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Hi my name is Abhi and I live in Bangalore, I would like to share with all of you my recent experience with an aunty who lives in my apartment complex in Bangalore. Her name is Ramya, she is around 32 years of age, and blessed with great assets. Her husband used to be an association member in our apartment complex and I used to work with him for some routine work in the apartment.

Recently I went to his house to meet with him and settle some account balances and that’s when I had a close look at Ramya, she was wearing a cotton Saree and was looking very sexy… she offered me a cup of coffee and was asking me about my job. While she was talking to me, I scanned through her body and couldn’t resist watching her boobs….and when she walked back, my god…. Her ass really made me go crazy.


I was feeling jealous about her husband and was dreaming of having sex with ramya. From that day, I started visiting their house frequently and over the next few months we became good friends. Both Ramya and her husband started talking to me about their financial problems and some issues with their parents.

Ramya’s husband kishore was working for a chemical company as an accountant, and was worried that the company was not doing well and he might loose his job. After a couple of weeks, I ran in to ramya at the entrance of the apartment complex, and she asked me for the first time if I will be able to find a job for kishore uncle.

She told me that he was really worried and because of this they have been having frequent problems between them and even the kids are finding it difficult. She was not interested to talk to her parents about this as she wants to keep her issues within them. I consoled her and told her that I will certainly do my best to find a job for kishorethe next day I met with kishore and worked with him to get his resume updated and later forwarded it to some of my contacts in hyderabad.

Over the next few days kishore uncle started getting interview calls from these companies and in the mean time my company asked me to go to singapore for a project implementation. Before I left to singapore, I went to ramya’s house and informed her about my trip and promised her that I will follow up with my friends regarding uncle’s job and call her & give her an update from singapore.

After 2 weeks, while I am at singapore, one of my friends called me and told me that his company is ready to hire kishore uncle As an accounts manager and he can start his job 2 weeks later. Hearing this good news, I called ramya at 11 am on a tuesday, just to make sure she is alone at home and conveyed the good news to her. She was so excited to hear the news and started praising me and thanking me for the help.

Suddenly an idea popped up in my mind and I asked her what will be my treat for getting this nice job for kishore uncle. She immediately told me that they will take me out for dinner when I get back to india. I responded back to her saying that I was expecting something special than an ordinary dinner.

Then she asked me what that special thing I was referring to was. I kept pushing it back to her saying that it was up to her to guess and started giving her some clues…… after a good 5 minutes of guessing, she eventually guessed what I meant as a special treat, and told me that she did not expect such a thing from me and also told me that she is not a person of that nature and quickly changed the topic.

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Since this discussion was not planned to happen, I was not sure how to handle and told her that I was really looking forward for a positive reply from her and told her that she can think about it and let me know later. Then I completed the call with wishes to them and told her that I will call her later. After 2 months, I finished my project and returned to india.

During the week I was busy with work and was not able to meet ramya. Later that weekend, I saw ramya and her family at the apartment entrance And they were excited to see me and enquired with me about my singapore trip. Kishore uncle thanked me for the job and he told me that his new job is very interesting and his salary was twice that what he was making with his old job.

I immediately made an eye contact with ramya and she gave me a smile And invited me to their place for dinner. I turned it down and told her that it was ok and silently walked away. After a few days, ramya called me to her house to talk to her. I immediately went there and she was alone in the house and was wearing this pink cotton saree.

She was looking like an angel and I could not take my eyes off her boobs. She asked me why I turned down their invite and told me that kishore uncle felt really bad about that. I told her that I have made it clear about what I wanted from her, and keeping my face dull, I told her that I am not a lucky person and it was my fate that I don’t get anything I wish in my life.

She started crying and told me that she think it will be risky to do something like that. She tried her best to convince me but I was strong, and after a good 30 minutes of discussion, she finally told me that even if she is ready to give me that gift, it would be a big risk to do it at home. As soon as I heard that sentence, I turned around and went close to ramya.

She immediately went back and told me that she need some time to think about it. She promised me that she will call me in my cell phone and let me know about the next steps. Two days later I got a call from ramya and she started the discussion asking if I really wanted to do this, for which I said “yes” and asked her if she can come out of the house during the day.

I told her that I will book a room in a nice hotel and we can meet their and have fun. She thought for a moment and told me that she will have to come up with a reason to leave home for such a long time and will have to make arrangements for the kids until she returns home. She told me that she will call me the next day and confirm the date.

I was so happy to hear that and was in cloud nine. I couldn’t sleep that night and was dreaming about the day and all the fun I am going to have with the sexy woman. The next day ramya called me and told me that wednesday will be a good day for her and she has taken care of all the arrangements at home. I immediately made a booking for the same day at a 3 star hote.

