Thai hotwife dates and fucks her bull in front of husband

I’ve read so many fantasy stories written by people who have never lived through this that I think it’s time to set the records straight and describe as exactly as I can just what this is like in real. Take last weekend, for instance. It was another weekend full of cuckold fun. However this time, in addition to our usual swinging, Bambi had decided to take up my offer and to go out on a date and fuck her lover in front of me. And yes, I recorded and videoed it for my continued viewing pleasure. Some pics may be available to fans.

Well, it had all started a few weeks ago when my wife had broached the subject in bed one night:

“You know how you keep saying you want me to take a regular male lover and get more farang cock in my pussy?” she had said as we settled in the covers, naked.

“Yes, why?” I responded, cautiously.

“Well, I was speaking with Giles online, and he asked me out on a date. He said I am very sexy and that he has always wanted to fuck me. It just would be sex. I told him yes, I would go out with him. I will go out with him Friday night. He said he can see me every time he comes to Chiang Mai, like a girlfriend, and fuck me all night,” she declared.

Her unexpected words sent an intense thrill through my body. I swallowed hard. I felt aroused, yet at the same time alarmed and a little insecure and disappointed. Would I like this? Could I handle it? This was strong, even by my standards. I struggled to get a grip on my conflicting emotions. Now was not the time to be jealous or chicken out, especially as she was only doing exactly as I had proposed she do. It would just be sex and nothing else, I told myself, unconvinced.

The bull was a surprisingly young chap compared to her usual male visitors; about 45 years old. Bambi generally likes them more mature, but this one was a handsome and dashing Frenchman who had caught her interest from the start.

“What did you say?” I managed.

“I told him yes, that my husband would want me to fuck him.”

What could I say? I agreed and that is how we got to last weekend.

Everyone says I am very lucky to have such a sexy little Thai wife to look after me, and honestly, they are right! The first impression you get when you meet Bambi is that of a classy and sexy lady. She is well-educated, good mannered, speaks fluent English, and always behaves just like any other proper housewife would be expected to do in public. In private though, she is a wanton hot wife; in fact, we have been active swingers for the last three of our seven years of happy marriage. Our sexual relationship is as healthy now as it was the day we first met, if not more so.

As I saw her getting ready for her date with Giles, the Frenchman, I felt a shiver of excitement run down my spine. I simply adore watching my wife preparing to fuck a lover. She always spends so much time carefully applying her make-up. I just like to quietly sit there and watch her, wondering what is going through her perverted little brain. It makes me hard thinking all of this effort is just to please and arouse another man. She uses it all: The rouge, the powder, the eyebrow pen, the mascara, the lipstick and the eye-liner etc. It is like a long sexual mating ritual whose purpose is as much to seduce as to prepare herself emotionally for what she is about to do; i.e. welcome a stranger in her chaste womanhood.

As Bambi delicately finished applying thick red lipstick to her sensual lips, she stared at her own reflection in the mirror, and calmly declared:

“Giles has such a nice strong cock, darling. I really want him to give me a good fuck. I hope you won’t make a fuss now…”

“No, you can fuck him, sure,” I replied meekly

“You have to understand this is a date, so that means you cannot interfere: you can only watch.”

I nodded.

“You must be patient, darling. I am his girlfriend tonight. You can only watch. He is strong and vigorous, and you must understand that he will fuck me all night. This is not like our usual swing. Tonight, Giles is my lover, not you.”

I swallowed hard.

From the first time my wife had let another man inside her pussy she had loved it, and it had only taken the thrill of a few more cocks up her cunt for her to become addicted to fucking other men.

Now as I watched her gently rubbing her red lips together to spread the lipstick, I imagined them wrapped around the Frenchman’s thick erection. She is such a naughty slut of a wife; I knew that within the space of a few brief hours, she would be kissing Giles and sucking avidly at his long thick cock. With her well-proportioned petite slender figure (32C-22-33) and her small perky breasts, and standing a little over 5ft1, Bambi is truly a Thai beauty. Like many Thai ladies, she has a milky brown skin, long flowing black hair and shiny black eyes that always seem to smile behind her slanted eye-lids. Her nose is small, typically Thai, but perhaps her most exotic feature is her lovely wide lips made for kissing and sucking cock. At 40 years old, she is often mistaken for a girl in her 20s by Westerners, but although she may appear quiet, young and innocent, in reality this dirty little slut loves to be naughty.

