Something a mother should never ask a son

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Something a mother should never ask a son, incest stories, Just after I started college, my mother and I moved into an apartment in order to save money on the rent. My sister had moved out and we just didn’t need all that space. We also figured it would save the time that we spent cleaning the place. And that it did. When we moved down to two bedrooms, there really wasn’t much time taken up at all cleaning. This left a lot of time to relax and work on things we had wanted to do for a while. Consequently our lives became very active and we both took up hobbies. After a while of being so busy, we hardly ever saw each other. We were both so busy doing whatever we wanted that our lives had split. We began to get very angry with each other and we couldn’t figure out why till one night at dinner my mother brought it up.

“Ya’ know…we hardly spend any time together any more. We’ve stopped communicating like we used to. I think that this might be why we have started fighting all the time. What do you think?” My mother and I had grown very close together after all we had been through. Our lives had necessitated a very strong bond between us.

“Well, mom, as usual, you’re probably right about this. Our lives have begun to grow apart. Maybe this scares us.” I paused. “What should we do about it?”

“We need some sort of ritual. We need a night where we do something together come hell or high water.”

“We could start with a movie night.” I waited for her reaction. “What do you say every Sunday we watch a movie together and then from there we can change it if we need to.”

“That sounds like a great start. Tomorrow’s Sunday, are you up for it?”

“Well, I was going to go hiking with some friends, but you said hell or high water right?”

“Yes I guess I did.”

“Fine then, I’ll cancel and we’ll start. Since you are the lady, I’ll even let you pick the first movie. Just try to take it easy on me.”

“Ok, Mr. Gentleman, I’ll try to pick something for us both to like.”

And that was how our great movie tradition started. For the first month everything went well. We were having an easy time picking movies because neither of us had seen many movies lately. The second month wasn’t that bad either, but after that, some of the movies started to get a little out there. We had started just picking movies because they could be awful or great like Indy films seem to turn out.

Now my mother was no prude, but I was under age and she didn’t like me drinking. However she had finally given in and started letting me drink a beer or two on our movie nights. This meant that she felt better about having a glass of wine. Neither of us ever drank in excess, but we both enjoyed the light buzz that we got.

Midway through the fourth month, we rented a real sleeper. It was some film shot in a manner that I just don’t understand. I couldn’t follow what was going on and I couldn’t understand who the characters were.

“Should we take a pause?” My mother asked a half hour into the film.

“Yeah, I’ll get another beer. You want another glass of wine?”

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