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It was wednesday, the luckiest day in my life…. I called up work and told them that I was sick and took a day off. I left the house at 9.30 am and went to the hotel and checked in. I called ramya from there and gave her the hotel name & the room number. She told me that she will be there by 11am.

It was 10.45am, and my heart was beating fast and I was getting so excited…. After 2 minutes, the door bell rang and there you go…… it was ramya dresses like a princess in a black silk saree with a matching blouse and she had a nice handbag matching her saree color. She was looking tensed, and came in and closed the door. She asked me for a glass of water and I gave her.

She drank the water and told me that she was worried if anyone will know about this and was tensed. I told her to relax and asked her to forget about everything. The next 10 minutes we both were silent and she was still looking tensed. I took the lead, walked up to her and kept my hand on her shoulder. She immediately looked at me and gave me a weird smile.

I went close to her and hugged her for some time and slowly moved my hands behind. She was quiet and did not move…… then I kissed her in her cheeks and her forehead and finally planted a soft kiss on her lips. Her eyes were closed and she did not give any reaction. Then I started kissing her lips again and this time she opened her mouth and took my lips inside. That’s it!!!

The next few minutes I kissed her passionately and in the mean time my hands started exploring her neck and gradually dragged it down on her boobs. As soon as I kept my hand on her boobs, she opened her eyes and told me that she never thought I will be so bold and she told me not to mention about this to anyone.

I cajoled her and this time went behind her and kissed her ears and my hands were on her navel area starting to move up. She started enjoying and turned around and kissed my lips…. I then slowly moved her back and took her to the wall and she rested on the wall and we kissed again. I slowly took the pallu of the saree and dropped it down.

There I saw a beautiful cleavage in front of me. I kissed in that area and licked her lower neck and pressed her boobs. She was feeling shy and closed her eyes and was waiting for my next move. I then removed the saree completely and started pressing her boobs and slowly started unhooking the blouse one button at a time. After unhooking the second button, I saw her black bra holding that massive breasts.

I just couldn’t control and kissed her boobs and the cleavage area. She just did not open her mouth and was thoroughly enjoying the show. I finally unhooked all the buttons in her blouse, and saw those melons hanging stiff in that black bra. I pressed it hard, squeezed them and kissed them a million times and finally removed the blouse completely.

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Once I took off her blouse she felt shy and hugged me tightly…. In the mean time, I moved my hands behind and lowered it slowly and felt her ass…. It was soft like cotton and I pressed it hard and she moaned. I then turned her around and kissed her ears and aroused her. At the same time my hands were squeezing her boobs and she loved it.

She moved her hands around my shoulder and started moaning. I just didn’t want to stop, but then wanted to try different things. I then sat on the bed, and she was standing right next to the bed, and we started kissing again. I slowly untied her peticoat and in a moment it dropped down on the floor. She then stepped out of the peticoat and was standing in front with her black bra and panty.

I just could not believe my eyes. She was looking so sexy and was inviting. I just couldn’t believe the shape she has maintained all these years. At 32 no one can be in this shape no kidding she was just perfect and I was feeling so lucky. I moved my hands behind her and massaged her ass and spanked them a few times. She was enjoying it and asked me to remove my shirt.

I then removed my shirt and she ran her hands in my bear body and hugged me tightly. After exploring her back with my hands and then slowly unhooked her bra. O’god!!!! I just couldn’t believe. She had a beautiful pair of breast, which was so stiff even without the bra and I just couldn’t control myself and kissed her nipple gently. She moaned again and hugged me.

I kissed the other nipple this time and squeezed her boobs and licked her nipples and made it hard. I lifted her slowly and placed her on the bed. She was lying with her panty and I removed my pant and joined her in the bed. The next 15 minutes, I kissed her entire body from her forehead till her feet and again came back to her boobs and kissed and pressed them hardly.

I slowly slide my hand inside her panty and it was smooth. There was no hair in that region and not to mention, it was wet I started fingering her and at the same time, kissed her boobs and lips and she started moaning again. While this continued for the next 5 minutes, I kissed her belly button and gradually moved down and removed her panty there you go.

I saw my ramya without any cloths and she was looking like an angel. She was biting her lips and was moaning. I went down and parted her legs and saw her pussy for the first time. It was wet and was oozing. I just parted her pussy lips and licked her lips and the outer portion of her clitoris she was enjoying it so much. And she was raising her hip to get the attention of my lips.

I licked her for some time and all of a sudden, her lower body was moving a lot and she gave a loud moan and she came. I saw the liquid oozing out and she told me to stop licking. I looked at her and she was lying there with eyes closed and was breathing heavily. I kissed her lips this time and she opened her eyes and gave me a smile she then hugged me and her hands went down and she removed my underwear

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