Aroused, I moved forward and slipped my hand under her towel, gently touching and caressing her shaved pussy beneath. Her sleeve was already moist with the salacious lubrication of her unchaste thoughts. This realization gave me a strong thrill, and my cock started to stir in my pants with anticipation. I tried to kiss her, and her painted lips brushed against mine lightly before she turned away to quickly present her flushed cheek instead. Her eyes were still fixed on her own beautiful reflection in the mirror. Bambi was focused on the task of preparing herself for Giles. She was not having any distractions.

“I don’t want you spoiling my make-up, honey. I want to keep myself fresh for fucking Giles,” she declared, leaving me feeling both excited and terribly frustrated.

I pursed my lips, and realized that they were dry. That sex tourist was going to fuck my hot little bitch, I thought with envy, and all I would be able to do was watch. The idea left me with an uncomfortable anticipation. I stood there in the middle of the room for a moment, a little bewildered and not sure what to do or say. Bambi slipped on one of her skimpier tight micro dresses, the red one with the back cut out. One of the bar girls had given it to her. The dress clung to her sexy body like a glove, revealing every curve of her feminine shape. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric, perky and provocative. I held my breath for an instant as I admired her, and then I remembered that she had worn the same dress the night before last. After use, she had just thrown it into her cupboard on top of a pile of other fuck-me clothes. The dress still smelt of alcohol and the musk of her bull. It was clearly cum stained from a previous coupling. She had not thought twice about reusing it rather than washing off her guilty stains, behaving much like a bar girl whore would.

My wife sat down to put on her heels, and I noticed her pussy peaking visibly from beneath the hem of her very short dress. Bambi always goes out to meet a date without any panties on so that the other guy can freely fondle her, finger fucking her tight, freshly-shaved snatch. My wife secretly loves to show off her petite body and pussy to those white middle-aged perverts you find here. She enjoys the look of lust her make-up, dress and wanton behaviour provokes. In fact, my wife is always telling me how she wants to get their cock hard for her, so she can fuck them. I swallowed hard, thinking about how he would react to that sight. Bambi fastened a solid silver anklet with the words “Hot Bitch” above her ankle, the kind of accessory a hooker might have worn, before slipping into a pair of black stiletto high-heels.

She stood up, paced up and down in her heels, looking at herself in the mirror critically.

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“How do I look, darling?” she asked, looking for my seal of approval.

“So sexy and fuckable,” I croaked.

“Do you think Giles will like me?” she asked.

“I’m sure he will want to fuck your brains out,” I replied sincerely.

“Good!” she retorted, pleased. “I will be spending the whole night with him and fucking him many times. I don’t want you interfering with my pleasure…”

I held my breath. She looked so deliciously fuckable all dressed up in her sexy clothes and made up like a delightfully slutty bar hooker. I wanted to take her there and then, but I held back. Much better to fuck her after she had been screwed senseless and pumped full of virile cum by her big lover’s cock.

One final step was still required before she could do what I so desperately wanted to watch her do. She needed to prepare herself mentally as well as physically to fuck the Frenchman. She had to go from being the shy, reserved and prude housewife, to a drunken filthy slut ready to flirt shamelessly and fuck anything white with a hard cock. This final and almost magical transformation is reached quite simply when Bambi gets a little drunk on beer, wine, or preferably whiskey. The alcohol gives her the moral license and freedom she needs to justify her behavior and actions to herself. It is a license and excuse to behave shamelessly with her chosen lover. I have witnessed this startlingly horny transformation a number of times now. It takes perhaps an hour for the alcohol to take effect. The waiting is usually so frustrating. By that point I am really horny and I want to see her fucking. If she drinks too much or too little, it can be a disaster. She needs 2 large beers, or 2 glasses of red wine to loosen up and behave like a slut. Any more and she is sleepy, any less and she remains too passive and reserved.

To get things started in the right direction, she poured herself a whiskey and drunk it straight while she checked the messages on her phone.

“Giles says to meet him at the Shangri-La hotel lobby bar directly,” she said, licking her lips nervously; her eyes were shining with excited anticipation.

We had originally planned to meet Giles Yellow Bar, Chiang Mai’s main hotspots for foreign visitors. The place was usually stuffed with young backpackers, unlicensed English teachers on an extended vacation, plus other such white trash. It was the only decent place a visitor could go to get drink and actually dance to modern music without being outnumbered by Thai students in their puberty. The only trouble with the place is the bar was open air and with the monsoon coming, the last two days had seen heavy thunderstorms. Therefore Giles had decided to take her to a classy hotel instead and leave the dancing to later in private. In spite of the upmarket hotel venue, Bambi had obstinately decided to dress like a bar girl slut to shock, and never mind the reaction she caused.

