The Angel of The Lake

The Angel Of The Lake – Part 1

It was 5 in the morning, just getting light, and I was delivering flyers for Mario’s restaurant. He agreed I would do just one street every day before school (I’m in my first year of big school); Mario had a map back at the restaurant where we coloured-in the roads that I had done each morning.
It was Saturday – so actually I wasn’t going to school – I was wearing my thick sweater (over my sleep-top that I thought it was too early to take off!), black jeggins, my short yellow pleated skirt and yellow flip-flops. I HAD taken my sleep-bottoms off and kept yesterdays panties on.
It was a beautiful morning and I had got about half-way up Lyndhurst Gardens when I noticed this HUGE puddle that spread across the road from kerb to kerb (well, it was more like a lake really and I learned later that there had been a burst water main over-night)
I took my flip-flops off and stepped into the lake cos I wanted to see if I could see the reflection up my skirt; well it was very disappointing cos I couldn’t bend over far enough to see properly!

Just then this HUGE truck came roaring up the road and WHOOSH! It emptied what felt like the entire lake over me! Every little sqare millimeter of me and my clothes was soaked!
I was so shocked that I burst into tears – whatever was I to do?
But just then a man in his pyjamas came running out of the door of house Number 7 – I thought he was my guardian angel! He was carrying a bright blue bath-towel and he said “You poor child, good heavens but you’ll catch your death of cold, here put this bath-robe on and come indoors and get warm and dry and I’ll make you a hot cocoa”

He put the towel over my shoulders and that felt much better then he put his arm round me and that (like warm pyjams!) felt really good and he guided me up the garden path to his front door.

He guided me inside which wasn’t easy cos I had both my ams wrapped round him and my head was buried in his side (I liked his smell!). My teeth were chattering all the while and when we were standing in the kitchen and he said

“Now here’s my nice warm dressing gown, I’ll go and find some more towels while you take your wet clothes off and snuggle down into my warm gown”

When he came back I was still as he left me

“I’m s s sorry m mister I’s t tooo c cold t to undress, can you h help me p please?”
“OK, quickly, quickly – dressing gown on radiator to warm and dry, good. Wooly off” I lift my arms for him to take my sweater off – it’s VERY heavy with being wet
“Wow, it’s FULL of water still!”

He drops it on the floor

“Now your sweet litte top”
“Its m my s sleepy- t t top” I tell him and raise my arms again. I notice he does this slowly cos he’s looking at my little boobs. I’m pushing them out for him and do what Beth at school calls a shoulder-roll!
“My, you must be proud of those, if you don’t mind my saying!”
“What my boobies?”
“Yes, they’re hypnotising me!”

I cup them in my hands, bashfully

“Thank you mister”
“Now your leggins”
“Theyre JEGGINS actually”
“Oh, OK; well they’re very wet so they must come off – ready?”
He kneeled in front of me and I nodded
“The only way is to sort of peel these off!”
“HeHe, that’s not howI do it, but I espex its easier when they’re dry!”
“And I’ve never undressed a young girl before”
“Ooooh, and I’ve never been undressed before by not anybody”
“So its a first time for both of us! That’s nice isn’t it?”
“Yeah, even though I’m c cold, its s still f fun”
“I like that its fun for you because I love it! There, I’ll hold them down if you step out of them, great”
“Just my panties left mister”
“Yes, I have to admit, my hands are trembling with excitement”
“Oooh, let’s see!”

He held his hands out and they WERE trembling

“Would you like me to take them off instead?”
“Oh no! No no no! I want to undress you more than anything in the world! I’ll be ok, – I’m just excited, I’ll just warm my hands on the radiator first”

I walked over to the radiator and stood beside him warming my hands too
“Shall we do it?”
“Oooh yes, Mister“

He kneeled down again in front of me and slid his nice warm hands inside the top of my pants and down over the cheeks of my bottom! It felt really nice

“Oh, what a lovely soft bottom!” He said
“Ooooh what lovely warm hands” I said and wriggled my bot encouragingly.
Then, as his hands started sliding down my thighs and dragging my panties down with them a fantastic thing happened – out of the front of his pyjams jumped his big stiff willie!
I couldn’t help giving a quick gasp as I held my breath and stood rigid, staring at the vision of my Guardian Angel’s Thingy!
Unlike ME, IT didn’t stand still, he was jumping up and down excitedly!
“Oh dear oh dear oh dear, I’m terribly sorry about that, I had no idea my cock was going to do that!”
“He he, he surprised me too! So can you not tell ‘im not to do that? It could be embarrassing! . . . ”

Then I thought to put my angel at ease
“Its not embarassing NOW because I’m really pleased to meet him! I’m SO glad he jumped out like that, can he stay with us?”
“Thank you for the invitation, he would love to stay, most especially to see your panties come down!”

As he said that, under his guidance my pants slid slowly down till the top of my slit was visible, then a little more and a little more and all the time my Angel was fondling my cheeks. Then suddenly my panties were round my ankles! I stepped out of them and basked in the feeling of my Angel looking at me naked! It fizzed me!

“Oh you darling girl! You beautiful dream! You enchanting vision!”
He stood up and his thing was nearly touching my titties
“Oh you big handsome thing! Oh you awsome surprise you! . . . “ And I looked up at my Angel and said ”May I pull your Pyjama string Mister?”
Lots more to come in Parts2,3 ! . . . . .

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