his dick for sex and I did just exactly and he sat in the middle seat and I sat on him facing him and my legs on the seat and he was holding the front seats for support.
Then I took my throne, I slid his dick into my pussy and it felt heavenly. I loved the feeling of fullness. Then he started humping I holded him tighter and gave my moments as well I was also making moments with my pussy lips like making it feel tighter on his dick and he went crazy as I fucked his dick. And he came within 10 mins I don’t blame him, I was too good.

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We dressed and he dropped me back at college I gave him my number and he Paytm me 12k I smiled at him.

I went into college searching for seema and asked her why she did not mention about prostitution. She said I just wanted to satisfy your thirst you were too desperate so I thought I’ll give my client he was bugging me from long but I was not free. I had other clinets. So I decided to take the money instead. Never mind it won’t happen again she said. I instantly hesitated and said .. no let it be, tell me if you have other clients and just left. She laughed too.

Just that way I enjoyed the attention and the touch of guys. But all this ended real soon..

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