My lovely wife was both excited and apprehensive about the whole thing. We both could imagine what was going to happen there, but the looks we exchanged left no doubt in my mind that she was planning to have a wild time with her date.

“Let’s go now, I want to see Giles,” she said, impatiently.

I locked up the house and switched on the outside lights. Climbing onto the saddle of my Honda PCX 150 and turning the ignition key, I started the bike. The engine made a reassuring and familiar sound. I nodded to my wife, giving her the signal to climb up and join me. Instead of slipping on side saddle as she usually does when she is in a dress or short skirt, Bambi climbed astride, her naked pussy flush with the vinyl. The short dress rode up her leg, leaving no doubt about her feminine nakedness beneath. I glanced back at her, raising an eyebrow inquisitively. She smiled at me provocatively, her face was flushed with arousal. What an interesting and exciting evening I thought, my heart beating quickly in my chest.

The ride to the Shangri-La hotel went quickly as I weaved through the traffic with the dexterity of a native, carrying this hot and sexy creature sitting revealingly naked on the saddle behind me. No one really noticed us as we flashed by, except maybe one driver ogling her when we paused at the lights. Simply knowing that she was there behind me, her naked pussy pressing up against my back as we sped off, hurtling towards her new soon to be lover and the inevitable fucking that awaited her, had my heart racing with excitement.

We reached the old city, and I quickly parked the bike in one of the side streets near the hotel. The hotel was the sort of place most Thai people can only dream of. A decedent palace adorned with rare marble and consecrated to only the wealthiest of foreign visitors. The bar was half-full and a piano was playing at the far end. Some Thai singer was bleating out a tune in broken English. As much as Thai ladies are beautiful, they cannot sing to save their life.

Giles had arrived early and was already seated at the bar. Bambi noticed him sitting alone at one of the tables to the far left. He noticed her and his eyes went wide with appreciation. He smiled. Her face lit up and she smiled and waved back. I could see Giles detailing her sexy body in the tight short dress as we approached the table. Even though, he tried to keep the greeting casual and friendly, hugging her and kissing her on the cheek the French way, but I could read the half disguised lust in his eyes. Bambi too seemed electrified by his presence; her eyes had intense provocative and wanting look she gave her lovers in the knowledge that she would be taking their cock into her pussy. Her lips were curled and hungry with the guilty tension of desire and her cheeks were flushed red. He indicated for her to sit next to him while I took a seat opposite.

Bambi settled in close to him. I saw her eyes fixed on his biceps. Giles was wearing a sports T-shirt and shorts.

“Your muscles are so big,” she said using the excuse to touch his arms.

“Yes, I like to keep fit for my sports, work and sex,” he replied with a laugh.

After I had ordered a round of drinks, I sat there watching and smiling, but they were the two in conversation, I was just a spectator. It was hard to make out anything they were saying due to the very loud piano, and singing that only made the noise were. They were speaking, flirting and laughing. I could see the confidence in her eyes, the sure knowledge that this bull would soon be inside her pussy pleasuring her, making love to her passionately. Her cheeks were flushed and she drew closer to him, staring into his eyes with adulterous desire.

I noticed that he had is hand on her stockinged leg, and that he was slowly caressing it as they spoke. My wife looked very happy, in total admiration of her lover. She continued drinking, and as she did, her laughing grew louder and her behavior more wanton and promiscuous.

“Why did you come here?” she was said, looking him straight in the eyes.

“To fuck you,” he replied. She laughed, excited, her cheeks blushed.

“Do you think that I am crazy enough to make love to you here on this sofa now, right here in the hotel lobby?” he said.

“I don’t know, I’ve got to try it,” she replied.

“You want to see or not?” he insisted.

She laughed nervously. I knew she must be wet.

“You like when men suck your pussy?” he insisted.

Bambi giggled.

“Normal girls like it,” she said.

“Yes, but there are normal girls that prefer…” he began.

“Yeah, I prefer,” she interrupted.

“So how many girls have you been fucking?” she asked, taking the initiative.

“I don’t fuck girls,” responded Giles. “I make love.”

Bambi burst out laughing. Typical French, she thought.

“I fuck girls who are not beautiful. If they are like you I will start love, and then I fuck after,” he added.

“How about tonight? Where you plan to take me?” She said, peering at him sluttishly.

