I Got Caught

I’m reluctant to write this one. You’re not going to believe me. If I tell you this one really happened yesterday, you’re going to all say “right, this is the guy whose been sending stories every week to Shylock and now he want’s us to believe this one is true!” I swear, I’m still trembling

My Sister and Me Part 3

My Sister and Me.. Part 3 A Story From FunOne In the last year, my sister and I , now both in our mid-thirties have from time to time crossed the treshold of having sexual encounters with each other. Growing up as teenagers my sister Caroline’s would make many subtle sexual advances toward me. I

A Hike with my Sister – Part 2

A Hike with my Sister A Story From FunOne One earily afternoon, my sister called and asked me if I was interested in going for a long trail hike with her. It was a very unusually warm earily fall day and I agreed. My sister arrived at my place minutes later to prepare for the

An Evening Never to Forget – Part. 1

An Evening Never to Forget, incest stories, brother and sister A Story By FunOne One day my sister mentioned to me that she needed me to help her move her furniture into her new apartment in the city. She said that it would probably take the entire day and quite possibly into the evening, so