Teju’s Job Hunt Was My Treasure Hunt

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Hello Girls, Hello aunties, Hello to everyone.
I am new to this and I am sharing my first story with you all.

Now coming back to the story. This is my old experience from my graduation days and luckily she was also a virgin girl. Her name is Teju. She had done her Engineering and was in search of a job.

She became my friend on Facebook and was chatting normally initially. Within a couple of days, we became good friends. She had plans to visit Hyderabad for some job interviews. So I requested her to meet me so that we know each other in person. We had been chatting all these days.

She initially denied. But later showed interest to meet only for a short time, say 1-2 hours. I was happy about that and finally, the day had come. She was in Hyderabad and finished her interview. She was upset that she couldn’t crack the interview and was feeling very low.

She called me and told me that she will be reaching the meeting point in 30 minutes. I was super excited and she reached exactly 30 minutes. She was just looking beautiful in a simple salwar kameez with perfect flesh in the required places. She came to me and hugged me.

I was in 7th heaven when her boobs touched me. Her stats were 34-28-32, the perfect size for a girl. I felt pity. I tried my best to motivate her and boost her up and not to feel low and lose her confidence. The way I did that gave a good impression on me. She felt very much relieved.

I tried to change her mood by talking about some other stuff and she started enjoying my company. I requested her to stay back for 2 to 3 more days in Hyderabad and try for some more companies. She was not ready to stay back as she didn’t have a place to stay. So I convinced her to stay with me.

She also by now had a good impression on me. So she called her parents and took their permission. We started for home now. We reached my house and luckily my parents were out of town. She freshened up and changed into her nightdress i.e. a loose t-shirt and a night pant.

I think she doesn’t wear a bra at night. Her boobs were just bouncing when she was walking in the house. I was staring at those waiting to taste them for the 1st time in my life. She caught me staring at her melons and asked me what I am doing. By then I already felt that she’s gonna be mine tonight.

I held her hands and told her that I like her. She didn’t know how to respond and was confused. But after beating around the bush for some time she just said that she also likes me. That was enough for me to proceed. I started kissing her. She also reciprocated and we kissed each other for almost 15 minutes.

As it was our first kiss for both of us. It was divine. Then I slowly tried to put my hands inside her T-shirt. But she was a little scared and she removed my hand. I didn’t force her but was kissing her neck and pressing her belly. I was trying to bring her into the mood.

She slowly gave up on me and I removed her T-shirt and night pants as well. She was only in her panty and was feeling shy. I took her into my arms and let her cuddle in. Then I slowly started playing with her nipples using my fingers. She started moaning and was holding my hair with so much pleasure.

The AC was on and the room was chilled and Teju was giving me hot pecks of kisses. That’s just an amazing feeling. I was slowly sucking her nipples and my hands went down to her panty. I know she will be scared again if I just pull her panty down. So I started rubbing her clit above the panty and she was moaning louder now “Ahhh…. Ahhhhh…!”

After a couple of minutes, I slid my hands into her panty and she was all wet. She was not in a hurry but was enjoying everything I am doing. I slowly removed her panty now and went down to play with her pussy. She let me in and I started kissing her thighs and rubbing her clit.
She said, “Ohh Godd, what are you doing to me. Please fuck me now.” I started eating her clitoris inserting my finger inside. She let out a loud moan “Ahhhhhhh…!” and she was high. I licked her clit for almost 10 minutes and she had her 1st orgasm. It was her first time. She was in heaven and was tired as well.

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