“In a hotel,” he replied, then paused. “I’d planned to make love to you in the car but it’s raining so it’s not fun…”

“Are you sure you can make me happy?” she said.

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“I’m not sure, but I will try,” he replied.

I saw her touching him intimately, with unmasked lust, using her feminine charms to seduce him. She was flushed, excited and tremendously horny; it was like a rush and the alcohol gave her all the excuse she needed to be loose. I have to admit that I too was hard as I watched her toy with him. I loved to see my wife flirting so openly and outrageously with another guy. It made me so hard. Her hand was resting on his cock, stroking it through his shorts.

“Can I check this one?” Bambi asked.

“Yes, you can check,” he replied.

“I can check before we go and make sure,” she insisted, rubbing it more.

“Yes, you can check,” he repeated. “I understand, but can I check too?”

“Yes!” she replied, excited and shocked.

He bend over to look under her skirt at her unconcealed pussy and she laughed out aloud.

Aroused, she said: “Can I kiss?” as she reached over and kissed him on the lips. It was a long open-mouthed kiss with the Frenchman’s tongue entering her mouth and clearly indicating what he intended to do with this sexy little bitch.

“Finish your drink,” she command.

He drunk it quickly, bottoms us.

“Good boy,” she declared.

Giles whispered something in her ear and she blushed suddenly shy, and then nodded. Bambi leaned over to me and declared:

“Giles wants to take me back to the apartment and fuck me…”

The look she gave me was provocative. I could see that she was clearly ready to fuck him. I love to watch a hot stud fuck my wife. Bambi is a great fuck when she has just been filled by another guy.

After three years as a hotwife, Bambi is happy to screw just about any guy indiscriminately, just like a hooker. Her only requirements are that they are hard for her, not bald and their beards clean shaven. She has fucked whoever she wanted our entire marriage. Mostly we swing, but when the guy wants to buy my horny little bitch for sex, she is happy to sell them her pussy just like any other bar girl. The only condition is that the guy must short-time his ‘trick’ in front of me. I still love seeing her enjoy other men using her body for pleasure. She is confident in the knowledge that she has a hubby who loves her and wants her to be happy.

“Okay, let’s go. I know you want his strong cock in your pussy,” I replied.

As we went outside, Bambi took Giles’s hand and turning to me, said:

“I want to go back with Giles. I will ride in his truck. You can meet us there at his place.”

I swallowed hard, shocked, disappointed and horny.

“But Giles is a smoker,” I argued. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, darling. Don’t be jealous. I will meet you at the apartment…” she responded, and left with her date before I could say anything more.

I watched them climb into his truck. His hands were all over her. He was grinning. She kissed him on the lips as they settled inside the cab. Disappointed, I walked back to my bike and followed the couple back to the Frenchman’s love nest.

When we reached the apartment, Giles offered us drink and we sat down on the sofa. He switched on the TV and flipped the remote to the porn channel that was playing on satellite: Some Thai girl was doing a striptease on stage… Charming. I was not interested, but Bambi stared at the screen for a while, fascinated, and then sat on her lover’s lap. She began wiggling her sexy bottom and stroking his cock through his short.

“I want to dance too,” she said.

“Sure,” said Giles.

Aroused now, Giles stood up and invited her to dance. I watched the couple make their way to the center of the living room, holding hands and close to each other like long time lovers. Just then, the music switched to a love song and my wife began dancing pasted against him.

As they dance like two lover in front of me, Giles ran her hand under her skirt, and lifting up the hem, squeezed her buttock gently as they slowly gyrated to the rhythm. I watched as she laughed laughing and kissed him playfully on the lips. Her eyes sparkled, pupils dilated. My little slut was tremendously horny, excited and thrilled. Feeling his hard cock rubbing against her pussy through the thin material as they danced, an expression of his sexual desire for her, she pressed up against him, turned on by this handsome male.

He turned her round so that he could reach all her parts. His right hand caressed and kneaded her breasts, and then plunged between her legs, his fingers digging into her crotch, finger-fucking her naked wet pussy beneath the hem of her short tight dress, kissing her head and neck at the same time.

It was time for sex, more than time. Giles lead her back to the sofa and pulled down his shorts. His cock sprang out, already hard and at half-mast. I could read the nervousness and lust in her eyes.

“Come and suck my cock,” he said.

Timidly, she knelt down, and taking his cock in her hand, her mouth descended onto the big thick took. She began to suck the cock, stoking it avidly at the same time. What a lovely little bitch, I thought.

