Sex slave of Aunty

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Hi guys .I am a great fan of & have read almost all the stories.So today i decided to tell my own expierence for other fans to read.It all started when my uncle got married. We stay in a joint family.My aunty is very sexy and fleshy (jhakas maal hai).She is very bold & most of the times talks to me in double meaning.She always tries to touch me when i am in towel,by some or other reason.I have always fantasized of being a slave of a big and sexy women and doing anything and eveything to please her. One day i was downloading the female domination pictures from the net & reading a story abt it,i got very much exicted & started masturbating,forgeting that i had not locked the door from inside.Suddenly my aunty entered the room.I was sitting on my chair with my pants down & rubbing my lund with my hand.She saw me in this position. I was completely shocked.I just lifted my pants & ran to the bathroom.I even forgot to off my computer which had images like a man naked in front of group of ladies & pushed to lick their pussies,ass ,legs etc.When i returned my aunty was sitting besides the computer and asked what’s all this .she said that she would tell all this to my parents. I begged her not to tell this to any body.

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My aunty told me that if i promised to become her slave then only she would not tell this to anybody.I had always waited for such a moment and agreed with her.She commanded me to remove my pants.My lund was pointing straight towards her.She caught my lund pulled it towards her. She played with it for some time,then started sucking it.She then told me to lie on the bed & stood just above my head.Then she lifted her nighty from bottom,pulled her underwear down & just pushed my mouth on her hairy pussy.She was pressing my lips with her pussy lips.My tongue was moving in and out of her pussy.After few minutes all her hot pussy juices started falling on my face. She ordered me to continue & move up and down on my face.Finally after 10 min she got up from my face,turned around & again sat on me with har ass directly on my face.She told me to lick her ass and meanwhile rubbed my lund in between her legs.I enjoyed it very much.I enjoyed the slave relationship with my aunty for about 3 months ,finally my uncle got a transfer and had to shift to a new place. I really miss my aunty very much.I am 26 yrs old and stay in Bangalore. Any women or girl staying in Bangalore who is interested in fullfilling her fantasies can message me on hangouts or mail me at secrets[email protected]


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