Sex scene we were kids

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When me and my sister were young, we had gotten into mom’s closet and found adult mags, after a few days we decided to copy what we saw and she unbuttoned my pants and pulled my dick out and started sucking, it felt so amazing i didn’t stop her. after a minute she lifted her skirt and puller her underwear down and I wanted to taste what it was like and I started licking her pussy lips and playing with her clit, after a minute she said she wanted to feel me inside her I got up and slowly pushed my dick into her and it felt so fucking hot and amazing we couldn’t stop, every time i thrusted into her she would moan yes, I leaned down and kissed her on her lips and she wrapped her arms around me and we made out while we fucked, After a while I filled her with my cum and then we got dressed and pretended nothing happened.

A week later she came into my room at midnight and got into bed with me naked, she woke me up with sucking my dick and i knew what she wanted and I put her on top and she say down on my dick and ride me till i filled her again. we have been fucking for years and haven’t thought about stopping, our mom found out and she accepted it, we she didn’t get pregnant but if she does she wont abort, she is 29 and i’m 30 now and we still fuck when we want. Mom watcvhed us fucvking one time when we were leaving town to visit friends and we fucked in the back seat, I have a feeling mom wanted to fuck me too sense she kept looking in the back and biting her lip and sometimes groping her chest

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