Sex with Owner daughter

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Hi all, I am Nani, a 24 yr smart guy from Hyderabad. my height: “6” feet, I am a call-boy. This is one of my sex experience which happened with my owner aunts daughter. I had many experiences, I do share my stories one after another.

I am a callboy. I do service for those, who have no satisfaction in sexual life.
I love being a callboy because I love to have sex with different ladies and girls by satisfying their inner sexual desires.

Coming to the story her name is “Vaishnavi”, age:26, her sizes: 32, 28, 34. she works in an IT company.

It happened about 3 weeks ago. The building consists of 3 Floors. My owners reside on the 2nd floor and I on the 3rd floor with my friends.

As days were passing out like clouds in the sky, I and my friends were busy with our respective work. in the same way, a month passed.

So to pay the Rent to the owners, I went to her house and her mother. until then I don’t know about the ladies in the house(aunts daughter).

To my surprise, A lady has come out and looked at me, I was stunned at her beauty. she was calling my name, and I was not responding to her calls.

She pinched on my shoulders, I was back to normal. asked about aunty, she enquired what’s the matter. I replied in a lower voice about rent, by looking at her “Dark Red Lips”, they were so thick and soft.

She was observing my looks and I’m going crazy at her beauty ” ohh God”, she was in a short white t-shirt and brown colour night pant.

Her shapes were clearly visible to me wahh, boobs nipples were too sharp and are appearing clearly from the t-shirt.

I thought she was not wearing anything inside her t-shirt and her boobs were too loose. Her waist was so super clear with brownish colour “wahh”.My dick got harder in the boxer, sooner I diverted my looks from her and given rent money.

While I was returning to my room, I don’t know what happened to me. In curiosity, I asked her Name. she glittered at me for seconds, In an angry manner.

Quietly I ran into my room, sooner I reach the room. started explaining the scene to my friends, which I went through.

I was in her thoughts, imagining doing sex with her. how it would be..?some Hundreds of thoughts were running on my mind.

Then I decided to have a fuck with her. I went to the bathroom, masturbated and did my bath, had breakfast.

I was stepped downstairs, I was about to start my bike to the institution. She arrived down and she was starting her scooter. I was looking at her again. she dressed up in the Punjabi dress ” God”, she was looking gorgeous, Her boobs were so big.

If she removes her chuni, we can see her boobs cleavage. she so much a hot in that dress. In no time my hands were on my pant rubbing my dick.

I have not observed it, she suddenly stared at me, and I was rubbing my cock from the top of my pant. She gave a naughty shy smile.

She left her scooter and walked towards me. I was afraid and about to start my bike. she called me, with my name. I was shocked, how would she know my name.

I got off my bike, stood aside. she in a sweet voice told me her name is “Vaishnavi”, I was a bit confused. introduced myself and blushed her beauty as the days were passing.

whenever I see her, I would make her laugh, blush at her beauty. we both went out had parties. As time was passing, a fine day I proposed to her. I don’t know what made me propose to her.

She slapped on my cheeks, I felt sad about the incident. weeks later someone unknown message, I found in my WhatsApp, saying” sorry”.

I deleted it as it was unknown and didn’t concern me. while I was moving out with my friends to buy vegetables and groceries.

She stood out of the house with a sad face, I didn’t concern her. went off with my friends, bought all the required groceries. and my friends went first as I was parking my bike.

while I was stepping up towards my room, someone grabbed my hand and dragged me towards her chest. I felt insane and in a hurry, I was looking who the fuck is that..?

Sooner I recalled what happened, It was a lady dragged me towards her and my chest was hit by her chest(boobs). I understand that she dragged me.

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