Caroline And Her Kids

Caroline and Her Kids By August April 3rd Caroline here. So, this is my first journal entry, ever. My therapist recommended doing this. I don’t know whether it will help. I mean, shit, I’m 39 already. What a time to start journaling. I just know that I’m really depressed. I’ve been down before, but this

His Sister’s Friend

His Sister’s Friend By August Allen Stein was 16, and he had a 12 year old kid sister named Sandy. He always thought she was a bit of a pest. She had a best friend named Kiyana, also 12. One Friday night, their parents were out at the movies. Kiyana slept over, and they were

The Adventures Of Carly, Part 2

The Adventures Of Carly Part 2 By August Here is the second part of my story, the sexual history of Carly. If you like, please write me with your feedback, any questions or comments. The next Friday night, my friend Sally slept over. We did our homework together, as we often did. We were both

The Adventures Of Carly, Part 1

The Adventures Of Young Carly Part 1 By August My name is Carly Rabinowitz. In the next few stories, I would like to share my sexual history with you. I hope you will enjoy reading about it, as much as I enjoyed experiencing it. I was born in 1975, in the suburbs of Irvine, which

Dad and daughter: Dirty is not just a word

Dad and daughter: Dirty is not just a word.. There might be moments in your life you feel you are capable of doing almost anything. If you have experienced it at least once, you know that it is a full of energy state of your body and your mind. You should avoid trying the impossible