Step-mother and step-son

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Step-mother and step-son, Mary closed the door to her bedroom and sat on the bed. ‘It so wasn’t fair,’ she thought to herself. Just nine months ago life was so good, but now she was alone again. A woman approaching 40 should not be alone.

Mary had gotten pregnant while still in college, and of course they got married right away. Edward dropped out of college and got a job to support her while she finished school and got her degree. By the time her son Wesley was two, she was working in the optics lab of a camera company, while Edward held a day job and went to school at night to complete his engineering degree. It was a struggle and by the time Wesley was eight, it all fell apart in a divorce.

After five years of being a single mother, Artur walked into her office at work and then into her life. He was a German immigrant, brought over by his parents around 1930 when they saw Hitler’s rise to power. They were of a more liberal mindset and could see that their way of thinking would not be welcome in their homeland and decided to leave. Artur grew up in the United States and even served with the Naval air units in the Pacific during World War II.

When Mary met him, he had just gone through his own divorce, and was also a single parent of a teenaged boy. After a year of dating, they married and consolidated their households into one house with 18 year Carsten, having just graduated high school, and 14 year old Wesley each having their own room. Each of the boys visited with their other parent on the weekend but lived in the home. Apparently the regular consummation of the marriage could be heard from the boys rooms as there were a few joking comments about Mary’s enthusiastic encouragement between the boys.

Then it all ended so suddenly: Artur was driving home in one of the frequent snowstorms that blow in off Lake Erie and was hit by a spinning vehicle. Trapped in the vehicle, he bled out through an unseen leg cut even as the firemen worked to extract him from the car. To know those three years of happiness and then have it ripped away seemed to Mary so unfair. That was nine moths ago and the sharp pain was now gone leaving just the emptiness in her life, like the emptiness of the bed. And for some reason tonight, she really felt the emptiness of her sex life. With Wesley out at his father’s and Carsten working until close at a local diner, the house would be empty until very late tonight.

As she pulled the sweater over her head she looked at herself in the mirror. She did not look too bad for late 30s, with fair skin and medium length blond hair. Her belly was a little soft and maybe her behind could use a bit of firming, but it did not show too much due to her very ample bosom. She was more of the curvy, fuller figured type of women than the slender women seen of television these days. As she slid her pants off and looked at herself in black lace bra and matching French cut panties, she remembered how Artur would respond to seeing her like this. And there was a stirring in her loins.

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