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Flatko Dd sanga sex Ma 21 barsa ko thiye ..flatma duita matra kotha thiyo. .paila euta dai basnu hunthyo ,paxi euta Dd aunu bhayo basna ..Dd ma bhanda tei 2,3 barsa aged hunuhunthyo ..dalli dalli cute hunuhunthyo..ma ekdam sex fantasy ko kitab padthey ani masturbate garthey but sex garna pako thiena ..Dd sanga baseko 5 … Read more Flat ko dd sanga sex

Pleasure to a gorgeous lady

Hello every one this is kumar .I live in chennai and presently a student.I had good body but not gym body .I mean I am a sports person.My height is 6.50 feet .My age 20 now .I decided to enjoy and earn. I had advertised myself on a website for escort services. After a few … Read more Pleasure to a gorgeous lady

Fucking dream lady pallavi

Im starting my story…. Im akshay and im an engineerĀ  and im working in a company…here im sharing my experience of my first sex incident. Before this incident I’m vergin…. Lets start the story… The heroin of this story is my neighbor aunty on her im having a very huge crush you people cannot imagine … Read more Fucking dream lady pallavi

Hubby’s replacement : part-04

As day three passed ,I have a replaced hubby Jeet while Raj with a delivery guy Yakub were my sexual tools for days.next morning ,I wake up at 07:15 am with my replaced hubby Jeet and both took refreshment in different washrooms.we both are nude as we want to live like a nude couple for … Read more Hubby’s replacement : part-04

Trip to shimla :part-04

Hi readers, It’s a day four in shimla as my mom Nancy and sister Renu have left bed and after having a nice bath,they are having breakfast as I am still sleeping (Prev story trip to shimla part 3).my eyes opened as my mom put her hand on my chest and shouted…….. “Raju it’s 09:30 … Read more Trip to shimla :part-04

Nancy love for her son

Hello friends, It’s a incidence happened in a holiday trip 03 years ago.I am just 20 years old as my sister Renu is a 18 years gal and we both brother and sister with my mom is in holiday trip to shimla.my dad is busy in official purpose as we three boarded a train in … Read more Nancy love for her son

Sex adventure with married lady

Hi guys and girls, this is Tarun. I am posting my second story here. People who are reading my story for the first time, my name is Tarun. I stay in Bangalore. I have an athletic body with a 6-inch tool. Coming to the story, after I posted my first story, I got a lot … Read more Sex adventure with married lady

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Hi guys this Sandeep Iam posting the story for the first time and Iam staying in Hyderabad . Story ki ostey roju tinder app open chesi likes lotte vanni but evaru return like kotevaru kadu one day oka amai tho return like ochindi so normal ga chat start chesa 1 week taravata numbers exchange chesukunam … Read more Passionate sex with tinder girl for continuously two days


Hello Readers ! I Bina mishra is back with her stories based on true incidence & circumstances.I am a married lady of 26 yrs. and are enjoying physical relationship with my hubby……..after my marriage i have been with jeet only twice & i am happy that he is coming here for week. Jeet reached my … Read more YOUNGER BROTHER JEET WITH MY SISTER IN LAW