Hello my name is Raghav It was a summer 2015, I was 18 at that time living with my family in Lucknow, India. I have an athletic body 5.9 feet, it was a hot day and my family had gone for two day to Delhi. I decided to sleep naked for some hour… Since my mom asked our neighbour (Shweta) to look after her. So Shweta (my neighbour 2 year older than me, beautiful fair and perfect shaped body) come when she open the door I wake up due to door noise but I kept my eyes closed. She found me naked ….she was shocked; she stood there for about 20 sec hesitating to ask for lunch prepared by her. Then she returns and calls me on my phone that she had prepared lunch for both of us. So I get ready and went to her house, we both have lunch. Then after some time she offered me to sleep in her house in ac …I agreed and we both go to bedroom. She goes to another room and dressed her in black lingerie. She was looking very hot then we both try to sleep in one bed. After sometime ac stop working and we were feeling very hot. She asked me that I can undress me and make me comfortable. At first I denied but later I agreed and I stripped all my clothes except my underwear and lie down on bed. After sometime she asks me that if she can undress her also. I agreed and she also undresses herself. Now we both are in our underwear. I look at her and told her that she was looking great I wish that I have a girlfriend like her. She smiled. Then as we are not able to sleep so we decided to watch a movie I start TV and we both engaged ourselves in movie. I looked at her boobs cleavage; they are so big and smooth. Then suddenly she told me that she saw me sleeping naked. I ask her whether she saw a man nude earlier; she denied it was her first time.

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Then a sex scene came in the movie and my dick erected, since I was in my underwear so it was clearly visible. She noticed it and asks me what happen? I was shying and try to hide my erection. She asked me if she can have a look of my penis. I ask why… She told me that she had never seen an erected penis. So I agreed and remove my underwear. It was the largest erection I ever had. I told her that she can touch and feel it. When she touches my dick it gave me pleasure. She asked me how man releases their sperm. I told her to shake my penis up and down and give it a massage, then after some time it releases automatically. She shakes my dick for about 5 min and I cum on her thigh. I ask her to show her breast also as I want to taste her boobs. She was shying and asks me to close my eyes, she unhooked her bra and places her hand over her breast, when I open my eyes and asked her to remove her hand. She closed her eyes and removes her hands; she has very big boobs and pink nipple. I grab her boobs and press them again and again, and then she opens her eyes. I lick her boobs many times and give many strokes to my dick. Then I ask her to remove her panty as i want to see a adult girl genital area. She removes her panty. Wow it was a red wall pussy and it was wet. I press her pussy smoothly and she moaned ahhh! Ahh! Then I put my penis into her pussy it was heaven my heartbeat increases and we have sex for about 2 hours. My dick was paining lot but I managed. Then we both get tired and sleep naked. We woke up in evening. We both roam here and there naked in the house, bath together. We order a pizza for dinner. She asked me if she calls her another friend (Akanksha) to join her in night. I agreed.

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At night when Akanksha reached home shweta told her all about afternoon. We decided to play strip game with cards. Whoever looses he/she have to remove his/her one cloth. We all was very excited and starts the game. In the game I saw Akanksha have bigger pussy than shweta. She was very fair and beautiful. I licked her boobs many time and they played with my dick.
I ask them that If they ever saw a porn video? They denied. So I Download HD porn and I play it on big TV. After that we all had oral sex. I put my penis in their mouth and cum there. Then I smelled there pussy It looks so tasty…. We sleep at 1:00 am. In the morning when we woke up we decide to tease other people. Then we planned to flash naked to other. When milkman rings the bell, shweta wear her black lingerie and open the door. When she bend her cleavage was visible, she tease the milkman. He pours milk fast and he leave. Later we walked naked in the balcony and teasing people. We bath together and have shower sex for 1 hour….
Now it was the time, my parents return back to Lucknow, they ask Shweta Didi that If Raghav tease her or hurt her. She smiled at me and denied. I will never forget that incident ever. Now they both are married and whenever they came here to meet me, we talk about that incident every time.


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