My own cock was stirring in my pants. My wife had another guy’s tool stuck between her loving lips. She was sucking it just like a whore. Nothing quite compares to this sexual vision of abasement. Bambi had sucked off hundreds of men in front of my very own eyes, but seeing my loving ho at work never ceased to fascinate, please and amaze me.

As she sucked, her right hand wanked his cock to get him nice and hard, so that she could slip it into her well-lubricated married pussy. I watched the impressive muscle grow bigger and bigger in her little hand. What a whopper! I thought, with mixed excitement and envy. For a brief moment, I wondered how she would fit him inside her small tight snatch, then I remembered this was the woman who had mounted and tamed Anaconda Adam himself.

When the French baguette had grown nice and long in her firm grip, she stood up, and pulling him by hard cock out, she sternly led towards the bedroom to fuck.

“Lie down,” she commanded.

He grinned and obeyed. Immediately, she pounced forward, slithering over his manly body, rubbing her naked pussy over his leg and stroking his erection on the fly. She lay on top of him, pinning him down, kissing this man hungrily like a dirty slut. I watched her sending her avid wet tongue into his mouth, exchanging saliva with her lover.

She flipped herself around above him, presenting him with her rear, offering Giles her pussy to eat in a classic 69 position. I watched as she began to suck on his cock. She was grabbing hold of his stem and squeezing it as her head bobbed up and down in unison with her hand pumping at the tool. Her mouth took the entire chunky cock head inside her each time her red lips slid down the shaft. Those lips that I had been kissing lovingly, tenderly, just a few hours before were now wrapped tightly around another man’s cock. My erection grew stiff seeing her at work on his dick. The sight was electrifying. I could not help myself; I took out my cock and began to wank myself as I watch.

Bambi moved up and down his cock fast. Her long black hair half-concealed her skillful work. She was hungry, slurping noisily as she fed on his tool. At times she would pause from sucking, to lick around his sweaty balls and the root of his cock with her little pointed tongue, sending electrifying bolts of pleasure through his body.

While my wife labored at his root, Giles was by no means passive. He had grabbed hold of her firm butt cheeks and parted them, spreading her pussy open like a flower so that his tongue could reach deep inside and lap at it. Her pink and brown Thai womanhood was shamelessly bared for her lover to lick, suck and fuck with his tongue. Aroused by the little slut’s treatment of his parts, the athletic Frenchman stood up, still holding my wife upside down by the hips, and continued to eat her pussy as he staggered around the bedroom, Bambi hanging down his body and thrashing against his cock like a rag doll.

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My jaw dropped; my eyes went wide with shocked arousal. I glanced down at my cock. It was far smaller in comparison to Giles, but it was now at half-mast as I watched this bull consume my lovely little wife, inverted. Little did I know that he was just getting started! As he grunted and fed, his cock was at maximum deployment, geared up to cleave some tight dirty Thai snatch. He was more than ready to give my hot bitch the heavy fucking she so deserved. He flung her down onto the bed. I watched her desperately scramble onto her back. I swallowed hard as she opened her legs wide, holding them parted by the knees, baring her womanhood in an obscene and welcoming invitation to the sexpat. She was dying for him to fuck her, this much was obvious!

The Frenchman grinned, and holding his unprotected cock in his right hand, thrust it into her wet pussy. It sunk into the narrow snatch like a knife into butter, disappearing totally inside her. I could see her wince and bite at her lower lip in ecstasy as her pussy stretched around his manhood in a skin tight fit. For a girl who fucked so much, my wife’s pussy remained incredibly small and tight.

“Oh yes! Fuck me, Giles. I want to feel your thick farang cock inside my little pussy. We really like that, don’t we, honey?” she moaned.

Fuck yes, I thought to myself.

He held her by the legs, spreading those slender smooth thighs apart, so that he could thrust unhindered in and out of her tight pussy. His big cock pounded at her married womb, eliciting a continuous series of small groans and grunts from the beautiful Thai lady he was mating with. I watched, mouth dry with envy, and tried to fight a feeling of intense arousal: This man was fucking my adulterous partner before me in a manner that I myself was incapable of. As for Bambi, she was smiling in pained pleasure with the effort and the sensation of that big cock stuffed inside her wanton tight Thai pussy

Giles believed in giving his partner her money’s worth and a good fucking in many positions. I watched with excitement and awe as the bull flipped her over, fucked her doggie. Her eyes were shut, her face flushed and her mouth half-open with bliss. Her lips tense and quivered with adulterous enjoyment as he fucked her vigorously.

