Thai hotwife dates and fucks her bull in front of husband

I’ve read so many fantasy stories written by people who have never lived through this that I think it’s time to set the records straight and describe as exactly as I can just what this is like in real. Take last weekend, for instance. It was another weekend full of cuckold fun. However this time, in addition to our usual swinging, Bambi had decided to take up my offer and to go out on a date and fuck her lover in front of me. And yes, I recorded and videoed it for my continued viewing pleasure. Some pics may be available to fans.

Well, it had all started a few weeks ago when my wife had broached the subject in bed one night:


“You know how you keep saying you want me to take a regular male lover and get more farang cock in my pussy?” she had said as we settled in the covers, naked.

“Yes, why?” I responded, cautiously.

“Well, I was speaking with Giles online, and he asked me out on a date. He said I am very sexy and that he has always wanted to fuck me. It just would be sex. I told him yes, I would go out with him. I will go out with him Friday night. He said he can see me every time he comes to Chiang Mai, like a girlfriend, and fuck me all night,” she declared.

Her unexpected words sent an intense thrill through my body. I swallowed hard. I felt aroused, yet at the same time alarmed and a little insecure and disappointed. Would I like this? Could I handle it? This was strong, even by my standards. I struggled to get a grip on my conflicting emotions. Now was not the time to be jealous or chicken out, especially as she was only doing exactly as I had proposed she do. It would just be sex and nothing else, I told myself, unconvinced.

The bull was a surprisingly young chap compared to her usual male visitors; about 45 years old. Bambi generally likes them more mature, but this one was a handsome and dashing Frenchman who had caught her interest from the start.

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“What did you say?” I managed.

“I told him yes, that my husband would want me to fuck him.”

What could I say? I agreed and that is how we got to last weekend.

Everyone says I am very lucky to have such a sexy little Thai wife to look after me, and honestly, they are right! The first impression you get when you meet Bambi is that of a classy and sexy lady. She is well-educated, good mannered, speaks fluent English, and always behaves just like any other proper housewife would be expected to do in public. In private though, she is a wanton hot wife; in fact, we have been active swingers for the last three of our seven years of happy marriage. Our sexual relationship is as healthy now as it was the day we first met, if not more so.

As I saw her getting ready for her date with Giles, the Frenchman, I felt a shiver of excitement run down my spine. I simply adore watching my wife preparing to fuck a lover. She always spends so much time carefully applying her make-up. I just like to quietly sit there and watch her, wondering what is going through her perverted little brain. It makes me hard thinking all of this effort is just to please and arouse another man. She uses it all: The rouge, the powder, the eyebrow pen, the mascara, the lipstick and the eye-liner etc. It is like a long sexual mating ritual whose purpose is as much to seduce as to prepare herself emotionally for what she is about to do; i.e. welcome a stranger in her chaste womanhood.

As Bambi delicately finished applying thick red lipstick to her sensual lips, she stared at her own reflection in the mirror, and calmly declared:

“Giles has such a nice strong cock, darling. I really want him to give me a good fuck. I hope you won’t make a fuss now…”

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“No, you can fuck him, sure,” I replied meekly

“You have to understand this is a date, so that means you cannot interfere: you can only watch.”

I nodded.

“You must be patient, darling. I am his girlfriend tonight. You can only watch. He is strong and vigorous, and you must understand that he will fuck me all night. This is not like our usual swing. Tonight, Giles is my lover, not you.”

I swallowed hard.

From the first time my wife had let another man inside her pussy she had loved it, and it had only taken the thrill of a few more cocks up her cunt for her to become addicted to fucking other men.

Now as I watched her gently rubbing her red lips together to spread the lipstick, I imagined them wrapped around the Frenchman’s thick erection. She is such a naughty slut of a wife; I knew that within the space of a few brief hours, she would be kissing Giles and sucking avidly at his long thick cock. With her well-proportioned petite slender figure (32C-22-33) and her small perky breasts, and standing a little over 5ft1, Bambi is truly a Thai beauty. Like many Thai ladies, she has a milky brown skin, long flowing black hair and shiny black eyes that always seem to smile behind her slanted eye-lids. Her nose is small, typically Thai, but perhaps her most exotic feature is her lovely wide lips made for kissing and sucking cock. At 40 years old, she is often mistaken for a girl in her 20s by Westerners, but although she may appear quiet, young and innocent, in reality this dirty little slut loves to be naughty.

Aroused, I moved forward and slipped my hand under her towel, gently touching and caressing her shaved pussy beneath. Her sleeve was already moist with the salacious lubrication of her unchaste thoughts. This realization gave me a strong thrill, and my cock started to stir in my pants with anticipation. I tried to kiss her, and her painted lips brushed against mine lightly before she turned away to quickly present her flushed cheek instead. Her eyes were still fixed on her own beautiful reflection in the mirror. Bambi was focused on the task of preparing herself for Giles. She was not having any distractions.

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“I don’t want you spoiling my make-up, honey. I want to keep myself fresh for fucking Giles,” she declared, leaving me feeling both excited and terribly frustrated.

I pursed my lips, and realized that they were dry. That sex tourist was going to fuck my hot little bitch, I thought with envy, and all I would be able to do was watch. The idea left me with an uncomfortable anticipation. I stood there in the middle of the room for a moment, a little bewildered and not sure what to do or say. Bambi slipped on one of her skimpier tight micro dresses, the red one with the back cut out. One of the bar girls had given it to her. The dress clung to her sexy body like a glove, revealing every curve of her feminine shape. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric, perky and provocative. I held my breath for an instant as I admired her, and then I remembered that she had worn the same dress the night before last. After use, she had just thrown it into her cupboard on top of a pile of other fuck-me clothes. The dress still smelt of alcohol and the musk of her bull. It was clearly cum stained from a previous coupling. She had not thought twice about reusing it rather than washing off her guilty stains, behaving much like a bar girl whore would.

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