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Hiiii friends this is Ajay living in Bangalore I am a engineering student age 20 very much interested in sex. let me narrate a incident which happened before 2 years with my darling uma I call her uma aunty looks very sexy and resembles like yesteryear actress madhavi at the age of 35. 36,34,36 is her size I had a huge crush on uma aunty from when I am studying 10th standard I used to mastrubate daily twice in a day remembering her and I used to peep her while she washing clothes and doing her kitchen work without knowing her sometimes I used to stole her bra and panty to mastrubate.this happened two years ago when I came to home from college my house was locked so I went to uma aunty home to ask whether my mom gave key in her home but my mom didn’t gave their, then I called my mom she said she rush to hospital for some emergency in my grandmother family she forget to give the key and my mom told since it is going to rain heavily she will stay in hospital and said me to stay in uma aunty home tonight and my dad is also out of station mom said to uma aunty over the phone to take care of myself tonight.

Then aunty gave me some cup of coffee and said me to read she will prepare dinner by nine and aunty husband just left for job as he works in night shift and aunty son went to his grandmother house for vacation.time may around 7 clock aunty sat in front of tv and start cutting vegetables and I used to peep aunty over my book as aunty bend to take knife I could able to see her boobs fully oh my god my dick starts to erect I couldn’t control myself and can’t resist my sight over aunty after half an hour there was a huge thunder storm heard outside aunty rush to teraace to get the clothes and while coming aunty got wet completely over the rain and went to change her dress to her room and I made my mind thought this would be the right time I just entered aunty room where she wearing only bra and panty she shocked to see me but I couldn’t let her to speak more I just hugged her and start kissing aunty couldn’t able to say no also yes to go ahead she try to pull me gently but I said aunty I can’t leave you Iam mad behind you for many years I need to fuck you at least once she said it’s wrong but I promised her it will remain only with us and I kissed aunty neck and her whole body and I above to push aunty to the bed she stopped me and said let’s have dinner and finish my work will enjoy the whole night as she is also hunger from long time then around 10 clock everything was finished and we were in the room I start to kiss aunty gently and aunty asked from how long you are seeing me I said from last four years and to my surprise she said I knew it from long back I asked how you knew then she said one day in the teraace she saw me while I was mastrubating with her innerwear I shook my head then she said now iam here have me completely then I undressed her kissed her from top to bottom squezzed her boobs sucked her pussy and made her to go mad her body get more heated aunty couldn’t control she said to put my dick in her cunt but I insert my dick in her mouth and said to give a blowjob aunty hold my dick like a ice cream and make me to cum like anything in her mouth again I started to play with aunty boobs and put my mouth to whole body this aunty didn’t wait she just took my dick in to her pussy and said to dig as I start to increase my speed aunty just gone mad she starts moan heavily which makes me more crazy and I start to hit on a high at the end I cummed in her inside fully,, aunty just love this and she said please keep this confidential and give me the same pleasure Everytime and the whole night we enjoyed and from there on we just used to get together whenever we got time I almost fucked her more than 200 times in the last two years and since I get into the job and she shift to their own residence we couldn’t able to do much like before I miss my uma aunty very much.hope you like my experience….

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