The air conditioning struggled to keep up. It must have been two hours later when Bambi decided to take over. She climbed on top of Giles and began to ride his cock fast. I had seen her finish many a good man like that, but Giles just fucked and groaned and jerked at her thrusting hips. She bit her lips and came. Unperturbed, she continued to fuck him, still trying to get his juice in her married cunt without luck.

Bambi was fucking him in a frenzy now, galloping wildly on his thick French cock, enjoying every minute of this fucking. Where she got the energy for such intense sexual passion, I could only imagine. There was no doubt she was incredibly horny and terribly avid to copulate with her lover as much as she could manage. Fueled by her lust, she must have kept him trapped there beneath her a good hour as she pounded her pussy at his crotch and clawed at his chest.

After a while though, he took her onto his lap, cock still deeply impaled in married womb, and proceeded to lift her up and fuck her standing up. I looked on amazed as he threw her up into the air, bouncing her on his cock and fucking her in mid-air! Bambi was letting out a series of small animalistic cries of bliss. I could tell by the way she bit her lips and threw her head back that she had come several times already on her lovers wand. Her eyes were half-closed, fucking as if in a daze, here face distorted with pleasure.

How this man could sustain such a fucking was anyone’s guess. Finally after another good hour of fornication, he put her down on the bed and she began to suck his cock and balls once more to finish him. I watched enviously as she wanked his cock hard until he groaned, spurted some cum over his hand and all over his belly.

Delighted, she climbed back on top of him, and then plunged his dripping thick tool back into her well-fucked pussy once more. She slid up and down his tool, thrusting at his cock again and again. Suddenly, his body shook and he ejaculated inside her cunt, shooting another load there too as she thrust her hips at him. She threw her head back, let out a small guttural cry and climaxed as she felt him release his man juice deep inside her Thai married pussy. She clung onto him with her thighs, keeping him inside her loins as long as she could.

I looked on, my hand shaking with mixed emotions. He had just copulated with her bareback. As he got up, she looked at him and smiled knowingly. I could see her face glowing with happiness, her cheeks flushed. Her eyes were half-closed, and her eyelids were swollen. There was no doubt that she was tired and sore from that good long fucking, yet at the same time she appeared totally satiated. She had willingly spread her legs and fucked his hard cock, and was feeling grateful to her lover for having climaxed deep in her pussy and filled her married womb with his hot virile seed.

Her pussy was a sticky mess with cum oozing out in blobs like a bad bargirl. She went to wipe it away, but I quickly intervened, wanting to clean her lover’s cream pie up myself with my tongue. She gave me a disapproving smirk, but reached down and pulled her pussy lips wide open for me so I could see all of that beautiful hole. I watched cum started to drip out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. Gingerly, I moved forward to taste her lover’s spunk and tried to lick her, but she pushed me back; her swollen and well-fucked pussy was sore and raw and she winced with the pain.

Instead, she pushed me back began to kiss me mouth to mouth, her lips pressing against mine hard, her tongue invading my mouth aggressively, avidly. Taking charge, she sat astride of me. She squatted over me and reached for my cock, spread her pussy lips, and slowly took my cock all the way up inside her. The feeling of sliding my cock into her stretched, overflowing pussy was unbelievable! My cock was covered with Giles`s thick cum as it oozed out of my wife’s used cunt as I fucked her. Each time she lifted herself up, the gooey sleeve stick to and sucked at my dick.

I lay back and watched passively as she rode me hard. I felt that I was just any other cock for her tonight. Her behavior towards me after she has been fucked and satisfied by a bull is invariably different. She looks at me and treats me as a complete stranger. She is in her ‘whore’ persona where fucking is purely to be savored and enjoyed physically. I’m just another piece of meat, a cock to pleasure her pussy. She is excited and flushed, having come on her bull’s cock, yet she is dissociated from what she is doing like a whore with a customer. There are no emotions here, just pure animal lust and fucking. She is in charge; she is going to fuck me and make me come in her pussy. I guess this is her way for showing me what she has just done with the other guy. It is both a form of gratitude and punishment for letting her behave like a wanton slut.

She went rocked back and forth on my dick, grinding her clit against my pubes as she fucked me hard.

“He fuck me so good. Thank you so much my darling for being so understanding with me. I love you so much. I’ve been very bad girl… I have a present from Giles,” she declared.

Oh shit, that was too much. I came there and then inside her slutty sleeve. I had never come as hard as I did that night, adding my own load to her sloppy cunt.

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