Jane’s Posh Little Arse-Hole

Lots of men will dump a girl as soon as they’ve fucked them. But I hang on until I’ve given them anal. Sometimes I find a real slut so this happens on the first night but I actually prefer the girls who need some persuasion as they usually haven’t tried it before and the tightness can of course be deliciously unbearable. My favourite conquest so far is Jane.

When I first saw Jane’s lovely fat bottom it was bulging out of her jeans from the other end of the bar. I knew I just had to have her and went straight over there. I approached her from the front as if I hadn’t noticed her arse. When I got nearer I saw that her face wasn’t a patch on her bum but all I could think about at that moment was the joy that could be had in riding that bottom. She did have very soft and pure white skin and her posh voice kept me erect. Not that I could think much about what she was saying. Already I was thinking how I wanted to defile her perfect cheeks with my shaft and pollute her bowels with my cock-muck.

It was a completely natural reaction. Jane’s lovely big bottom stuck out from her body as if begging to be mounted. I was imagining all sorts of filthy animalistic sex with her but just about managed to keep chatting her up. A little later I was able to see her rear closer-up as it wiggled towards the bar. And I then knew for certain that it was the perfect specimen for the anal abuse I intended to inflict upon it.

A good few drinks later she invited me back to her place and I experienced the joy of mounting her and pounding her pussy from behind. I rode her big, round, plump and womanly arse for hours while she called me a stud in the mirror. She refused to try anal but I examined her anus which looked as perfect and untouched as her milky white buttocks.

Her favourite position was doggie, as is naturally mine, and over the next few weeks I did her almost every night. It was so pleasurable to look down at her big arse which wobbled slightly as I pounded it. She would do almost anything: cum-swallowing, role-play: she’d put on her horniest slut-wear for me and act out any depraved fantasy I could think up; but she was still reluctant to take it up the shitter, where I so badly wanted to give it to her.

I eventually made her come round to the wonders of rectal sex over the phone one evening. “You’re such a dirty fucker wanting to fuck me in the arse.”, she said playfully. It was clear she was curious and eventually relented: “OK. You can try putting in my bum.” I was ecstatic. “But you’ll have to wear a condom.” Of course, doing it with a condom wouldn’t really count. I wanted to feel her beautiful sphincter tight around my bare cock. My policy is that for a girl to be dumped (and made to feel like a completely worthless whore) I must give her full uncovered anal and pump a big load deep into her guts while my fat hairy bollocks contract right up against her cheeks.

She finally agreed to me not wearing a condom but there was still another hurdle to get over. “You can pull out and spunk over my bum,” she suggested. But naturally I’d sprayed her perfectly round buttocks with my hot jizz most nights for three weeks and, if I was going to be allowed up her rectum, then that’s where my cock would want to stay until it had unloaded. I wanted to pump the entire contents of my fat bollocks eight-inches deep in her but she voiced concerns about the idea. Rather than continue the conversation, I told her I’d be straight round, even though it was gone 1am. She always enjoyed me being masterful in the bedroom so I’d already decided that by the end of the evening she’d have my sperm swimming deep in her bowels.

When I arrived at her flat she was wearing stockings, knee-high fuck-me-in-the-arse boots, and nothing else. I got her to bend over so I could take her from behind as usual. While fucking her pussy very hard, I ordered her to pull her fat bum cheeks as wide apart as she could which she dutifully did. I continued to pound her pussy but the sight of her little anus winking at me was just too irresistible and I knew it was already time to invade it. I pulled my cock out.

“What are you doing?”
“I’m going to fuck you in the arse,” I said.
“What’s wrong with my cunt?” she asked, frustrated that I’d left her cunt before she’d had time to orgasm.
“There’s nothing  wrong with your lovely cunt”, I reassured her. “Now pull your cheeks as wide apart as you can!” I ordered. She dutifully displayed her lovely anus for me. I positioned my fat tip against her opening.

There was no lubricant required as my cock was still slippery from her very wet pussy. I pushed the tip against her naughtiest hole. Then she howled like a bitch in hell as her sphincter gave way. The tip was now firmly inside but I managed to stop myself from ramming it into her for a moment until she relaxed again. I pushed my rock-hard prick further and she completely submitted as eight fat inches of solid cock slid slowly up her waiting rectum. She clearly needed it up there badly and was taking it like an absolute pro.

Once I was all the way in, she seemed to relax. “How does it feel, my darling?” I enquired.
“It’s frightening…” she moaned. “I love it!”
“What do you love?” I asked, innocently.
“I love your fatness in my arsehole…”

Ladies have always commented how fat my cock is. As well as being a full eight inches in length it has enough thickness to satisfy even the most well-used granny pussy.

I slowly pulled back and pushed in and the tightness was unbelievable. But once I’d worked up into a steady rhythm I proceeded to pummel her lovely tight shit-hole for nearly an hour of pure pleasure. When I’m fucking a girl in her littlest hole, I always relish every moment and shivered with delight every time I looked down to see my steel-like cock disappearing between her soft, white, innocent-looking cheeks. I’d waited weeks to do this to her and,at last, I was defiling Jane like I’d promised myself the moment I first met her.

“I love your big fat cock fucking me in the arse!” she moaned. My anal-invasion gave her waves of shuddering orgasms. “Oh, I can feel your balls!” she cried as she worked up to another climax while my bollocks banged hard against her fat bottom. She would’ve made an ideal prostitute since her arse-hole could take it so deep. “Do you like it?!” she cried.
“Oh I adore fucking your lovely tight arse” I said.
“Are you gonna prove how much you like it?! Fuck you!! Fucking prove it to me!!!” She had gone from the poshest woman I’d ever met to an absolute gutter-slut whore.

She was really getting hysterical now, and though I wanted to prolong the pleasure for hours, she was clearly finding it too much to bear. “Are you gonna cum?! Are you gonna cum?!”
“Where, darling?” I panted.
“Inside me! Shoot it in my bowels!” I was getting close now.
“Beg me again, beg me…”
She seemed desperate for me to spunk so I would stop abusing her little brown hole in this degraded way. Then she seemed to forget who she was and yelled, in her poshest voice, “Spunk up my shit-hole, you pervert!” This sent me over the edge. My cock expanded, she screamed very loudly, and I let out a huge grunt as the spunk forced its way up my shaft and great jets shot out inside her. I held on very tight to her hips so she couldn’t move and she got the lot balls-deep inside her posh little arse-hole.

There’s nothing like fucking a woman in the arse when they’ve never had it done to them properly before. Especially when you’ve got an eight-incher and you know you’ve entered virgin territory. She absolutely loved it, although she said that she preferred it throbbing deep in her cunt.

But there was no way I was going to use her cunt again. I left shortly after I’d used her arse and stopped contacting her. She kept texting me so I said I’d only go round there if she put her door ajar, rubbed KY in her anus, and stuck it in the air while holding her cheeks apart. So sure enough, three nights after the first invasion, I pushed open her door and found her on the bed with her head buried in the pillows and her bottom high in the air, ready for me. I gave it to her in the arse while she sobbed quietly. After half-an-hour I shot another bolt balls-deep in her bowels then left before she had time to recover. I didn’t even have to see her face!

I used Jane’s tight arse-hole a few more times before I just had to stop going round there. It was serious cock-fun but this was utter abuse! Also, Jane’s hole wasn’t quite as tight anymore and it was high time I found another virgin anus to violate.

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