Sex with Office Colleague and Her Husband

This is Niloy and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I work for an MNC and aged in 26. I am an average good looking person and am placed well in the company. I recently joined this company where I am working now and met this beautiful girl in the training as we were suppose to work for the same process. I saw her and that moment I began to lust for her body. To tell you more about her Nabila was lean, having an athletic body. Nabila didn’t have a beautiful shape as such but any man on earth would like to have her on bed at least for 1 time. Nabila was the first person to speak to me in the entire training batch. Nabila was bold enough to say anything that comes to her mind on other persons’ face. Training was completed and work started. We both were given desks next to each other. As I had lot of experience Nabila used to consult me for doubts regarding work.

Hence we became close to each other. We used to go for breaks together and also had our food together, sharing whatever we had bought for the day. After few months Nabila got married to a govt. employee also in good and high position. I had been to their marriage and had a close interaction with Sajid as well, as the time passed by. We also started to share her personal life after marriage in office. Nabila used to tell what happened at home every day when we met in office. Nabila had become so close to me that Nabila also started to share bed time stories also.


Things were going well and one day I was assigned some work for which I had to go for nearby town. So I had it all planned and decided to leave on day after tomorrow. Next day I came to office on my bike as I had planned to leave office after work directly to the near my city. As usual we finished work and I bid good bye to all collogues and was about to leave office, when Nabila called me and asked if Nabila could come with me on my bike and I could drop her to her residence. I was little hesitant as it was about to be mid night and it will not be a good seen to leave a married girl to her home at that hour. But Nabila told that Nabila had informed Sajid that Nabila is coming with me and Sajid had also welcomed this option, hence I agreed to leave her to her home and then continue my way.

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We left office and Nabila was sitting on the back seat with legs on each side. Nabila was also not sitting far from me. Every time I applied break Nabila had her boobs started to touch my back. Let me tell you that this was not the first time that I had touched her boobs as when ever Nabila came to my desk for work related stuff to discuss; I used to touch it accidentally.But I don’t know whether Nabila noticed it or was comfortable with it. But on bike when her boobs banged against my back a current passed through my body; as the weather was also cold that night. I didn’t leave any opportunity to apply break till we reached home, so that I could feel her boobs on my back and I was enjoying every touch. Nabila also didn’t react to it and continued to sit the same way throughout the complete journey.

We were greeted by Sajid at the entrance to her home when we reached. Both invited me inside as it was my first visit. I went inside and Nabila closed the main door and bolted from inside. Nabila insisted to have dinner before leaving, for which I agreed after little hesitation. All three of us had dinner and were sitting in living room and chatting. Nabila asked me if it was absolute necessary to leave in the middle of cold night that too on bike. I told that I enjoy riding and wanted to reach by early morning to city and have a good sleep till afternoon as the actual work will start by evening. We were chatting and offered me whether I would like to have a drink. Nabila had vodka in house and both are used to have 1 or 2 drinks before going to bed. I accepted it and Nabila got 3 glasses and made us the drink. We all finished 2 glasses each and chatting was continuing in mean while. I am used to heavy drinking so I was still in my sense and so was Sajid but Nabila was feeling little dizzy after 2 glasses. I asked her if Nabila is okay, for which Nabila responded saying that Nabila would like to have one more glass.

We all had our 3rd glass of drink and Nabila was really out of her sense and told Sajid that Nabila discussed all things with me in office. Sajid was amazed to listen to this and he looked at me. Nabila also told that Nabila wanted to have 3some sex. Nabila was feeling very horny at that moment. Nabila also told that Nabila knew that I had a crush on her and how I was applying breaks while coming from office. I was little embarrassed to sit there as Nabila was telling all this in front of Sajid. Slowly Sajid also opened up and told that he also had this fantasy of having 3some sex from a long time. I was totally in shock and didn’t know how to react to this.

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I was sitting there with my mouth wide open. Nabila then got up and went near Sajid and gave a kiss on his lips and thanked him for accepting this offer. Soon they both started to smooch passionately in front of me. I noticed my pant getting tight near the zipper and looked down to find my cock was throbbing to come out of jail in between Nabila also looked at my cock while continuing to smooch Sajid and gave a naught smile at me. I also got some strength and took my cock out of my trousers. I had a huge cock and was about 7” in length and was about 3” thick. I started to make up and down moment on it. Nabila then looked at my cock and suddenly stopped smooching and was staring on my cock, so was Sajid also. Then they both looked at each other and gave a naughty smile to each other in acceptance for the things that are going to happen next. Nabila then came near me in front of my cock and sat with her face very close to it.

Nabila then hit my hand which was caressing my cock to have a complete look at it. Nabila then placed her hand on it and started to feel my cock. I ordered her to take it in her mouth and suck the life out of it. Nabila readily accepted and within seconds her mouth was open and started licking it from all sides. I had all my public hair remove around my cock so Nabila was enjoying it to the fullest. Nabila took my balls in her mouth and started biting it.
I felt the pain and jolt of current in my body and slapped her face.  Nabila started to stare at my face while keeping my ball in her mouth and not biting on them. I told her: what are you looking at? Continue with your job, I meanwhile Sajid was also turned on by the way his wife was giving blowjob to me and the way I commanded her.

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Sajid: You are the right person to tame this sex beast Nabila always gets the upper hand in our daily sex life and Nabila treats me like a slave on bed.”
I: okay, we both will take your revenge today on her and will bang her like a real slut today Nabila took my ball out of her mouth.
Nabila: Yes I treat you like a slave because you don’t have the cock as Niloy has and if he orders me to get fucked daily by him in front of you, I will readily accept it. The bigger cock wins. Nabila again took my cock in her mouth now. Nabila was sucking only the head of my cock so held her by her hairs and trusted my cock deep into her throat. It was like about to tear her mouth wide open. Nabila was very good at giving blowjob and Nabila started to suck my cock full and gave a very good time to me.

This continued for about 15 minutes, while Sajid was sitting and jerking off by himself. I was about to cum, so I held her head tightly so that Nabila would take all cum and drink it. Soon I sprayed my load in her mouth and Nabila happily drank the whole load. I took my cock out from her mouth and cum ran down from her mouth on to her dress. I ordered her to undress me completed and also undress Sajid.

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